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Lohnin left first and left the space for the two of them.

In fact, he also has the suspicion of deliberately bridging. For a relationship, the most fear is that the separation is too long, and time is a ruthless thing. If there is a quarrel, it will be really separated, which is really too painful.

Lohnin knows that elder brother is a man of great affection. Moreover, he is also very devoted. It can be seen that he loves Yang ChuChu deeply. If Yang ChuChu really breaks up with him, it will be a disaster for him. Yang

is delicate, young and uncertain. If she thinks her elder brother is not good, she will turn around and look up to other men. It is also possible. Lohnin is a bit selfish, of course, to create more opportunities for them.

Yang ChuChu takes a hot towel, squats beside the sofa, wipes Luo Jinyu's face and hands, looks at his drunk and uncomfortable appearance, she is also particularly distressed.

"Why are you so drunk? You said that wine is not a good thing. Don't touch it. You will only educate me, but you don't care about it. " Yang ChuChu can't help breaking it. Luo

Jin Yu seemed to hear the familiar voice, his intoxicated eyes slightly opened, and he saw Yang ChuChu's figure. Suddenly, he reached out and clasped the little hand that was swinging in front of his eyes.

Yang ChuChu shivered all over. Mei Mou looked at him. He woke up. "

are you awake? Would you like a glass of water? " Yang ChuChu asked in a low voice.

Luo Jinyu only grasps her wrist, does not make a sound, the intoxicated eye, eagerly looks at her. "

is this a dream?" Men can't help mumbling.

Yang ChuChu did not take a towel to cover his forehead, airway: "not a dream, you drink too much!" Luo

Jin Yu suddenly woke up, shook his head, put Yang ChuChu's hand on his handsome face and said, "isn't it really a dream?" Yang

ChuChu directly twisted his handsome face, and Luo Jin frowned. "

does it hurt? If it hurts, it's not! " Yang ChuChu pushed his big hand away, got up, poured out a cup of warm water, and walked over with it. Luo

Jin Yu pressed his dizzy head and sat up straight. He couldn't help but ask happily, "Chu Chu, how are you here?"

Yang ChuChu pasted the edge of the cup to his lips and said lightly, "your brother called me and asked me to come here, saying you are drunk!" Luo

Jin Yu was really thirsty. He drank half a glass of water directly, and the whole person was more awake: "so it is! Why would you like to come? "

"Otherwise? You're drunk like this. Your brother also threatens me to find another woman to take care of you. I don't really want to break up with you at present. Of course, I can't afford another woman. " Yang ChuChu laughed at himself. Luo

Jin Yu's eyes fell deeply on her face and listened to her jokes. It seemed that he had returned to the days when he had just met each other, and she was lovely and unforgettable.

"How are you?" Yang ChuChu asked immediately when he saw his eyes fixed on him.

"Much better!" Luo Jinyu continued to lift the water glass and took two drinks. Yang

the delicate little hands rubbed the jeans on the thigh uneasily, and the beautiful eyes flashed: "since you are much better, I will go first!" Luo

Jin Yu listens, she asks the meaning of this sentence, unexpectedly is to want to leave.

He went straight down to the sofa and pretended to faint.

"Ah Luo Jinyu, what are you doing? " Yang ChuChu immediately exclaimed. "

I'm dizzy!" Luo Jinyu closed his eyes and murmured. "

dizziness? What do I need to do? " Yang ChuChu frowned, suspecting that he was pretending to be dizzy.

"Would you like to give me artificial respiration if I said I needed it?" Luo Jinyu still talks with his eyes closed, but his words are not serious.

Yang ChuChu can be sure that he is pretending. "

do you pretend?" Yang ChuChu didn't expect Luo Jinyu to have the potential to be a movie emperor. He almost cheated her just now when he fainted.

"No, I'm really dizzy, and I have a stomachache!" As soon as Luo Jinyu thought that if she was ok, she would go. Suddenly, he felt all over, from head to foot. He was not comfortable anywhere. "

stomachache? Then I'll go down and buy you some medicine! " Seeing that he was frowning, Yang ChuChu did not know whether it was true or not, so he immediately decided to buy medicine for him. "

No, you just need to help me make something to eat. I'm hungry and aching. I didn't eat at night!" Luo Jinyu is very clever. It's not difficult to keep her.

"Well, I'll see what I can do first!" Yang ChuChu had to get up, open the refrigerator, and found that there was nothing to eat, but there were some pickles, not even spare noodles and dumplings. Look at

come here, he lives alone and starts to neglect three meals a day. When she was here before, the refrigerator was full of food, as well as her most popular frozen dumplings and steamed buns. When she was hungry and hot, she could eat them.

"I'll cook porridge for you. It's only half an hour!" Yang ChuChu can only cook porridge with rice. "

good, anything to eat!" Luo Jinyu heard that for half an hour, his thin lips and abdomen were black. Yang

went down the rice and cooked it in the pot. Then she went back to the living room and saw that the man was still lying still. She sighed and sat beside him. "

I'll help you drain the water. Take a bath first. You just vomited. There's still liquor in your suit collar." Yang ChuChu whispered. "

OK!" Luo Jinyu is still a little squeamish. When he heard that he was vomiting on his clothes, he wanted to change it in a second. Yang

she is really like a virtuous little daughter-in-law. She runs into the bathroom to drain water. Luo Jinyu sits up and smiles sadly. Unexpectedly, she still needs acting to keep her.

Yang ChuChu tried the water temperature and came to call him. Unexpectedly, as soon as she got to the bathroom door, she ran into the man's arms. "

you can wash it yourself!" Yang ChuChu stepped back and asked Mei Mou, looking at him. "

no!" Luo Jinyu immediately reached out his hand and pressed his head: "I'm still dizzy. I need your help!"

Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes widened in an instant, and her pretty face like white jade was dyed with red glow. She seemed to understand the man's implication.

"You're sitting here. You don't need to do anything. You should be able to do it yourself." Yang ChuChu immediately wants to escape, because she really doesn't want to She can't have a further relationship with him. She wants to leave a way for herself. She has tried her best to control her emotion.

However, as long as she is close to this man every time, her infatuation with him will increase.

"Well, aren't you afraid of my drowning?" Luo Jinyu asked her shamelessly that a big man, 18 meters tall, would drown in the bathtub?

Yang ChuChu is really going to be driven mad by him. Her face is even hotter. She bit her lips and said, "otherwise, when you drown, I'll come in and save you!" With that, she walked out quickly.