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C1549 bold and direct communication

Ling Mo Feng left by car. LAN Yanxi found that the man had already warmed her breakfast in the pot. It was oatmeal, a cup of warm fresh milk and fried eggs. Everything seemed to be well prepared and nutritious.

Lanyanxi breathed slowly, reached for the cup of milk and drank two mouthfuls of it. The taste of sweetness could not be dissipated in her heart for a long time. She never knew that there was a kind of man who could take care of his woman so infinitely, so delicate that even the temperature of a cup of milk was just right, warm into the throat, and people could not help falling in love with it.

LAN Yanxi leaned against the wall of the kitchen, and her mouth turned up. Suddenly, she heard the phone ring, and she took it out of her pocket. It was Ling Mo Feng's number.

"Hello!" Blue Yan Xi's soft mouth.

The man's deep magnetic voice said: "Yan Xi, I was in a hurry just now. I forgot to tell you that I put breakfast in the pot and it's hot. Go to eat it quickly."

"I'm already eating." LAN Yanxi said with a smile.

The man gave a soft laugh: "then you have a good rest at home, I will ask Wang Xinyi for leave."

"Good!" LAN Yanxi replied softly.

At noon, LAN Yanxi slept in a cage. He was confused and heard the continuous ringing of his mobile phone for a long time.

She squinted one eye, found the mobile phone, reached for it and looked at it. It was Xinyi.

LAN Yanxi wakes up immediately from her sleep and says hello with a smile: "sister Xinyi, did Ling Mo Feng ask for leave for me?"

"He's been here. I'm shocked. Your husband is really good. Mr. vice president, I'm going to my foreign ministry to ask you for leave in person. It's almost enviable." Wang Xinyi said half jokingly and half seriously over there.

LAN Yan is very shy. Ling Mo Feng even went to ask for leave in person to prove that he is very polite and won't take identity to oppress people.

"Sister Xinyi, in a word, I still want to have the cheek to tell you that I want to ask you to vote for him in the general election, and I guarantee that he will be a good leader." LAN Yanxi now doesn't want Jin to hold, just want to cheer for her husband.

"Don't worry. Not only did I go to his side, but many people I know have started to support him. Your first lady's position can't escape." Wang Xinyi teases her with a smile.

"Sister Xinyi, I don't mean that. I don't care if I can be the first lady. I am..."

"Well, don't explain. I know what you mean, but since you ask me, I have to ask you something." Wang Xinyi's straightforward character suddenly turned a corner and became awkward.

LAN Yanxi looked surprised and asked curiously, "sister Xinyi, what do you want to ask me for? As long as I can do it, I will do it for you. "

LAN Yanxi's big words were first said, but next, she did not hear Wang Xinyi's voice, only heard her breathing and breathing as if she was embarrassed, coughing a few times.

"Sister Xinyi, do you have a cold?" LAN Yan hopes to see that she doesn't speak and asks with great concern.

At last, Wang Xinyi opened his mouth hard, but he was timid: "Yanxi, I want to ask you about someone's news. You are not allowed to laugh at me."

LAN Yanxi didn't know if the plot was serious at the moment, and nodded seriously: "OK, you say, I will tell you what I know."

"That Does uncle Yu have a girlfriend? " Wang Xinyi finally cheekily asked the question of his desire.

"Ah?" Lanyanxi was completely baffled by her question, and her beautiful face was shocked.

"Yan Xi, are you laughing at me?" Wang Xinyi immediately asked in embarrassment.

"I didn't laugh." LAN Yanxi has reached out his hand to cover his mouth and restrained his smile. I didn't expect that sister Xinyi would ask about Uncle Yu's affairs. Is it true Does sister Xinyi like Uncle Yu?

"Forget it, I don't want the old face anyway. Yanxi, can you lead me a line? I want to know uncle Yu." Wang Xinyi suddenly burst out. She didn't want to wriggle. At this age, she would be really old if she didn't go crazy. She had wasted so many years of youth. She thought that a heart had been dead long ago, but she didn't expect to jump for a man's resurrection. Wang Xinyi didn't want to wait for a moment. She just wanted to see that man again and get to know each other seriously.

LAN Yanxi was really shocked and shocked. She always thought that Xinyi was a reserved and quiet woman. Unexpectedly, she was so enthusiastic and high-profile that people couldn't believe her.

"Uncle Yu doesn't have a girlfriend. I'm sure, sister Xinyi, you have a good eye. Uncle Yu is a very good man. If you can stay with him, I will bless you." After being surprised, LAN Yanxi began to speak well for uncle Yu.

"Really? Do you know why he is not married now? " Wang Xinyi still wants to know more.

"Well I really don't know. He is a full-time bodyguard hired by my grandfather. He will accompany my grandfather to various occasions every day. In the past, when my grandfather was busy, he was occupied all day. He was very busy. Maybe he didn't have time to find a girlfriend. In recent years, my grandfather had a lot of leisure, but he didn't seem to be particularly close to any woman. " LAN Yanxi thought and answered her.

"Do you know any woman who wants to get close to him? I think he's a good man with a steady personality. I think some women will take the initiative to him. " Wang Xinyi's eyes are still very venomous. She feels that the man she likes cannot be loyal to other women.

"Ha ha, sister Xinyi, you won't be jealous. But, to be honest, uncle Yu is really popular. Some time ago, two servants and aunts in our blue family fought for him to be jealous." LAN Yanxi said that and couldn't help laughing.

"Well, I know he's not a man to worry about." As soon as Wang Xinyi heard that there was a woman fighting for him, he was in such a mood that he felt bored.

"Don't get me wrong, sister Xinyi. Uncle Yu was scared. When two aunts ran to him to reason, he ran away. Uncle Yu was not good at words, but he was kind-hearted, friendly and responsible for his work. Last time I went to the disaster area to find Ling Mufeng, he also went with me. In order to protect us, he was shot and seriously injured, Sister Xinyi, if you are willing to get to know him well, I will surely help you to connect. " Said LAN Yanxi softly.

"He's hurt?" Wang Xinyi's heart beat missed a beat: "is he OK now?"

"I asked him last time, and he said it was ok, but I know that he would not tell me the truth even if his injury was not good. He is very good to me and grandpa. He regards us as relatives and Xinyi sister. If you think others are good, you should call him to meet him. If you point to him to take the initiative, I'm afraid you will be disappointed. Uncle Yu is shy and introverted." LAN Yanxi urges Wang Xinyi to take the initiative.

After listening to LAN Yanxi's words, Wang Xinyi has a better understanding of Uncle Yu. A man who takes his work seriously and responsibly can show his noble moral character. Maybe she can't miss this time.

"Yan Xi, thank you for telling me that, then I I'll give him a call and let him have dinner together in the evening. " Wang Xinyi thanked her softly.

"OK, sister Xinyi, please call him as soon as possible." LAN Yanxi nodded.

After hanging up, Wang Xinyi holds the mobile phone, takes a deep breath, hesitates again and again, or pulls out the mobile phone number with shaking fingers.

She felt funny for her nervous appearance like a first love girl. She was the only old aunt. Why can't she calm down a little? She has many tricks to deal with a man.

"Hello, who is that?" Just as Wang Xinyi continued to improve his self-confidence, uncle Yu's voice came from the phone.

Wang Xinyi was shaking all over. I didn't expect that the other side would answer her phone so soon.

She's not even ready for what she wants to say.

"If I make a wrong call, I'll hang up." See each other don't talk, uncle Yu said indifferently.

"Oh, hold on, it's me!" Wang Xinyi's face was so frightened that she quickly opened her mouth.

"You are..." Uncle Yu didn't recognize her for a moment.