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His palms are warm

The masculine yang energy instantly enveloped her, causing Tang You You to feel a little dizzy, and she struggled a little.

"Ji Xiao Han, don't be like this, the children are here!" Tang You You really did not expect him to be so bold, to be shocked and panicked, his small face already flushed red from embarrassment.

Tang You You's heart was beating wildly because of him. She felt that she really needed to quickly overcome the fear in her heart and directly jump into the arms of this man.

Unfortunately, she still didn't have the slightest understanding of her own nightmares. She only knew that a man's touch would cause her to tremble uncontrollably and even give her goosebumps. She really didn't know what kind of illness this was.

The next morning!

Tang You You opened his eyes and saw his daughter, who was sleeping like a little pig. The sunlight shone through the curtains and onto her daughter's rosy cheeks.

This feeling filled one with yearning and vitality for life.

Tang You You opened her eyes lazily as the corner of her mouth raised upwards.

He got off the bed, washed, and changed into a new set of clothes. Then, he dragged the lazy little girl up and helped her put on her cute school dress. Then, he tied her up with two very beautiful ponytails.

When he went downstairs and saw the father and son duo in the dining hall, Tang You You's mood was once again covered with a layer of warmth.

Ji Xiao Han put down his chopsticks, walked over, and hugged his daughter as he kissed her. "Xiao Nai, are you still awake?"

"Un, Daddy, can you help me ask for a day's leave from Teacher? I want to sleep a little longer. " Tang Xiao Nai's two short arms were tightly wrapped around her father's neck, coquettishly and cutely pulling Jiao Er away.

Ji Xiao Han smiled gently, "Xiao Nai, you need to go to bed early tonight. You won't be unable to get out of bed by the morning of the next day, it's not like you're not sick, you can't ask your teacher for leave for no reason, do you understand?"

"Am I sick? You can take leave of absence? " The little guy blinked his big black eyes, then said with a serious face, "Just tell teacher that I'm sick. This way, teacher won't have any objections."

"Xiao Nai, you can't lie at such a young age!"

Tang Xiao Nai pouted, looking at Mummy's stern expression, she could only stop acting coquettishly.

"Come here, Daddy will feed you breakfast!" Ji Xiao Han carried her in his arms and personally fed her milk.

Tang Xiao Rui looked at his sister in both admiration and disdain. At the same age, why was his sister so childish? I need to personally feed him for breakfast.

"Mummy, have you been working very hard recently?" Tang Xiao Rui immediately shifted his gaze towards Mummy.

Tang You You bit on the bread and nodded: "Yes, I'm a bit busy, what's the matter?"

"Nothing, I just hope that you will take care of your body. Don't be too busy!" Tang Xiao Rui said with concern.

Tang You You immediately laughed out loud and rubbed his son's cute little head, "Son, you'll definitely grow up to be a warm-hearted man!"

"What is a warm-hearted man?" Tang Xiao Rui blinked his eyes.

"He's very considerate and gives me a very warm feeling." Tang You You explained.

Tang Xiao Rui immediately looked towards his father who was feeding Tang Xiao Nai porridge at the side: "Mummy, the man you're talking about, is she like your father?"

Tang You You's beautiful eyes also instantly swept towards Ji Xiao Han as she watched him feed the congee in small bites to his daughter.

"More or less!" Tang You You also did not know where the specific definition of a warm-hearted man was.

Ji Xiao Han raised his head and looked at the mother and son duo strangely.

Tang You You felt that he had spoken the truth, so he lowered his head in embarrassment and started to eat the porridge in his bowl.

Ji Xiao Han clearly gave off a very cold and unapproachable feeling, why would she feel that he was very warm?

After Tang You You finished his breakfast, he stood up: "I'll be going first, the two of you follow Uncle Yuan to school, you have to be obedient!"

Ji Xiao Han saw that the woman was wearing a set of beige clothes and looked much more beautiful.

The color in his eyes deepened by several degrees.

Thinking that she had promised to have lunch together, Ji Xiao Han's mood became slightly better.

Tang You You was extremely busy, she did not know that there were actually so many things to do in a New product launch.

It was a matter of many details, and he felt that his brain was no longer sufficient.

Although Liu Xi had helped her advise on something, and taught her quite a few things regarding techniques, Tang You You still felt that he was helping himself to the point where he was about to fly in the sky.

The cellphone on the table suddenly rang.

Tang You You didn't have time to look at the number, she immediately moved closer to the side of her ear and asked in a formal tone: "Who is this?"

"Me!" A deep male voice called out, "It's time. I'm here to meet you for lunch!"

Tang You You looked at the time. Unknowingly, it was already 12 o'clock, but she felt like she had only started work all day.

"You don't need to pick me up. Just tell me the address and I'll go over myself!" Tang You You didn't want to trouble him.

"I'm already downstairs at the company!" He wouldn't give her a chance to refuse.

Tang You You was startled for a second, then said gently: "Then I will go down now!"

After hanging up, Tang You You packed his backpack and stepped on his high heels as he walked towards the elevator.

She quickened her steps and walked to the car in the middle. She opened the door to the back seat. The man inside made her smile.

"Have you been waiting long?" Tang You You felt extremely sorry.

"Not long!" Ji Xiao Han replied softly, and instructed the driver to drive.

Ten minutes later, the car stopped in front of a restaurant. Ji Xiao Han held her small hand and walked towards a private room upstairs.

Tang You You had already gotten used to the feeling of being dragged by his hands, so she didn't feel disgusted or disgusted with him. She only felt that why was the man's palm so hot?