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C1708 love doesn'st win or lose

The strong masculine atmosphere is as masculine as the cold aroma of lemon in summer. It smells great.

Ling warm in touch with his thin lips, the brain has become blank, a pair of eyes open, misty, there is water mist into her eyes bottom, so that the color of a bit more confusing.

"Close your eyes!"

Mu Weicheng has an impulse to be driven mad by her. When she stares at him like this, even if he wants to deepen the kiss, he is full of guilt and can only remind her with a low smile.

Ling wennuan closed his eyes obediently, and the man then kissed deeper.

Ear is the sound of the water rushing from the waterfall, lips are the strong breath of man's crazy hegemony, Ling wennuan has a sense of turning around in the sky, originally standing on a stone with his toes on top, now he only feels his legs are soft, and he wants to be planted.

Fortunately, her helplessness was detected by the man. Her strong arm held her back and let her rely all the weight on his solid body.

Time seems to be still, and I don't know how long it has passed. Ling wennuan finds that the man has let go of himself, but she doesn't seem to have recovered her soul. She looks at the man with a smile and no words in front of her eyes.

"Sorry, I can't help it!"

When Mu Weicheng saw her stupefied, he thought it was his behavior that frightened her. He reached out his hand and pinched her pretty face. He felt sorry for what he had done.

Ling warms his face, bows his head and kicks a pebble with his toes.

Although she didn't speak, the smiling eyes answered the man's words. She was not angry at all.

Ling wennuan took out her mobile phone from her backpack and snapped at the scenery in front of her. In the scenery, she also photographed the man's tall body.

Mu Weicheng doesn't like taking photos very much. He deliberately walks away, but Ling's warm lens is still aimed at him.

Mu Weicheng has no choice but to take her.

After taking the picture, they sat on a big rock beside them, dazed. Mu Weicheng took a bottle of water and a bottle of milk from the car.

Ling warm with a straw, lying on the man's legs, can see the blue sky and white clouds, can also see the water from the sky.

Mu Weicheng's eyes fell greedily on her face. She didn't know if she was lying down. Plus Ling wennuan was wearing a slightly tight T-shirt. Her grown-up body began to feel feminine.

Mu Weicheng only felt that there was some heat in his throat. He twisted the water and drank a few mouthfuls of it. He suppressed the flames.

In the past, when Ling wennuan didn't come, Mu Weicheng didn't have a vacation or a double break in his working life. As long as he was at his post, he was absolutely in a working state. Today, however, it's hard for him to relax and enjoy this wonderful holiday.

In a flash of time, it was two days later. LAN Yanxi found that she was pregnant. She began to become spoiled instinctively. She began to eat badly, couldn't sleep, and was sensitive to the smell.

Ling wennuan told her mother the good news. Blue mother was very happy. Ling's elder also informed the news, and everyone was very happy.

LAN's mother hasn't seen her daughter for some days. When she sees her daughter is pregnant, she calls LAN Yanxi. She wants to invite her to have dinner at home. She needs to cook by herself.

Lanyanxi is pregnant, and her love for her mother is stronger. When she learns to be a mother, she will be more filial to her mother. She knows that it is not easy, and she knows how to cherish.

LAN Yanxi asked the full-time driver to take her to her mother's home.

She knocked on the door and opened it with a strange middle-aged man, wearing glasses, very gentle and modest appearance.

"You are..." LAN Yanxi felt nervous and suddenly thought that his mother had a new marriage partner.

"You are Yan Xi. Hello, my name is Li Qinghai. I'm your mother's boyfriend. Nice to meet you."

Li Qinghai introduced himself to him gracefully.

Lanyanxi's heart is like being hit lightly by something. It's a kind of taste that can't be said. It's occupying her heart. Mother is going to set up a new family again. She should send her blessing.


LAN Yanxi forced out polite words.

Blue mother, wearing an apron and a bream with just scraped scales, came over and said with a smile, "Yan Xi, you are here. This is Uncle Li, the one my mother mentioned to you."

"Mom, what can I do for you?"

LAN Yanxi is always instinctive to strangers. She immediately decides to help her mother.

"Yanxi, sit down and rest. I'll help your mother."

Li Qinghai is very kind.

Blue mother showed a shy smile. The fish in her hand was taken away by Li Qinghai.

"Your mother and daughter haven't seen each other for a long time. Have a good talk. I'll make lunch today."

Li Qinghai is very inclusive.

Blue mother nodded: "well, thank you."

LAN Yanxi stood beside her. For a while, she felt like a half stranger, unable to integrate into her mother's new family. Her eyes were sour, but she tried to hold back.

LAN Mu untied her apron, folded it and put it on the table beside her, poured a glass of water to LAN Yanxi: "Yanxi, you said on the phone that you are nearly a month pregnant, right?

Is it big now?

Can we eat?

When I was pregnant with you, the first three months were really when the rice was not in. I could only eat some partial food, but the staple food could not be touched. "

LAN Yanxi looks at her mother in a better mental state than ever before, and her eyes are clearer. Is that the charm of love?

Can let a dead man, rekindle the hope and expectation of life.

"Mom, I can still eat now. Don't worry about me. How are you living now?"

LAN Yanxi looked into the kitchen, and her mind was mixed. In fact, she didn't ask for much. As long as her mother lived happily, she was at ease.

"My life is better than ever. Uncle Li is very painful. We can go out for a walk after eating. He goes to school and after class. We buy vegetables and cook together. We live at home. I hope I have lived most of my life. I can understand one thing. I need to find a man. I really need to find someone who can live a solid life. I don't ask him for much achievement, as long as It's better than anything to make time for me. "

Blue mother said these words, tears in her eyes, maybe more experience, suddenly realized the true meaning of life.

Lanyanxi agrees with her mother's words that love is beautiful and intense at first, but marriage needs to settle down. More importantly, family members are short, fuel, rice, oil and salt. Those vigorous love will eventually be reflected in every detail of life. It may not make people feel surging again, but it must be reassuring.

"Mom, I'll be happy for you as long as you feel satisfied with your present life. Maybe Uncle Li is your lover. You found him."

The tears in LAN Yanxi's eyes were rolling. At last, she took her finger to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes.

"Yan Xi, don't worry. Even if my mother has a new family, you are still my favorite daughter. My mother's heart will not change for you."

Blue mother worried about her daughter's frailty, she thought to the East and to the west, so she reached for her hand and comforted her.

"Mom, of course, I know that you don't care about me any more. I'm not a child either. I cry because I'm happy for you."

Blue Yan hopes to laugh.

"Is Ling Mo Feng good to you?

When can my mother see him? I can only see him on TV every day. However, I think this son-in-law is really excellent. My mother can't believe that you will marry him. "

Blue mother couldn't help being happy.

"Mom, in your eyes, am I really bad?"

LAN Yanxi laughed at himself.

"Of course not. You are the pride of your mother, and of course you are excellent. However, some people are able to show an unattainable feeling. Ling Mo Feng has become president since he was young. He will become famous in the future. I hope he will not deviate from you."

Blue mother is a man from the past. She knows how hard a man's heart is. She knows best. Many couples have bad feelings at the early stage. Later, they split up. Blue mother is afraid that her daughter will become like this. That's what worries her.

LAN Yanxi was stunned for a moment, then she sighed: "I don't know how to catch him. I have to do my best. Love is like gambling. It's hard to win or lose, and it's not up to people."