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Luo Jin Yu saw the anger in Mi Fei Er's eyes towards him, he frowned, and sat back down on his seat!

"You want me to steal the marriage? If you really chose me, then you wouldn't wear the wedding gown that other men prepared for you. You made the choice in your heart, you chose him, Mi Fei Er, and now you're blaming me, or you're too proud to admit it, but the reason you chose him at the time was because he was better than me, and was even richer than me … "

Mi Fei Er's expression froze, and then, in a flash, she became embarrassed, she bit her lower lip, and tears welled up in her eyes: "You did not come to the wedding banquet, you did not bring me out of the pit, it was you … You're the one who made me into the Mi Fei Er of today. Do you know how I passed through the past few years? "I have to endure my husband, not returning all night long, he doesn't love me at all, he only thinks that I am pretty and brings me out with a lot of face, blaming it's because I was too young and didn't know how to choose. Jinyu, I regret it, I know that you are the man worth being with for the rest of my life, your character and cultivation, are all excellent."

"Enough!" Luo Jin Yu's face was as dark as steel, he coldly interrupted her accusation: "I do not want to dwell on the past anymore. From now on, I have nothing to do with you.

Mi Fei Er's face was pale white, she realised that Luo Jin Yu really did not love her anymore.

"Yang Chu Chu, are you sure you want to interact with him?" Mi Fei Er held back her tears, feeling an indescribable jealousy in her heart.

She had always been the target of jealousy and envy. Her naturally perfect appearance gave her an advantage.

But now, she finally got the feeling of jealousy. It was so uncomfortable, like needles piercing her.

Luo Jin Yu understood Mi Fei Er's strong personality, she hated people who took her place the most.

"I'm warning you, don't touch her!" Luo Jin Yu's voice was stern and cold.

However, Mi Fei Er smirked: "Since you care about her, it means that you really do love her, just like how you loved me back then, right?"

Luo Jin Yu's face was stiff and gloomy.

"I was in her shadow, wasn't I? She looks just like me when I was eighteen. " Before Mi Fei Er came here, he studied Yang Chu Chu and found a few decent pictures. After looking at them, he realized that she had his pride.

Being able to maintain such a proud temperament despite being in the in the entertainment world, it showed how powerful her background was.

Was Luo Jin Yu the financial backstage owner of her house?

Luo Jin Yu started to sneer, "I long since didn't remember what you looked like then. Mi Fei Er, don't come look for me again, even if you did come, I wouldn't have met you again."

"Alright, I'll leave now!" Mi Fei Er's heart was in extreme pain.

She ruthlessly grabbed her handbag and turned around to leave.

Luo He Ning lazily sat in his Vice President's Office. As he was still thinking about whether his brother had something to do with Yang Chu Chu, his phone suddenly rang.

He reached out his hand to answer the call. It was from Mu Shi Ye.

"Bro, don't be sad. You've been under too much pressure and tense lately. You need to learn how to relax and give An Xin some time. I think she hasn't been doing much lately." Luo He Ning immediately took care of his own matters and advised his good friend.

Mu Shi Ye's tone was full of self-mockery, "I have already decided to calm down with her for a period of time. I didn't call you to console me, but rather, I have something very important to tell you."

"What important thing?" Luo He Ning asked with an astonished expression.

"Did my sister tell you about her attitude toward marriage?" As a brother, Mu Shi Ye still believed in loyalty.

This sentence directly asked Luo He Ning's sore spot. He sighed: "I proposed marriage to her, but he had already played dumb and fooled me, I really don't understand. Her and I can already be considered to be in love, everything that should have happened already …"

"What?" Mu Shi Ye Tu Ran cried out in shock, "What happened?"

Luo He Ning hurriedly covered his lips, he had the urge to slap himself to death.

"It's nothing, just holding hands, taking a kiss or something …" Luo He Ning immediately explained with a dry smile.

Mu Shi Ye still didn't understand this good friend of his? He was able to discern his guilty tone the moment he heard it.

"Alright, stop hiding it. I don't have any objections when you have a relationship with my elder sister. Anyway, she should repay the taste of being a man." Mu Shi Ye immediately laughed playfully.

"You … "You're really going too far!" Luo He Ning felt a sense of shame and annoyance.

Mu Shi Ye laughed complacently: "I did this on purpose, I just wanted to see your reaction. I didn't expect you to not even have the courage to admit it, looks like it's not easy to fall in love with my sister."

"You sound as if you have more courage than I do. If you have, you can go and confess to An Xin now and see if she'll change her mind for you." Luo He Ning was still unconvinced, he was so shocked that his heart stopped beating.

Mu Shi Ye was immediately a little dissatisfied: "Just don't talk about my sore spot, okay? The reason why I called you is to tell you that my sister doesn't want to get married. She wants to have a lifetime of love.

"What?" When did she ever say that? " As expected, Luo He Ning's handsome face turned pale from fright.

"She had said it a long time ago. The first time was probably three years ago, when Pei An Xin and I had just broken up. She came over to advise me, and said a lot of the benefits of not getting married." Mu Shi Ye Tu Ran started to sympathize with his good friend.

Luo He Ning's expression froze for a long time. "Why doesn't she want to get married? "And the reason?"

"There's no reason. She's rich, has value, and is willful!"

"Well, I accept that. She might not have met a man who made her want to get married. Now that I've appeared, the result might be different." Luo He Ning immediately smiled and comforted himself.

"Wrong. My sister isn't someone who would easily change her liking. I feel that your relationship with her will be very tiring!" Mu Shi Ye could only remind his good friend wholeheartedly.

"Then can you help me persuade her?" Luo He Ning pleaded with his friends for help.

Mu Shi Ye laughed lightly: "Alright, I'll do my best to help you, but I can't guarantee that my sister won't change her mind."

"No matter what, thank you for your reminder. In the future, I will try my best to avoid the topic of marriage. I discovered that your elder sister doesn't like to talk about this matter either. She doesn't even want to talk about children." Luo He Ning was also a little worried about his path of love.

"Yes, perhaps it's because my parents' marriage failed so badly that it affects her thinking. I hope you can change her choice. The woman I think can also marry a love, not necessarily a marriage." Mu Shi Ye mocked himself.

Luo He Ning nodded his head: "I will patiently love her, don't worry, I hope that we can obtain what we want."