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Tang You You could not help but chuckle softly, in her laughter, there was already a sweet smell.

"Alright, I'll do my best to restrain my own character in the future. For you, and also for myself." Tang You You finally assured him.

Ji Xiao Han was very grateful that she gave in, because he couldn't make his grandmother give in.

"Can you tell me now why you and my grandmother quarreled?" Ji Xiao Han still wanted to know the reason.

Tang You You heaved a sigh of relief, "Your grandmother thinks that my temper is too wild, and that I am not worthy of you. She even said that you have great charisma and are very popular with girls, and then, when my anger rose, she said that if she doesn't like me, I will immediately move away."

Hearing this, Ji Xiao Han's handsome face tensed up. These two people, they really could argue, to the point that they were about to move.

"Wandering, do you really have the heart to leave me?" Ji Xiao Han was instantly injured.

Tang You You stuck out her tongue, and looked embarrassed: "I said it in anger, are you serious too? Of course, I don't want to leave, and the children definitely won't be separated from you. However, luckily your grandmother didn't continue arguing with me, or else, I'm afraid that my final words would have left me with no room to stay. "

From the moment Ji Xiao Han saw this woman, he knew that she wasn't a person who liked to be wronged. Back then, he had always wanted to use various methods to suppress her and conquer her.

Therefore, he understood her feelings when she and his grandmother competed against each other.

"Eternal Rest, thank you for being willing to endure this grievance for me." The man's deep voice sounded extremely sincere.

Tang You You could feel the love of a man towards her at all times, and she didn't know when she had the ability to sense love. She also didn't remember when Ji Xiao Han had started speaking, so she would listen carefully and memorize his every word.

How long has it been since she deeply etched the memory of the man who stole her child and hurt her in her heart?


"Alright, let's go down and accompany the children. It's been a day since we last saw them, they must like us a lot too!" Tang You You gently stood up straight from his embrace, a trace of gentleness also tinged between her brows.

Ji Xiao Han's gaze stayed fixed on her face. It was rare to see her appearance that was as gentle as water. It was really moving, and also very beautiful.

"En!" It was as if there was no room for rejection at all, and Ji Xiao Han only wanted to listen to her.

The two of them walked down the stairs with their hands tightly clenched. Halfway up the stairs, Ji Xiao Han felt the woman forcefully pull her small hand away from his palm.

He was slightly startled when he saw his grandparents walk into the hall.

Ji Xiao Han frowned slightly as a trace of disappointment flashed across his handsome eyes.

From the looks of it, Tang You You still cared about what her grandmother said.

Tang You You didn't know why, but maybe the arrogance in her made her not want to act in an intimate manner with Ji Xiao Han in front of the old lady.

Once the old lady came in, she immediately saw two people walking down the stairs. Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin walked over and greeted them, "Grandfather, Grandmother, you two are here!"

After the old lady gave a solemn grunt, she immediately walked over to Tang Xiao Nai, who was playing around by the side.

"Xiao Nai, what are you doing?"

"I'm cooking for my little friends, great-grandmother, do you want to eat? I can cook one for you too! " Tang Xiao Nai said while beaming, and played this little game very seriously.

Great-great-grandmother knew that a young girl at this age began to like interviewing adults, so she immediately cooperated, "Okay, then what do you plan to do for great-grandma?"

Tang Xiao Nai immediately tilted her head and thought about it before replying, "I'll cook porridge for you!"

"Oh? Why are you cooking porridge for me? " The old lady was slightly surprised.

"Because great-grandmother's teeth have all fallen out. If she can't eat something tough, she can only eat congee!" Tang Xiao Nai answered very seriously.

Her words immediately caused the bystanders to laugh softly.

The old lady touched Tang Xiao Nai's little head: "You're so obedient, you actually dare to be considerate to this old lady."

Tang You You was also standing at the side. Looking at the old lady's different attitude towards her two children and herself, she felt an inexplicable sense of sadness.

She didn't know why the old lady despised her. Was it just because her background wasn't good?

But, who in this world could decide their own origin? She also wanted to be like Ji Xiao Han, born with a golden key that could open the door to a rich life for him. However, there were very few people like him that could be reincarnated with a good fate like this.

Most people were probably as ordinary as she was.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the woman's tiny expression and realized that she was daydreaming. No one knew what she was thinking, but her brows were always furrowed.

However, to be honest, she had a frown on her face, but there was also a sense of flirtatiousness and a sense of being cute and mischievous.

Tang You You was feeling resentment!

Suddenly, her small hand was tightly grasped by a large palm. Her entire body trembled as she raised her gaze to meet the smiling eyes of the man.

However, because there was some resentment in his heart, Tang You You deliberately looked away and did not look at him.

The moment Ji Xiao Han's inner disciple fell, for some reason, he felt like he had provoked her.

How had she provoked him?

His birth offended her.

The Old Granny turned around and saw her grandson. Her mood also became better and she quickly waved at him, "Little Ancestor, come down and visit your great-grandmother."

Tang Xiao Rui blinked his large eyes and then quickly walked down. The old lady immediately carried him onto his lap and sat him down.

Tang Xiao Rui immediately shook his head, "Grandmother, I'm not skinny at all. I don't want to become a little fatty.

The old lady was instantly amused by Tang Xiao Rui, she pointed at Ji Xiao Han and said: "Look at you, Xiao Rui's words when you're young are all the same. At such a young age, you already know that you're going to be an enigma!"

Ji Xiao Han was a little embarrassed. He couldn't remember himself saying such naive words when he was young.

"Oh yeah, grandpa and grandma, I called Yue Ze. I don't know if he'll come over!"

"Really?" The old lady instantly became excited, "I haven't seen him for a long time, I really want to die!"

The old tutor's face was stoic, "If he doesn't come, then he doesn't come. Do I even have to ask him to come?"