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Pei Ying's bad luck obviously hasn't finished yet. When she left with tears in her eyes, she didn't know that in another corridor, a man and a woman were looking through the photos that had been taken in a hurry.

"It seems that we didn't run for nothing this time. Ji Yueze even hugged the female artists in the hotel. Ha ha, the news is really hot. If the news gets out, our company will make a lot of money again." The man lowered his voice and said excitedly. He thought of his commission bonus at once, which was absolutely enough for him to enjoy for a while.

But the woman asked anxiously, "this is the beautiful smell of Ji Yueze. Do we dare to report it? Besides, now his company is the leader in the entertainment industry. Will we be laid off if we shoot his scandal like this? "

"What are you afraid of? We took photos at the risk of our lives and dodged his protection. Whether we could make it or not depends on the decision of our editor in chief. Let's go and report back to the company as soon as possible. " The man couldn't wait to rush.

Ji Yueze slows down drinking in the hotel. Thinking of Pei Ying's behavior just now, he inexplicably wants to see Bai Yiyan, so he calls someone and sends him back directly. Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei have turned a blind eye to this loving couple, and they will be relieved if they do their own work at hand. Ji shakes his body and pushes the door into the bedroom. Bai Yiyan is not in the bedroom. He is slightly shocked. After the most

sound, he heard two light coughs coming from the direction of the balcony, and immediately walked to the direction of the Chaoyang platform.

Pushing open the door, I saw a thin body lying on a long chair and taking a book to cover her face. I don't know if she was sleeping and enjoying the cool night wind in this summer. At the top of the head is a bright light, shining warm light. Ji watched her lovely move. His thin lips lifted gently. He was just waking up with alcohol, and his body was still a little wobbly.

He squatted beside the chair, reached out gently, and took down the book that she had covered her cheek. Bai Yiyan, blinded by the light of

slowly opened her starlike eyes and stared at the man who did not know when to squat on her side.

"A man lying here thinking about life?" Ji Yueze's thin lips are dyed with a smile, and she is asked in a soft voice.

Bai Yiyan quickly sat up with her hands on her hands and smelled a light smell of alcohol. She shouted, "are you drunk?" "

No, I'm still awake!" The man stood up, sat to her side, extended his long arm, but gently held her in his arms.

"I've seen the celebration of your company. Why didn't you speak on the stage? I still hope to see you." Bai Yiyan leaned obediently in his arms, with a sense of loss in her words. "

am I not coming back? You can watch as long as you want. " The smile on Ji Yueze's face became deeper. Was this woman hinting that she missed him? "

that's not the same!" Bai Yiyan said softly.

"It's different there?" Ji Yueze has a strange expression on his face. He is unique.

Bai Yiyan bit her lips, and then she said, "I want to see your high spirited appearance. You used to give people a feeling of confidence and high spirits when you went on stage to receive awards." "

yes? Why didn't I find out? " Ji Yueze is in such a good mood that she can't watch him repeatedly every time she takes the stage to receive the prize, right?

"Of course you didn't find out!" Bai Yiyan is inexplicably shy. She feels like a narcissist, expressing her feelings to him.

"Then next time I will stand on the stage and let you see me!" Of course, Ji Yueze has to fulfill her dream. "

don't do it for me..."

"What's the matter with you? I like to do anything for you. " Ji Yueze directly interrupts her words, gently kisses her hair and smells her quiet fragrance. Suddenly, her body feels hot. He couldn't help but reach out and try to lift her chin and kiss her lips, but he was pushed away by the woman.

"No, you can't kiss me after drinking!" Bai Yiyan is not coquettish. She is just thinking about her baby. Ji

Yueze thought that she was still pregnant with his baby, so she had to resist the impulse, restrain the fire in her body, and murmured: "Xiaoyan, how long have we been together?" Bai

of course, Yi Yan understood what he meant when he was together. She blushed with shame: "the doctor said it, but she didn't build it at this time..."

Ji Yueze attached to her ear and bit her earlobe: "what can I do if I feel uncomfortable?"

Bai Yiyan looks at him in a circle. "Can't you do it yourself?" Ji's face turned red with fever. He said with embarrassment, "what's the point of doing it yourself?" "

then you don't want to..." Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes blinked. Although Yueze didn't speak any more, his burning eyes were silent pleading.

Bai Yiyan lowers her head and chuckles. I don't know why, Ji Yueze looks at her with this kind of eyes, which makes her feel a sense of achievement. It turns out that this man will also show this kind of pitiful expression. He thought she was the only one. "

go!" Although Bai Yiyan wants to see him more, it's rare to see him.

But he was heartbroken again, so I had to promise him. Season

the smoother your lips, the happier you are. You begin to understand the benefits of having a little woman around you. When Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan enjoyed their sweet and intimate love time, on the other side, a group of people in an editor's office had a heated discussion, and finally decided to upload the hard won exclusive news to the Internet. In the early morning of the next day, when the summer sun climbed up the tallest twin building, an amazing news suddenly dominated the headlines of the entertainment edition and became popular. In the film, Ji Yueze holds a woman in his arms. Two people stand on the corridor of the hotel. Behind him is a brightly lit hotel suite. The door is open and the light is sprinkled on each other, which gives a subtle and ambiguous feeling. However, this woman is Pei Ying who was mistakenly identified as Bai Yiyan by Ji Yueze.

There are only three photos, two of which are the faces of Pei Ying, and only the last one. Pei Ying's side passes over her face. When the light and shadow hit her face, Ji Yueze's face blurred a little, while her face was clearly seen.

As soon as the news appeared, Ji Yueze knew it. He was shocked all over. Was there a reporter lurking around last night? Or, this reporter is Pei Ying deliberately to fight over, is to take a picture of him holding her? Anyway, the seriousness of this matter has made Ji Yueze's face completely blue. Pei Ying, as a client, is also pale and colorless. She must be happy and sweet if she can be embraced by Ji Yueze. But she can't afford to be a knife that stabs people's bodies. "

What's going on? How could it be photographed? " Pei yingfrighten's mobile phone can't hold, what she wants is not to be exposed, she just needs to have a secret love with Ji Yueze.

Now, the wish has not been realized, but bad luck has come to Pei Ying. Pei Ying sits on the ground, unable to slow down for a long time.

Just now, her cell phone rings.

She took a look and her heart went up to her throat. The company called her. "

Hello!" Pei Ying's voice, with tremor.

"The boss told you to meet him in his office in half an hour. Hurry up!" It's her agent. The voice sounds very anxious. "

I Am I finished? " Pei Ying couldn't help but ask in fear.

"You're not finished. When you see the boss, you're finished!" The agent didn't want to frighten her, but knew Ji Yueze's temper and character. At this time, he was definitely annoyed when rumors came out. Because there was already a rumor that Bai Yiyan was pregnant, which was Ji Yueze's child. It can be seen that Ji Yueze never gave up loving this woman from beginning to end.

Now, the one he loves is pregnant with a child, but he has a scandal. For who he is, he will be furious at the moment.