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C833 gambling with life

Tang youyou's beautiful eyes stared at him with coquetry, and said angrily, "what do you mean by this? Do you dislike me for being small?"

Ji Xiaohan deliberately teases her, because he likes the way she frowns and stares when she is angry. It's lovely and interesting.

"Otherwise, I'll ask Uncle yuan to find a nutritionist to help you adjust your diet and see if it's possible to get bigger!"

"Season owl cold!" Tang youyou is so angry that she bites her teeth directly. She cooked a bowl of noodles for him, but she can't stop him.

Ji Xiaohan laughed directly. Then he apologized and comforted: "well, I'm joking with you. You're too big. You don't need to mend. To be honest, when I first saw you, I felt that the children's canteen was very rich. I would never starve them!"

Tang youyou's face is blushing. Can this man say something nice.

All joking about her.

"Ignore you, I'll go to bed!" Tang youyou's clever plan is to run away. Otherwise, he will let this man talk nonsense again. I'm afraid she won't be able to sleep at night.

Looking at her figure like a little rabbit quickly disappeared in the stairs, the cold and thin lips of the season owl did not reduce their smile, they gathered the dough and ate it with satisfaction.

The taste is very good. Ji Xiaohan really ate the whole bowl. He never felt what it was like to hold on. Because he always had a good appetite for food, so now he has enough to eat, which makes him feel that he has the strength to go upstairs to play with the little woman.

In foreign countries, it's noon now. The sun hides in the clouds. The sky is dark and heavy, as if there will be a storm at any time. Ji yunning is restless walking around the room. She lets people keep an eye on the development of the accident in China. In a few days, she even died out. Her family accepted the compensation from Ji Xiaohan. The man she chose was still locked in the police station. Therefore, Ji yunning felt that she was waiting for her death.

The man collected 500000 yuan, I believe it will be found soon, but she doesn't understand why she hasn't found it on her head.

In fact, this matter has already had results. The man gave everything out on the night he was arrested in the police station. The police found that he had several accounts. Although they were paid in batches, they combined them up to 500000 yuan. This money, which the man did not know exactly where he came from, attracted the attention of the police.

At last, the man was forced to sell him. Then he cheated his eldest brother to have a drink, and sent him to the construction site to sleep on the floor without any shelter. All the things were explained. He became a murderer and was scared to cry. The police wanted to investigate the incident immediately, but was stopped by Ji Xiaohan. Because of this incident, Ji Xiaohan also belongs to the injured party. He proposed a suggestion that the offender should be locked in first, and not investigated for the time being, and then the case should be decided three months later.

Naturally, the police station accepted his request, so it only closed the case without immediate settlement, but the evidence and clues it held were ready to catch the person behind the scenes at any time.

Season owl is so cold that he doesn't want this matter to be extended, that is, he doesn't want to see this ugly human nature in Grandpa's last days. However, those who break the law must be prosecuted by law, which is an unavoidable crime. So, the prisoner has been locked. What's the matter? Ji yunning can't find out. It's just because he doesn't know that he's more scared. He always feels that the police will find her at any time, take her away, and put her in a dark and humid cell. Later, she's no longer a lady with good clothes and good food Look up in front of you.

Her long hair will be cut off by Qi Er, her face will be eroded by years, she will die alone in prison, or be bullied.

"No, I don't want to live that life, I don't want it!" Ji yunning thought of these details, which scared her to goose bumps.

"Yunning, what's the matter?" Ji Lin suddenly came down from the upstairs, saw Ji yunning holding himself and sitting in a huddle, and asked softly.

Ji yunning quickly hides the fear on his face, but his face is very bad: "Daddy, what do you need me to prepare for your plane tomorrow?"

"Would you like to come back with me?" Ji Lin asked suddenly.

"Me? I will not go back, daddy. I will stay here and wait for the good news from you and big brother. " Ji yunning thought about going back to see Ji Xiaohan before, but now, fear has overcome her infatuation with Ji Xiaohan, so she dare not go back.

"Well, I can't help but force you to do something important when I return home." Ji Lin looks a little more cruel: "I suspect that Ji Xiaohan is tracking down my elder brother's affairs."

Ji yunning's face was suddenly shocked. She couldn't help asking: "Daddy, isn't uncle's death an accident? Why is he investigating? "

"Accidents?" Ji Lin suddenly gave a sneer: "you still don't know Daddy!"

Ji yunning shivered uncontrollably. Yes, she still couldn't understand Ji Lin.

Even though they have been father and daughter for so many years, Ji yunning is still full of fear for Ji Lin. he always feels that he has a purpose to do things, his ambition is too big, and his means are hard enough. Why is it that daddy has been locked in for five years?

"Daddy, it's not about you, is it?" Ji yunning knew nothing about it before, and always thought it was an accident. She was naive to think that if uncle had an accident, the power of Ji's family would fall into Ji Lin's hands, and then she could be a real princess.

Now I want to come here. I feel cold all over.

Ji Lin didn't admit it directly, but said in a cold voice: "there is a person who blames me for letting her go. But she is still the one who didn't expect to damage my big event in the end."

"Who is it?" Ji yunning asked more curiously.

"Don't know too much about it. It's not good for you!" Ji Lin decided to stop.

Ji yunning's face turned white with fear, which restrained her curiosity. However, when she thought that Ji Xiaohan's father might have died in Ji Lin's hands, she found that everything was more serious.

This is a life and death struggle. Although there is no smoke of gunpowder, it is gambling with life. Ji yunning's heart is filled with remorse. At the beginning, she thought of that bad idea in order to make a contribution. But now she has moved the stone and smashed her foot. She deserves it.