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C1217 when a girlfriend calls

The silence of blue slightly makes the atmosphere in the ward especially depressed. Ji Shangqing's eyes are fixed on her pretty face. Seeing that she only bowed her head and played with the lunch she just brought back, but he didn't answer him. He was inevitably worried and asked, "why don't you talk?"

"What do you want me to say? Are you going to harm people? " Blue slightly raised the eyes, the clear light at the bottom of the eyes, which made Ji Shangqing seem to see his guilt, and he was shocked. "

I don't mean that!" Ji Shangqing takes back his eyes and looks at his leg in plaster. He is confused. "

eat, it's going to be cold!" Blue slightly put the small table on the bed for Ji Shangqing to eat in. Ji glanced at her expression secretly and said: "sure enough, no one in this world will like a person who has done all the bad things. Don't they all say that women like bad men? How can I get here? It doesn't matter. " "

the bad man that women like is not the same kind of bad as what you say. Make it clear!" Blue slightly corrected him. "

I know, I'm just kidding!" Ji Shangqing saw her manage herself again, so he took the chopsticks and looked at the dishes on the table. He asked curiously, "you didn't go to the restaurant to pack this dish?" "

No, I went home to do it myself. Anyway, I'm not far away from home!" Blue replied in a low voice. "

you took care of me all night, so tired, you still have to go home to help me cook? Weiwei, you are really a good wife. In the future, you must be a good mother! " Ji Shangqing didn't have much taste at first. I heard that she made the dishes herself, so I was interested in paying for them. "

can you treat yourself as a patient? There's no stopping all day! " Blue slightly resentful stare at him, found Ji Shangqing mixed well, unexpectedly said so much.

"I'm bored, too. Now, I'm not alone with you by my side!" Ji Shangqing said slowly while drinking the soup. Blue

slightly moved in his heart, is he so lonely? Season

Shang Qing finished his meal and looked at blue and picked up the table. He said in a low voice, "it's OK in the afternoon. Go back to school. I have a nurse to help me!" "

I asked for a week's leave!" Blue also answered softly.

"Leave?" Ji Shangqing's expression was slightly shocked: "why don't you ask for leave without consulting with me?" "

this is my business. I don't need to discuss it with you!" Blue Weiwei turns around and throws the garbage out of the garbage can. Then she steps in and sees the nurse giving Ji Shangqing an infusion.

Ji shangqingzheng secretly asked the nurse, "I'm a little anxious to pee. What should I do?"

The little nurse looked at him, blushed a little, pointed to a urinal beside him: "your legs are not convenient now, just solve it in bed, let your girlfriend help you!" Just a little listen to the good step in blue, the expression is also a little frozen. Season

Shangqing's words are meaningful. Those deep eyes, with evil spirit, look towards the blue. Blue

dodge his eyes slightly and pretend not to hear.

The nurse took a pen to record and said: "after today's injection, there won't be any more. You have to continue tomorrow. Watch the potion and ring the bell." "

thank you nurse!" Ji Shangqing is polite.

The little nurse saw his long Qingjun, polite, and a little blushed and turned away. Before she left, she looked at him with envy.

"Wei, come here and do me a favor!" Ji Shangqing didn't mean to tease her, but he was really in a hurry. He couldn't help it.

"Why?" Blue slightly look at the past, the cheek is inexplicably hot. "

I want to take a small size. It's very urgent. Please help me!" Ji Shangqing had to plead with her with sincerity.

"Do it yourself, I can't help you!" After all, blue Weiwei is still a girl. Although she has had a bad time with him, she is still a thin skinned person. She can't put off her face to do such things for a man. "

don't be shy, then you have to help me get the pot!" Ji Shangqing is more and more cheeky.

Blue tiny had to quickly step over, took the small pot and handed it to him: "take it, call me when you are finished!" "

slightly, do you hear? The nurse just said you were my girlfriend! " Ji Shangqing said that he was going to lift the quilt, and blue turned back to him. "

Ji Shangqing, hurry up!" Season

Shangqing knows that she is shy, so she has to stop teasing her. She urinates happily and painfully, and then takes the pot out with some embarrassment: "tiny, please!" Blue

turn around slightly, blush like shrimp, take the pot and go to the next bathroom. Season

Shangqing is living in a super ward with a good environment. Beside it, there are small beds and sofa tables and chairs. Apart from being unable to leave, the two people live here, which is not bad. Blue

when she came out a little bit, she saw that her mobile phone rang. She picked it up and saw that she was her father again. She hung up her mobile phone directly and didn't answer it. Ji saw her face turn ugly and guessed who it was.

"Your father almost sold you last time. Why does he have the face to call you? Don't want to sell you again When Ji Shangqing thought about the last time, he was full of anger and wanted to beat the old villain. "

No, he has been trying to apologize to me since he knew I was saved by you!" Blue tiny did not hide from him, told the truth.

"Well, he's not going to sell you to me, is he?" Ji Shangqing said thoughtfully. "

he may have this idea. Ji Shangqing, I will not have his father. If he comes to you in the future, you should not take care of him!" Blue can't help but remind him. "

don't worry. If he comes to me, I will let him know whether it's good or bad!" Ji Shangqing has absolutely zero tolerance for the scum man who sells women for money. "

don't hit him. If you hurt him, you have to pay for his medical expenses!" Blue slightly said again.

"I have a sense of proportion!" Ji Shangqing knew that she didn't recognize her father, but she was afraid that he would be hurt. This woman is really a knife mouth and tofu heart. After LAN

Yan Xi left the office building, she went back to LAN's house. After a few cups of tea with the old man, she went back to Ling Mo Feng's house.

This time, she didn't come back empty handed. Instead, she packed and brought back several delicacies from the blue family. She decided to thank Ling Mo Feng very much in the evening.

Ling came back at more than seven o'clock. When he entered the hall, he took off his suit coat and put it on his arm. The whole man looked a little tired. Also, after a busy day in government affairs, he could not easily have a rest time, so he would not be nervous again. "

back!" On the stairs, there was a clattering sound of slippers. In a moment, under the light, blue Yanxi's beautiful and bright face was reflected. She had just taken a bath and washed her hair. She wore a long hair, a long knitted dress, and decorated her exquisite waist. At a glance, the man felt that her throat was astringent, and he could not help swallowing. "

are you well?" Ling Mo Feng saw that she ran to her face, like a pet waiting for the owner to go home, with a happy expression on his face. He couldn't help reaching out and sticking a sticker on her forehead, which was as warm and cool as jade. "

I've taken medicine, it's already good!" LAN Yanxi replied with a little smug smile. "

you are just getting better for the time being, but you still have to continue taking medicine!" Ling Mo Feng whispered. "Don't worry, I know. I'm not a child!" LAN Yan hoped that he would remind her of such trifles, and she could not help shouting.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her clean and innocent face. In his eyes, she was really like a child, except that her body belonged to adults, her temper and her brain.

"Go upstairs and change. I've prepared dinner to satisfy you!" Lanyanxi stretched out his hand and pushed him upstairs. Ling

Mo Feng looks shocked. He feels that the two little claws pushed on his back seem to be carrying electric current. Through his shirt, he is a little numb. "

What dinner did you prepare?" Ling Mo Feng really listened to her and went upstairs.

"In a moment you will know!" LAN Yanxi also wants to show that, after all, she is a member of this family. She has to think about this family for many things in the future. Ling

Mo Feng went upstairs and changed into a set of casual clothes. He walked lazily to the kitchen door with his hands on his trouser pockets and long legs, and smelled the smell of meals.