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C1382 she's not afraid of risk

LAN Yanxi's black eyes stared at Ling Mo Feng's cell phone for two seconds. In fact, women are always insecure. After so many days of separation, it's hard to avoid looking at their boyfriend's cell phone to see if he has any secrets to hide.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes have been paying attention to her. Seeing her eyes staring at her mobile phone, he doesn't blink. His thin lips are slightly raised, and he directly hands over his mobile phone: "what? Do you want to check the post? Here you are! "

"Er..." LAN Yanxi turned his back and pretended that he didn't understand him.

Ling Mo Feng's tall body moved to her side, almost pasted on her slightly stiff back, and once again carried the mobile phone to her: "if you don't trust me, just check."

"I don't worry about you. I I'm just curious! " LAN Yanxi smiled twice. The man's eyes were really sharp. She just looked twice more, and he caught her and thought carefully.

"Since you are already suspicious of me, if you don't show it to you, you can't let it go." Ling Mo Feng is gentle, and there is a little confidence between his words. Anyway, he is not afraid of being checked by her.

LAN Yanxi said nothing, took his cell phone, clicked on the screen, a picture of her side face lit up.

"Here Where did this picture come from? " Lanyanxi's face was surprised, because she found that the background was a foreign training camp, and she was wearing only a sports suit, long hair tied into a ponytail, hands on the rail, looking at the distance.

"This is Joe Zhuo's secretly photographing you. There are many photos of you in his mobile phone, but those will be my personal collection and will not be shared with others." Ling didn't hide that she had collected Qiao Zhuo's mobile phone.

"Ah? Is this Joe Zhuo really excessive, unexpectedly secretly takes so many photos of me? " LAN Yanxi was angry.

"I have to say that his photos of you are very beautiful. I like them very much." Ling Mo Feng, as a serious man, even if he wanted to take a picture of LAN Yanxi secretly, he dared not do it. So, Qiao Zhuo recorded the whole training process of her. She was entranced in class. During the training, she raised her hand to wipe her sweat. Her beautiful back in the corridor also made Ling Mo Feng indirectly participate in all her activities abroad.

LAN Yanxi took a white look at him: "you are so boring. The photos taken secretly must be ugly. No way. I have to check them, and delete all the ugly ones."

Lanyanxi is a beauty lover. When she thought that all kinds of strange photos of herself had been collected by Ling Mo Feng, she was totally out of place.

"It's not ugly, it's lovely!" Ling Mo Feng chuckled in silence.

"Show me the picture." LAN Yanxi immediately looked at him seriously.

Ling had to open the photo album of his mobile phone and look down to see a lot of photos of LAN Yanxi.

"This one is not good-looking!" Lanyanxi has a very high demand for her photos. Even if her hair is disordered, she will not leave it, let alone her plain and high-definition smile eyes have become a straight line, which is even more intolerable.

"Don't delete, Yan Xi, I think it's pretty!" Ling quickly snatched back his mobile phone. He really liked to see her cute looks. Once deleted, he had no backup. When bored and lonely, he had no spiritual food.

Blue words and beautiful eyes are slightly stunned. They feel that the back brain is gently held up by the man's big palm. Her slightly opened lips are once again kissed by the man's thin lips. This time, he kisses very gently.

LAN Yanxi was stiff and nervous. Her two little hands instinctively grabbed his sleeve. The strange reactions in her body seemed to be hooked by the gentle kiss of a man, which made her uneasy.

Her breathing was disordered. When she was a little addicted to the kiss, the man restrained himself and let go of her hand. He looked at her being teased by himself. He laughed in a low voice. It was very bad.

LAN Yanxi heard his laughter, only to find out how addicted he was just now. In a flash, he was pretty and angry. He pushed him away and said, "Ling Mo Feng, you bastard!"

Ling Mo Feng looks at her coquettish way to escape, smiling more.

Half an hour later, someone brought a delicious dinner, which was made by Lingmo Feng's trusted people. He got up and walked upstairs to see LAN Yan lying in a daze at the dressing table.

"Yan Xi, the food is coming. Go downstairs." In fact, Ling Mo Feng also suffered a lot. Just now he watched her run upstairs, but he didn't dare to catch up because he was afraid that he would lose control.

LAN Yanxi had calmed down, turned to look at him and nodded obediently: "Hmmm!"

Ling Mo Feng reached for her and put her little hand in his palm: "Ling Mo Feng, my grandfather said, we are going to be engaged, aren't we?"

"Well, did your grandfather tell you what you think?" Ling Mo Feng's grasp is tight.

"I have no idea." LAN Yanxi replied softly.

"Tomorrow, the news of our engagement will be released. Your situation in the general office may be affected by this. Are you prepared?" Ling Mo Feng stops, deep Mou condenses her low face, ask lightly.

"What psychological preparation is needed? Just be cheeky. Maybe I will become the public enemy of all women in a flash. But don't worry, I'm not afraid! " LAN Yanxi looked up at him with a smile and replied.

"What if someone is in trouble for you?" Ling is still worried that she can't cope.

"Who dares to embarrass me? I'm the fiancee of Mr. vice president LAN Yanxi said jokingly.

"If those women take the opportunity to laugh at you, will you bear it? Or you connect back, don't let yourself be wronged. " Ling Mo Feng looks at her big eyes, which are shining like a fox. Suddenly, he feels that his worry is redundant. LAN Yanxi is not as bullied as he thinks.

"Don't worry, I won't be aggrieved by myself. Soldiers will stop me and water will cover me. There will always be a solution." Lanyanxi was not afraid of anything. Her heart became stronger after her father left.

"Well, if you are really wronged, tell me, I will make the decision for you!" Ling Mo Feng's gentle admonition.

"Well, remember!" LAN Yanxi nodded in order not to let him worry.

After dinner, Ling Mo Feng left Ling's home, because there was an emergency in the general office that needed him to solve. LAN Yanxi stood outside the gate, took a breath of relief, looked back at the familiar living room, after the storm, she went back to the origin, and could grasp her own happiness with her own hands, which is a kind of good luck.

The next day, the overwhelming news was that vice president Ling Mo Feng was going to be engaged to LAN Yanxi, the eldest daughter of the blue family. Ling family and the blue family had already responded positively.

The news, like a bomb, woke up many dreamers.

Among them, Yang He is the biggest victim. This is what she thinks. Her hands holding her mobile phone are shaking. She can't believe it, let alone accept such a heavy blow.

She always thought that Lan Yanxi was a couple with the adjutant Chu. How could she suddenly become Ling Mo Feng's fiancee? Moreover, the elders of Linglan and Linglan also decided to book a wedding banquet for two people after the Spring Festival, formally tying the two people together.

"No It's not true. Are you kidding me, lanyanxi? There must be something wrong. It can't be true. " Yang He's nerves are all taut. When seeing a picture of blue Yanxi clearly reflected in her eyes, the taut line broke. She painfully smashed her cell phone and covered her face. She yelled angrily and despairingly: "why if she? Why LAN Yanxi? " She is lucky enough. Why let her get the man she loves?

Yang He is frantically throwing things around in the room, as if only in this way can he express his inner unhappiness and hatred.

She would rather be any woman, a woman she doesn't know can marry Ling Mo Feng, but it can't be lanyanxi, because she used to attack lanyanxi like a psychopath. Now, how much she meant at the beginning and how painful it is to fight now.

But the fact can't be changed. Before Yang he decided to express his love to Ling Mo Feng that day, he received the news that he wanted to be engaged to LAN Yanxi.