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C1691 identity of boyfriend

It's a long and stuffy ride. Ling wennuan tries to keep himself from vomitting. However, the scenery outside the window is so strange, and the people around her are also strange. She suddenly feels that she is not so strong at the moment, and her heart begins to be fragile.

Ling wennuan is holding the mobile phone. Suddenly, she hears the sound of a text message coming from the mobile phone. She quickly takes a look at it.

The uncomfortable feeling, as if cured, is mu Weicheng. Although it's just a simple concern, I want to know where she has gone, but for Ling wennuan, this is the driving force for her to persist.

It's getting dark. After getting off the highway, the driver drives into a small town and stops at the door of a hotel. This evening, the car will not go on the road. We need to stop here for one night and go after a rest.

Ling wennuan drags a box of daily necessities out of the car, takes the certificate and drives the room, exhausted to the extreme.

"Thank you!" All of a sudden, she heard the voice of Xia ninglan coming from behind. Turning around, she saw a boy holding her suitcase and helping her to push it into the elevator.

Ling wennuan gives up some position and looks at Xia ninglan. Xia ninglan's relationship with her before is not too bad. But now, there is a complex sense of hostility between the two people's eyes.

Ling wennuan quickly turned his eyes away, and heard Xia ninglan say, "just now in the service area, you should not have enough. After a while, I'll invite you to have dinner. I'm really glad to meet you."

"Ninglan, you should have a lot of money at home. How can a rich lady go to such a remote area to teach? The heart is beautiful. " The boy who helped her carry the box immediately smiled and praised her.

The other side thinks that xianinglan is rich because her articles are very expensive. She is wearing more than 3000 shoes, more than 100000 watches and more than 20000 backpacks. These are not for ordinary people to consume. Therefore, xianinglan's identity is determined through her East and West. She must be the daughter of a rich family.

In contrast, Ling wennuan is too low-key. She is only a popular brand all over her body, and her price is very close to the people. Therefore, everyone thinks that her family conditions should be lower middle.

Sometimes this society is such a reality that people can identify her status through an object on someone's body.

"No, my family is just like that." Xia ninglan immediately became humble. When she said this, she looked at Ling wennuan with some heart. Because she had a meeting with Ling wennuan before, and her family situation had also been told by Ling wennuan. She was not rich, but only middle-sized.

Ling wennuan pretends not to listen to them and takes out his mobile phone to play.

After entering the hotel, Ling wennuan took a bath first. When she was blowing her hair, she heard someone knock on the door. She asked several college students who came here this time. She opened the door.

"Ling is warm. Do you want to go down and have some food together? Ning Lan says it's a treat." One of them asked her with a smile.

Ling wennuan shook his head: "I'm not going, I'm tired, you go."

They didn't say anything more, they went straight down. Ling wennuan couldn't help but sneer at her. How could she not find out that she was so sociable before?

It seems that she doesn't really know much about her, and she doesn't want to know any more.

Ling wennuan sees that there is a noodle in the hotel. She plans to make a noodle to eat. When she is burning water, her mobile phone rings. When she sees the call display, the corner of her mouth rises.

"Hello!" She was lying on the bed with her head up. Her voice was lazy and moving.

"Where is it?" The deep voice of the man is full of concern.

"In the hotel, I plan to eat something and go to bed. I'm tired." Ling wennuan answers with a smile.

"I'm tired after a long journey. Do you want to have a rest earlier?" Mu Weicheng is so distressed that he doesn't want to disturb her to rest.

"No, I want to listen to your voice and eat." Ling wennuan immediately stood up, turned on the mobile phone, ready to remove the face, suddenly, someone was knocking at the door.

Ling warm Zheng for a while, heard Lin Bo's voice outside the door: "warm, do you sleep?"? I packed you a dumpling and bought you some fruit. "

Ling wennuan was surprised and hurriedly went to open the door. Lin Bo was embarrassed and stuffed the things in his hand. "I must be tired today. I will have a good rest if I eat something. Tomorrow is a long day."

"Lin Bo, how can you buy so many things for me? Thank you so much. How much is it? I'll take the money..."

"You don't have to. I'll just buy some. You can eat it quickly. You must be hungry." Lin Bo blushed and backed away.

Ling wennuan couldn't help reaching for her hair and smiled unnaturally and said, "thank you so much. I'll invite you to dinner some other day."

"You're welcome!" Seeing that she accepted, Lin Bo opened his door and went in.

Ling wennuan returns to the emperor of the table with fruit and dumplings in her hands. Seeing that her mobile phone is still on, she has a brain explosion.

"Mu Weicheng, are you still listening?" Ling wennuan asked quickly.

"Yes, I've heard that. Someone cares about you." The man's voice didn't seem to be as gentle as before, and there was still some unexplained sullen.

Ling wennuan's face was in a hurry and explained: "don't get me wrong, it's a friend who comes to do charity together and a student at school."

"Oh!" The man only answered one word.

Ling wennuan doesn't know if he wants to explain more. It sounds like Mu Weicheng is really angry.

"He cares about you so much. When he gets here, I'll treat him to dinner and show my gratitude." The atmosphere was silent. Suddenly, the voice of the man came back.

Ling wennuan is at a loss. Hearing his words, she chuckles.

"Well, only in what capacity do you appreciate others?" Ling asked him with a smile.

After two seconds of silence, Mu replied, "your boyfriend's identity."

"Really?" Ling warm incomparably happy.

"Of course, apart from this identity, there will be no other identity between me and you." Mu Weicheng suddenly domineering, maybe it is really a little stimulation, so that he can no longer Jin hold.

Ling warm smile of incomparable joy: "you this is jealous?"

The man is speechless over there.

"No, I believe you." Mu Wei Cheng lowered his voice.

Ling wennuan snorted: "you believe me, but I don't believe you, you may not know, someone for you, also ran to help."

"Who is it?" Mu Weicheng was surprised to hear that.

"Shanninglan, remember her? I don't know when she began to like you, but this time she came here in the same car with me. Look at you. It's really annoying peach blossom. I want to despise you. " This is Ling warm at the moment of truth, she is really depressed.

When Mu Weicheng saw that she was angry, he quickly explained, "you really misunderstood me. I never expressed anything to her, and I don't know what she would do for me."

"Well, don't explain. I won't listen now. When we get there, you can show me your good performance. I can remind you that if you let me down, I'll buy a ticket and go home immediately. I'll never see you in my life." Ling wennuan is very temperamental. She really can't stand her boyfriend. She can also give other women hope.

Mu Weicheng was shocked by her words and quickly promised: "warm, please believe me, OK? I really haven't done anything that I'm sorry for you. "

"Trust you once for the time being." Ling said, biting the dumplings, praising: "it's really delicious. As expected, delicious food is the most comforting thing."

Mu Weicheng: "..."

Ling wennuan said to his mobile phone while eating: "first of all, I want to see something and hang up." Mu Weicheng: "..."

Don't you mean to listen to his voice and eat? Just a few minutes ago, the woman forgot the basic trust between people?

"Well, go to bed early after dinner." Mu Weicheng hurriedly cares for a few words.

"I see!" Ling wennuan hangs up directly. Next second, she opens a movie, enjoying the delicious food and the visual impact.

Mu Wei Cheng stared at the mobile phone for a few seconds, then sighed.

It seems that he overestimated his position in the mind of that little thing. There's no way. Ling wennuan is still childish. He will tolerate all her bad temper.