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C1684 What If I Lose?

Tang youyou beckons to his children: "come here and introduce to you. This is Lan Yanxi. It's right that you call her sister because she is smaller than Mommy."

Ji xiaonai blinked the big eyes of shuilingling: "Mommy, how do you know this sister? Have you made friends? "

Tang youyou's smiling face froze: "how can you talk? How can mommy not make friends?"

"But all your friends will like Daddy." Ji xiaonai doesn't know where he comes from.

LAN Yanxi was in the audience. He burst into laughter. My God, children are really funny.

"Go ahead. Your father is not so charming. Who said that to you? I'm going to cut him. " Tang youYou can't hang his face anymore. This little guy is under education.

"It's brother!" Ji xiaonai immediately reaches out his hand and points to Ji Xiaorui who has already wanted to escape.

"Ji Xiaorui, stop!" Tang youyou immediately whispered, "haven't you been beaten in three days? Are you itching? Who made you talk nonsense to your sister? "

"I I'm just saying that, Mommy, please give me a break. " Although Ji Xiaorui has thick skin, she is also afraid of pain. Mommy's expression is so serious.

LAN Yanxi has laughed so hard that she can't catch her breath. She hurriedly plays the round: "sister Youyou, don't scare the children. They are so small, they should be ignorant."

"Thank you, sister Yanxi, for asking for help. I remember the kindness. I will definitely return it to you later." Ji Xiaorui blinks at lanyanxi immediately. At a young age, he can coax girls.

Tang youyou is angry and smiling. Who did he learn from? His mouth is so sweet.

LAN Yanxi immediately cheered up: "OK, I'll wait."

Ji xiaonai is covering her mouth and snickering. Finally, she lets her brother get the training. It's very Kaisen.

"Ji xiaonai, wait for me." Ji Xiaorui looks at her sister in a huff.

"Just wait, I'm not afraid of you." Ji xiaonai is more and more daring now. His position at home is obviously higher than Ji Xiaorui. He is daddy's palm baby.

Ji Xiaorui's hands are in his waist, and his angry face is red.

Tang youyou felt a headache, and quickly raised his hand: "go upstairs and do my homework for me."

The two little guys immediately obediently carried their schoolbags upstairs, and the living room was quiet.

"Yan Xi, you see, children are so noisy, there is no silence for a moment." Tang youyou couldn't help but smile bitterly.

"No, I think it's a hot and noisy family with more family flavor. Unlike Ling Mo Feng and I now, if he doesn't come back, I'll stay alone and feel that the whole world is still. I want to have a baby to make a fuss." LAN Yanxi really hasn't felt this kind of atmosphere for a long time. She is yearning for it.

In fact, Tang youyou was afraid that lanyanxi would not like the children's noise, so he was embarrassed. Now, hearing lanyanxi's words, she felt more and more in common with this girl.

When it was dark, the two kids finished their homework and ran down again. They began to pester lanyanxi to play the role-playing game together. Lanyanxi was also idle and bored, so she followed them to guess the riddle. She thought that with her intelligence, she would definitely run over these two kids. She had a sense of superiority of winning without fighting. But after playing several games, she found out that Ji Xiaorui In order to win a five-year-old boy, she had to do everything she could. She was very ashamed. At last, she didn't know how. All three of them began to communicate in English. LAN Yanxi found out that excellent children really need to be raised early. If she has a daughter, she would have to go online with Ji's family. Ji Xiaorui is so small There will be gentlemanly demeanor. Growing up is really amazing.

Tang youyou helps uncle yuan to arrange dinner. After that, she comes over and sees LAN Yanxi and the little guy have a good time. She sits by and watches.

"You long, why did I lose even in guessing? Am I really mature? Lost innocence? " LAN Yanxi looks at the palm of his hand. He can't believe it.

"Sister Yanxi, you are too modest. You must have let us." Ji Xiaorui immediately laughed.

"Well, yes, I have to let you, that's it." LAN Yan hopes to be cheeky and complacent.

Tang youyou really can't help them, but she also saw that lanyanxi still has innocence in her bones. Maybe it's this attitude of not fighting with the world that makes Ling Mo Feng care for her so much.

It was completely dark. Several black cars were illuminated from a distance. Outside the gate, there was a long line. Two tall figures bent down from the car. "It's a coincidence that we can arrive at the same time." When Ji Xiaohan sees Ling Mo Feng coming down from the car behind, he immediately feels inconceivable.

Ling immediately laughed: "I saw your car, so that the driver speed up."

"I see. Are you following me?" Ji Xiaohan immediately narrowed his eyes with a dangerous expression.

"Don't doubt. There is only one road and only one destination. Do you want me to fly to your house with wings for dinner?" Ling Mo Feng's face was speechless.

The two men were joking as they walked up the steps to the living room.

All of a sudden, the two men have their own style and temperament.

The two women sitting in the living room made eye contact with each other, and lanyanxi immediately put out her hand: "it's over, I really lost!"

But Tang youyou said with a smile, "it doesn't matter. Let your family do a good job later."

LAN Yanxi can't laugh or cry. She doesn't know what talent program Ling Mo Feng can show. Is he such a strict person, and let him show a singing voice?

Will he hang her up for a fight?

"Daddy!" As soon as Ji Xiaohan entered the door, a small pink body rushed to him and hugged his leg. His face turned up and his eyes seemed to be full of starlight.

Season owl cold immediately stoops, holds own baby daughter in the bosom, introduces to her nearby Ling Mo Feng: "calls uncle."

"Well, isn't it wrong? As for my age, I seem to be a little older than you!" Ling Mo Feng couldn't help laughing to remind.

"It's OK. Let uncle look young." Ji Xiaohan immediately said.

"Good uncle!" Ji xiaonai immediately said hello politely.

Ling Mo Feng looks at this little spot. There are the shadows of Ji Xiaohan and Tang Youyou, but most of them are like Tang Youyou, because her eyes are really beautiful.

"How old are the children?" Ling Mo Feng tries to bend his mouth and try not to be too serious.

"Five years old!" Ji xiaonai was afraid of strangers immediately, and his face hid in Ji xiaonai's neck.

Ling Mo Feng immediately envied him. He looked at the little boy sitting next to LAN Yanxi. He couldn't help being surprised. "Your son is really like you. He's just a copy of you."

Season owl cold suddenly some complacent smile: "if is not like me, that just terrible?"

Tang youyou stares at him immediately. Ji Xiaohan takes his pride away and says quickly, "I used to drink tea. Maybe dinner is not so fast."

Lingmo Feng's eyes fell on lanyanxi. After a pair of eyes looked at him, lanyanxi immediately turned away and didn't want to see his expression.

Ling Mo Feng's heart is thumping. What's the matter? When did he provoke her again?

"Yan Xi, have a good time here?" Ling Mo Feng sat beside her and asked her gently immediately. LAN Yanxi nodded: "I'm very happy. Sister youyou and I have a good personality."

Tang youyou immediately smiled and said hello to Ling Mo Feng: "Mr. President is so busy with his work every day. It's rare for him to come home and be a guest. Tonight, I will accompany Yan Xi to have a good time here."

"You are welcome, sister-in-law." Ling replied immediately with a smile.

Ji Xiaohan takes his daughter and sits next to Tang youyou. Then he starts to care about her: "is it still a big reflection? You can eat. "

Ling Mo Feng heard the question of Ji Xiao Han and immediately asked curiously, "what's the matter with my younger sister? Are you not feeling well? "

LAN Yanxi immediately smiled to help answer: "sister youyou is pregnant."

Ling Mo Feng's handsome face was surprised: "so fast."

Tang youYou can't be ashamed at once, but Ji Xiaohan reaches out to hug her gently: "we are ready to have another baby, but now youyou is pregnant with a twin. I don't know if it's a dragon phoenix or a twin."

"My God, it's so happy." Blue words is to open your eyes and twin? She wants to envy the real name system again.

Ling Mo Feng looks at her with a smile and warmth. Well, envy?