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It has been three days since the Yang He incident, and Ling Mo Feng's voice has been growing. After this incident, there are more and more people supporting him, which is the result of the positive image.

In fact, before Ling Mo Feng chose to do this, he received a lot of suggestions from politicians, so that he didn't have to participate in it in person, so did his subordinates.

But in this sharp mouth, Ling Mo Feng can't help it naturally. What's more, if the murderer mentions his name, if he avoids appearing, it will make the people who trust and support him cold.

After the old president's operation, he recovered in a normal way, and Mu Weicheng kept him by his side.

The old president was very pleased, but also very disappointed. He was very sad that he had no determination to fight for power.

"Uncle, I'm going to ask Xiaoyun to take care of you. I'm going to teach at the national military academy these two days. The letter of appointment has come down. I'm going to report tomorrow morning. If you have anything, you can ask Xiaoyun to call me. I'll be here in time." Mu Weicheng sat on the edge of the old president's hospital bed and said.

The old president glared at him angrily: "do you really decide to be a coach? When the leader of the main base runs to be a teacher, you will really make me look disgraceful. Weicheng, our Mojia face will be defeated by you. It's uncertain how many people will laugh at us. "

"Uncle, you think more about it. As long as you are in a proper career, whoever can laugh at others will contribute to the country." Mu Weicheng is peaceful, and doesn't mind being demoted at all.

"You want to drive, but I'm going to be alive and dead by you. Go." The old president had a bad heart. At this moment, his face was green with anger. The nephew had all kinds of ways to make him unhappy.

"Uncle, you have a good rest. Please call me if you have something." Mu Weicheng doesn't want to talk to him any more. He turns around and tidies up the things beside the bed, and then leaves.

"Wei Cheng, wait a minute." When he was about to open the door and leave, the old President stopped him immediately.

Mu Wei Cheng stopped, looked back at him and asked, "is there anything else for you?"

"Why didn't you even meet the girl I introduced to you last time? Do you know you can't get a wife like this? " The old president was very angry when he thought about it.

Mu Weicheng's face froze, and then he said lightly, "uncle, you don't have to worry about my marriage. It needs fate, and you can't force me to come."

"What is fate? You don't even know how people look. Where did you come from? I called in the morning to invite you to dinner in the evening as an apology. If you don't want to see me cut off by your anger, you must go to apologize tonight and explain it to other girls. " The old president can't count on anything else at the moment. He just hopes that Mu family will have a future. If Mu Weicheng can get married and have children, at least Mu family has hope.

"Uncle, I......" Mu wanted to refuse on the spot and heard the old president coughing violently.

"Well, I'll treat her to dinner." When Mu Weicheng saw that he coughed deliberately, he had no choice but to agree.

The doctor said that he can't be angry and excited now. Cough is not good for wound recovery. What can Mu Weicheng do?

"Remember, don't let me down this time. I've found someone to investigate that girl. She has a clean family and a good personality. You don't want to be too selective. It's good to have such a woman willing to follow you." The old president was afraid that he would become a deserter, so he told him seriously.

Mu Weicheng is speechless. He closes the door of the ward and heads down to the elevator.

On the first floor, his off-road car was parked in the parking lot beside the garden. As soon as he got to the car, he saw a petite and delicate body lolling against the door of his driver's seat, wearing earplugs, as if enjoying the spring sunshine. Don't mention how leisurely.

When Mu Weicheng saw Ling warm and uninvited, his heart suddenly trembled, and he walked over with indifference and clapped her on the shoulder.

Ling wennuan immediately took off his earphone, turned his head and smiled at him. His big clear eyes were also in the shape of crescent.

"It's very clever to be a prime minister." Ling warm some embarrassed raised his hand to say hello to him.

The man cold down facial expression: "Qiao what Qiao, you do not know this is my car?"

Seeing that he didn't give face, Ling wennuan sighed: "well, I came to you specially. Today, the school is off. I have nowhere to go."

Mu Weicheng listened to her clumsy excuse and turned away her thin lips: "nowhere to go? Isn't Miss Ling Jiada claiming to be sociable and have many friends? "

"When did I call myself? I used to be small, but of course I have many friends. Now I am an adult, I can't make friends casually. " Ling warm hands back in the back, back up small face, a serious face nonsense.

Mu Weicheng's eyebrows beat with heart. She wanted to laugh, but she couldn't laugh. But the girl was really cute when she opened her eyes and told lies. She couldn't be taken.

"So you don't have any friends now?" Mu Weicheng plays with her.

"Well, the same-sex friends are in the same school. They meet every day. If there are no heterosexual friends, you will be the only one." Ling warm nodded immediately.

"Come on, what do you want to do?" Mu Weicheng quarrels and stumbles. She is not her opponent at all. She can only surrender.

Ling wennuan is careful about the success of the machine. She shows the fox's tail. She bows her head and wrists her fingers. She whispers, "are you free this afternoon? Let's go out and play. "

Mu Weicheng looked at her sudden change of coquettish appearance, his heart shook, looked at her deer like black eyes looking forward to him, he could not refuse.

"I'm sorry, but I have something to do this afternoon." Mu Weicheng said, opened the door, sat directly in, next second, he ruthlessly closed the door.

Shut her expectant eyes out of the door.

The huge cross-country vehicle started Yinzhi, the girl's petite body quivered, and subconsciously stepped back a few steps.

Ling wennuan was stunned. She didn't expect Mu Weicheng to refuse her so directly.

Is she in the wrong place?

Mu Wei Cheng stared at the front, deliberately ignoring her injured eyes.

The next second, he stepped on the gas and the car went straight out.

Ling wennuan has never been so cold, she stayed.

As soon as Mu Weicheng drove out of the parking lot, he saw several staff members around him coming this way. He was shocked. Suddenly, he immediately backed up his car.

Ling wennuan watched him drive forward and back, so fast that she thought he was going to crush herself. Her whole portrait was in place, her legs could not move.

However, the man's driving skills are very good. He just parked the car directly back to the position just now. Next, he opened the window severely and said, "get on the bus."

Ling wennuan quickly opened the back seat door and climbed up.

"Squat down, don't let my uncle's people see you." Mu Weicheng orders her forcefully.

Ling wennuan glanced out and saw several suit men coming here. She was shocked and squatted under his back seat and hid.

"Lingnuan, you're not going to die, are you? You know my uncle is in hospital here, and you dare to come here alone. " Mu Weicheng was very angry and scolded her mercilessly.

"If you're here, I'm not afraid." Ling warms, but he shouts at his mouth. He doesn't know what's going on.

Mu Weicheng is really going to be blown up by her. He scolds with a black and handsome face: "do you know my uncle still has a grudge against your brother? In case he wants to pull you on his back, have you considered the consequences? "

"I just want to see you." Ling wennuan was scolded by him for not breathing. Indeed, she came here without permission, which was quite dangerous. But this man, like a magic, attracted her to take risks.

"Let's not meet again." Mu Weicheng said coldly.

"Why? Do you hate me? " Ling wennuan saw that the car had gone out of the hospital gate, and she immediately put out her small head. Her long hair, just over her shoulder, was leaning forward with her, outlining her beautiful young face, just like the rising sun, full of vitality and hope.

Mu Weicheng through the rearview mirror, her beautiful face to the bottom of his eyes, his heart is a mess.