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The woman in her arms is not sleeping steadily. Ling Mo Feng stares at her in the dark. The light comes in from the window. She can see her frown. She must be having a nightmare again. I don't know how long the nightmare will follow her.

Early in the morning, Ling Mo Feng wanted to turn off her alarm clock again. As soon as she picked up her lovely alarm clock, she saw the girl in the bed brush her eyes open and stare at him half awake.

Ling Mo Feng took the alarm clock, and Jun's face flashed an embarrassment. He asked with a gentle smile, "why don't you sleep more?"

LAN Yanxi rubbed his neck and shook his head: "I can't sleep."

"I'm almost going out. If you want to eat anything, please call my aunt and ask her to deliver it. Do you want to go to the hospital today?" Ling Mo Feng put down her little alarm clock and put his hand on the Cufflinks that can't be buttoned in the future. A black suit was put on him, which made him noble, ascetic and mild.

LAN Yanxi nodded: "I still want to go to the hospital. I may have to ask for leave in the most time."

"It doesn't matter. You deal with your own affairs and work first. I'll talk about it for you." Ling Mo Feng gently touched her long hair: "I have to go, Cheng Yuan will come to accompany you, call me if you have something."

"Well!" LAN Yanxi looks up at him, but the man suddenly kisses her. She is scared to run away. The man's thin lip kisses her on the cheek. She chuckles a little bit: "OK, I'm really leaving."

LAN Yanxi raised his hand and waved to him, "be careful."

"Yes!" When the man looked back at her, blue Yanxi's heart beat quickly.

The general election is finally coming. There are only seven days left. All the preparations are going on tightly. But the old president is struggling to get out of the hospital at this time. He can't even walk on the road now. So, he came here in a wheelchair. Sitting alone in his office, looking out of the window, he can see the huge square. The white dove comes from the sky By flying, the dove is a symbol of peace. They spread their wings across the rows of flags, making the old president a bit trance, and their hearts seem to follow them far away.

There was a knock at the office behind him, and the old president didn't look back.

The door of the office still opened. Ling Mo Feng came in. The old president looked back at him.

"Please come in. It seems that you really want to replace my old bone." The old president chuckled.

"I just came to say hello to you, nothing else." Ling Mo Feng's voice is also cool.

"My people, you've almost cleaned up. In a day, you've even arrested ten people. The court hasn't been idle for a day. Ling Mo Feng, your skill is much stronger than your father's, but you should remember that it's chilling to kill them. Even if they are guilty, you can't deny that they have contributed to this country." The old president's face became more and more black and gray. Ling Mo Feng's sweeping in recent days made him sit up in a panic when he was dying and ill.

"Thank you for reminding me that there are still many things worth learning from you." Ling Mo Feng said indifferently.

"Then when are you going to do it to me? You have to hurry up. I'm afraid I can't wait for that day. " The old president sneered.

Ling Mo Feng looked at his back, then smiled lightly: "you will have a day, even if you can't refute for yourself, the prestige you left will be criticized and discussed by others."

When the old president heard his words, he was so angry that he suddenly turned the wheelchair around. His eyes were fixed on the calm young man in front of him. His heart hurt violently again. He sneered weakly: "you say, if I die here, do you want to be responsible for my death?"

"You won't die so easily. There's a doctor waiting outside." Ling Mo Feng went to his desk and tapped his fingers on the gray red wood desk: "actually, I have been here many times. At that time, I was very young and played here. Unexpectedly, it has been so many years."

Of course, the old president knew that Ling Mo Feng had been here. At that time, he was still a little boy. He would say hello when he saw him, which was very polite.

To be honest, at that time, he liked the little boy with good manners, but he never thought that when he grew up, he would be so sharp, like a knife, which smoothed his morale bit by bit.

"It's going to be late. I have to go." The old president said suddenly.

"Maybe you can't leave yet." Ling Mo Feng opens his back to him.

The old president's face suddenly changed. He asked incredulously, "you want to catch me now? Don't forget that I am still above you. "

"I know, but I don't have your thirteen punishments." Ling Mo Feng turned to look at him: "the law is the most just if you don't override anyone. You should be punished if you are guilty."

The old president didn't like to be taught a lesson, but now he finds he can't refute it.

The door opened and waiting for him was gray.

The next day, the old president sat in the court, which was a huge stain in his life. He looked back at Mu Weicheng, who was sitting at the hearing seat. His eyes were lowered, but mu Yun, who was sitting beside him, looked over anxiously.

The whole country was in uproar, the people were disappointed, even some people cried, shouted, and countless people were silent.

At this moment, they need a leader to lead them to the right road.

Ling Mo Feng's voice is higher than everyone's imagination. The general election has even been changed. Two days ahead of schedule, Ling Mo Feng has stood at the highest point.

LAN Yanxi sat in the hospital room and watched the pictures on TV together with the old man. They saw Ling Mo Feng's speech in the huge meeting room, which meant that a new situation was finally coming.

LAN Yanxi looks at it stupidly, some of which are unbelievable.

The old man looked at her, and his spirit was better.

"Yan Xi, when Mo Feng's election is over, you will hurry up to do the wedding. Grandpa doesn't want to leave with a left shock." The old man asked immediately.

LAN Yanxi blushed inexplicably. She nodded, "OK, I'll discuss this with him."

"There's no need to discuss. Elder Ling family came last night. I'll discuss with him." The old man said with a smile.

Blue words Xi Leng for a while: "how do you discuss?"

"Lingjia means that your wedding to Lingmo Feng will be held in a low-key way. The time is about one month after the election. A few banquets will show that Mo Feng has just held the election. It's not suitable for him to act recklessly. He may be aggrieved by you, but grandpa feels that this grievance is nothing. Although the ceremony is important, Lingmo Feng's true feelings for you are the most important in one's life." Old blue man is in a good mood today, so he has talked with blue Yanxi so much.

LAN Yanxi was stunned for a moment. Then, her eyes were slightly sour, and she nodded and agreed: "Grandpa said it's reasonable. I don't care about the form. Even if I asked him to get a marriage certificate, I would be happy if I didn't have a banquet."

"That's not good. If you don't handle seats with the license, you will be wronged. Grandpa won't accept it." The old man immediately said angrily.

LAN Yanxi couldn't help laughing again: "then all I listen to Grandpa, grandpa is happy."

Lanlin is already at her grandmother's house, but she hasn't been at her grandmother's house for a long time. Because she received a express delivery the next morning. When she opened it, she almost didn't scare her heart out. It turned out to be a bloody baby with a line of curses attached to it.

Lanlin's scalp was numb with fear. She didn't expect someone to do such a prank.

Who is it?

Lanlin quickly threw the thing away. She thought it would stop. Unexpectedly, in one day, she received five couriers, each of which could scare her to death.

Finally, she couldn't stay. She packed up her things, bought a flight of tickets and flew out of the country. On the plane, she was still haunted by fear, which was worse than cursing in her face.

It must be the blue fiber family. Only they know their whereabouts. It's disgusting. I didn't expect that the plan didn't succeed, but it caused such trouble. Lanlin lost her original self-confidence in an instant.