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C1316. He's at ease

What a woman wants is nothing more than peace of mind. Lanyanxi plays with all kinds of little emotions, just for the sake of men's peace of mind. Now, Lingmo Feng's words make her happy all of a sudden. "

it's really late. Let's go to bed!" LAN Yanxi looks out of the window at the snow. He is relaxed and sleepy. "

OK!" The man let go of his big hug and the woman turned to his wide bed. Lift the quilt corner on one side, but LAN Yanxi dare not lie down because it's really cold.

Ling Mo Feng seemed to see good hesitation, walked directly to her side, lay down, then spread out an arm, let her sleep down. Blue

Yan Xi climbed over with a smile and got into his arms. It's really warm. For example,

in this quiet time, two hearts collide together to keep warm and sink into a dream together. Blue

Yanxi seems to be used to the presence of this man around her. She didn't think about it any more. She slept a sweet night. The next morning, blue Yanxi vaguely heard the phone ringing. She was very clever, she got up quickly, but heard a man's groan in her ear.

"Why are you still here?" LAN Yanxi looks at the man around him in surprise. He changed into a military green T-shirt last night. She is surprised to see him in the morning.

"It's only seven o'clock. It's still early!" Of course, Ling doesn't want to get up. He sleeps with her body like a small stove. He won't feel cold all night. "I have to get up. I have a lot of work to do today."

"Well, together!" The man sat up directly, a little tight T-shirt, and showed his strong and clear chest seal. Blue words and beautiful eyes stole a few eyes. Thinking of yesterday's boring stretch of their hands to count, she blushed. Ling

in Mo Feng's bathroom, there are only his personal supplies. LAN Yanxi runs to her bathroom wisely.

When she turned herself upside down, she saw that the men were all dressed up and wearing a black long windbreaker. The whole man looked noble and invincible.

Lanyanxi is also dressed in tooling. At the moment, she is in a hurry to put Ling Mo Feng on her brooch.

I don't know if it's because of cold hands. She didn't do well several times. "

let me help you!" The long legs of a man, a few steps to her in front, slender fingers, very good-looking, articulate, but also a healthy sense of wealth and white, not to mention how charming.

Lanyanxi ignored the existence of the brooch all the way, just looking at his hand. "

OK!" Ling didn't know his gentle smile at the moment, how devastating it was to girls. When he turned around and planned to go downstairs first, a small hand suddenly grabbed his finger.

Ling Mo Feng is slightly stunned for a while, and you Mou looks at her, puzzled. "

lovers will hold hands wherever they go!" LAN Yanxi was embarrassed to say that he just wanted to hold his hand, so he found a proper reason for himself.

"Is it? I don't know! " Ling Mo Feng listened to her words and took the initiative to hold her small hand. Blue

to achieve her goal, she revealed a row of thin white teeth, red lips and white teeth, bright and bright, which may be used to describe her appearance at the moment, just like a child who has got sugar to eat.

Ling Mo Feng is also infected by the smile on her face, and the corner of her mouth rises involuntarily.

Two people went downstairs, aunt brought breakfast, Ling Mo Feng suddenly felt that the palm of his hand was pushed away by a small hand, and he looked surprised.

It seems that lanyanxi deliberately wants to keep a distance from him. She carries her two small hands behind her, and looks at the sky and the earth with beautiful eyes, but does not look at him. After waiting for

to arrange breakfast for aunt, Ling Mo Feng asked her incomprehensibly, "why did you just let go of my hand?" "

why not? In the eyes of outsiders, we have to pretend to be strangers?" LAN Yanxi answered him seriously. Ling

Mo Feng suddenly choked. Look, this little woman is cleaner than him.

"You did a good job!" He complimented her with a chuckle. Yan Xi gnawed her teeth and ate her breakfast. After breakfast, Ling Mo Feng's team came to pick him up and left. LAN Yanxi saw him get on the bus. She also turned to drive her own small sports car. She can't help sighing if she wants to have another busy day.

Arriving at the general office, LAN Yanxi met Yang He at the entrance. Yang

today, he drove a car. It looks like a new car. It's more than 300000 yuan. It's also very good in a common team.

Yang He took the key to lock her car, and her light flashed twice.

Blue words Xi Du mouth, although she should not be to the direction of the lotus to deliberately show off to think, but the facts tell her, Yang He is really to show her. "

nice car!" LAN Yanxi also praised her on purpose. Yang < br >

as soon as his face is hot, he can't hang some of them, so he quickly turns around and walks forward. Blue

Yan Ximing is teasing others, but he is also happy at the moment. For example,

if someone is rich in front of her, she really doesn't want to say anything more. She can only say that everything she wants can be bought, and she doesn't envy others. Yang

he secretly gnashed his teeth and felt that Lan Yanxi was laughing at her.

It's disgusting. Money is great. Wait for

sooner or later, let LAN Yanxi repay the frustration. The former

came to Yang He these days to look for an opportunity to go to Ling Mo Feng's house to wait for a spot, but the new year is coming. At the end of the year, she can't spare time. She can only decide whether there is a better chance after this year.

Office hall began to hang some words and symbols of Spring Festival, a scene of jubilation. Qian Qian could have had a rest, but she insisted on working. Unfortunately, she thought she should have a lot of opportunities to get close to Ling Mo Feng. At last, she found that the opportunities were poor. In the end, there will be a large-scale performance party in the national literary and Art Troupe tomorrow evening. Ling and Mr. President will attend the party. Wan Qianqian, as an invited guest, certainly has no place for her. The year of

is coming to an end, and all kinds of performance events are staged one after another. The national literary and Art Troupe, representing the honor of the country, often goes abroad to perform. In order to reward the envoys who have worked hard all year round, Mr. President arranged this performance.

Yang He's job is to help reception guests and various service matters at the performance site. She was very happy to get this job, because Ling Mo Feng will show up. She finally has a chance to look at him closely. Maybe he can find a chance to express his love to him.

LAN Yanxi was sitting in the office when he heard two senior staff chatting. "

we seem to be on the list." "

really? That's great. Our department seems to have only five places. Apart from leaders, we have the most advanced qualifications. We will definitely have the chance to watch it on the spot! "

LAN Yanxi looked up at them, and one of the eldest sisters reached out and patted her on the shoulder to comfort her: "Yanxi, do well, and you will have a chance to join in the future." "

Yes, I will try my best!" LAN Yanxi had to say that he was still envious of being able to go to the gate of the National Grand Theatre to see the performance. Alas, Ling Mo Feng must go.

It's a pity that she's a newcomer. She just came in, but she can't be ranked.

Unless Unless Ling Mo Feng can arrange it for her secretly. That's not good either. He can't use his power for personal gain, so he will be seen as a joke.

Just as lanyanxi was thinking, suddenly, the elder sister chatting next to her seemed to glance at the list again. At last, she said with surprise: "there is a new list at the bottom, and the staff who come in within three months can get tickets by lottery."

"Yan Xi, you are there!" Blue

Yan Xi beat a small head and squinted her eyes. Sure enough, among the names of all the people, she saw her own name.

"How could there be me?" LAN Yanxi's face is inconceivable.

"You're lucky. I heard that if I recruited more than 100 new people, I'll take six places and get you!" The elder sister beside laughed.