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Ask him to treat us to dinner

Tang You You angrily rushed out of the headquarters building, the back of her hand continuously wiping her lips. But no matter how she wiped it, she could not wipe away the breath of the man that was left on her lips.

When Ji Xiao Han returned to the office, he realized that there were two uninvited guests sitting in the office.

Tang You You didn't seem to object. Then he and Mu Shi Ye would naturally think that Tang You You was really his girlfriend.

However, upon seeing such explosive news, they were all astonished. They immediately came over to console their good friend and advise him.

"Thank you for your concern towards me. I still need to discuss this matter with her." Ji Xiao Han had already thought of this when he invited Tang You You over. He wanted to bring up this matter with her, but unfortunately, the atmosphere was destroyed by him, and she was scared away by his enthusiasm.

"Xiao Han, I have never seen you so concerned about a woman before. It seems that you are going to be serious this time around." Mu Shi Ye smiled playfully.

Luo He Ning glared at Mu Shi Ye snappily: "Your child is already going to call you uncle. If you don't take it seriously, that shouldn't be possible."

Mu Shi Ye turned his head to look at Luo He Ning, and asked with a joking tone: "If when do you also have two kids calling you father, what kind of mood will you have?"

"Me?" Luo He Ning was a little shocked, he then shook his head: "Of course it's impossible, but you, on the other hand, have a huge possibility."

After Mu Shi Ye heard his words, his handsome face stiffened. Then, he said with certainty: "Of course it's impossible for me.

"What if it is that woman who left with your child and is now abroad alone with your child?" Luo He Ning didn't mind making a big joke out of it.

After Mu Shi Ye heard this, his heart immediately cooled down. "That's impossible, it's only a few times compared to her."

"How many times?" Luo He Ning seemed to have heard an important rumor: "Mu Shi Ye, you really slept with Pei An Xin before? Didn't you tell us that you were in pure love with her? "

Mu Shi Ye was instantly upset. He glared at Luo He Ning hatefully: Alright, you set my trap and revealed my secret. Luo He Ning, you're really crafty.

Luo He Ning had a smug look on his face, and laughed: "If I did not lure you to speak the truth, I am afraid I would never know, you and my cousin have already reached this stage."

Mu Shi Ye's expression became even more furious, and he bit his lips: "Luo He Ning, stop making fun of me here, don't think that I don't know your secret."

"My secret?" After Luo He Ning heard it, his entire body became stiff and cold, his handsome face flushed red from nervousness.

Mu Shi Ye thought about it carefully, as if he did not know of Luo He Ning's secret either. He could only turn his head and ask Ji Xiao Han: "Do you know?"

Ji Xiao Han looked at his friends who were arguing the moment they saw each other, and shook his head: "I don't know."

Luo He Ning secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He believed that he had buried that emotion very deeply, other than himself, even Mu Lin himself didn't sense anything, let alone the careless Mu Shi Ye.

"Forget it, be more careful in the future and don't let me catch on to your weakness. I will laugh at you for the rest of your life." Mu Shi Ye said with a face of hatred.

"You be careful too. Wait until my cousin returns from studying abroad and we'll see how she treats you." Luo He Ning was not threatened by him at all, but reminded him proudly.

When Mu Shi Ye heard Pei An Xin's name, his face immediately darkened. "Don't mention her to me, what's so special about her? He was the one who confessed to me at the time, and after that, she turned and left.

You still have the face to talk about her? When she pursued you back then, you were as aloof as if you were nothing, and you even purposely teased other girls to seduce her. My cousin is not stupid, she's a woman who knows what she wants very well, so it's best if you don't provoke her in the future. Mu Shi Ye curled his lips, shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly: "As long as she doesn't provoke me, I won't take the initiative to look for her."

The document in Ji Xiao Han's hand, which he had almost tried to focus on, was interrupted by the voices of the two people.

"Are the two of you planning on letting me treat you to lunch?" Ji Xiao Han swept his gaze across the two and asked indifferently.

When the two men heard his words, they simultaneously said, "Great!"

Ji Xiao Han stared at them speechlessly, "You guys find a restaurant to sit down and wait for me. I'll go pay after I finish handling these documents."

The two of them immediately understood what he was trying to do and stood up. "Fine, we'll find a restaurant to wait for you. Our CEO Ji has so much to do that we can understand."

"Let's go and choose the most expensive restaurant!" Mu Shi Ye raised his volume evilly.

Luo He Ning patted his shoulder. "This doesn't seem like a good idea."

"What's wrong with that? Didn't the rumors say that he had plenty of money? " Mu Shi Ye looked at Ji Xiao Han again, with ill intentions.

Ji Xiao Han's thin lips curved upwards, and said indifferently: "Mu Shi Ye, aren't you afraid of retribution like this?"

"I'm not afraid. Besides, what retribution do I have? Come on, I've already thought of a restaurant. " After Mu Shi Ye finished, he left happily with Luo He Ning.

The two of them drove their respective sports cars and stopped in front of what was known as the most expensive seafood restaurant.

As soon as they parked the car, the two of them walked towards the dining hall.

Suddenly, Luo He Ning patted Mu Shi Ye's shoulder fiercely. "The ten o'clock direction that you are at, is your retribution!"