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C1368 love is respect for her choice

The doting of man's words makes the girl smile and jump into his arms. The cold wind blows in winter, but she feels very warm.

The man opened his coat and wrapped her delicate body in his clothes.

"Be clear, hurry up, we need to shoot the next group!" The assistant called her from far away. Seeing Luo Jinyu, he blushed again and dared not speak loudly.

Yang ChuChu just got out of the man's arms, grabbed his palm and walked towards the studio.

Today, Yang ChuChu's theme is outdoor scenery in winter. In order to cater to the joy of the end of the year, her next shooting style is very playful and lively.

Of course, young people should be bold. Yang ChuChu wears a lovely reindeer hat on his head, but his body is a little cool. He has to show two white legs and legs, and two short boots like snow under his feet.

A long hair is fluffy and shapeless. As soon as the whole person comes out, Luo Jinyu's breath is tight.

Yang ChuChu has two exterior scenes, so she is covered with a white down coat, and follows the photography team out of the warm studio. Luo Jinyu is a good boyfriend. It's not a secret anymore. Naturally, she follows.

Cold wind once, Yang ChuChu instantly hit a shake, the thought of a while to sit in the snow with the shooting, she would be dizzy.

Luo Jinyu was just swallowing for her beauty and charm. At this moment, Jun's face suddenly turned ugly.

As a man, he couldn't stand the cold in such a place that was several degrees below zero. This woman wanted to put herself in the ice and snow for work. If she was ill, who would take care of her.

Yang ChuChu's professionalism is still praiseworthy. As soon as she arrived at the venue, she took off her coat and gave it to the assistant. With the help of the staff, she began to pose for shooting on the designated venue.

I don't know if Luo Jinyu is standing by and watching. Yang ChuChu's big bright eyes are full of shame, but they are more lovely and beautiful.

Photographers are experts, and naturally like to capture such a sweet and lovely side of her.

Yang ChuChu looks at Luo Jinyu. Suddenly, he sees that the man's face is blue and blue. He looks at her with dissatisfaction. The smile on her face is stiff. Is this man angry?

Fortunately, the photographer is still professional, and a few shots are over.

It's mainly because Luo Jinyu's face is too ugly. The frightened photographer is afraid to lose his mind. In case his little wife gets cold, I don't know how angry he will be.

Yang ChuChu went into the studio and spent more than an hour to take the photos.

Today's work is over. Yang ChuChu changes her clothes and comes out. Seeing the man leaning against the car and smoking, she immediately walks over and puts two cold hands into his pocket, clinging to his strong and warm waist. She asks smilingly, "are you angry?"

Luo Jinyu looks up and stares down at her face: "look at your frozen face, it's all pale. Are you going to die?"

Yang ChuChu knew that he must be too worried about himself, and she smiled fearlessly: "if I don't go to the cold, how do you know that you care so much about me? It's all worth it. "

"Stupid!" Luo Jin scolded her two words, because he really had no way to take this little thing.

"Well, take me home, and all my next time belongs to you!" Yang ChuChu quickly opened the copilot's door and sat in. He rubbed his hands and was very angry.

Luo Jinyu's handsome face was dyed with a satisfied smile. He threw the cigarette end on his hand to the ground. His leather shoes ran over him. He quickly turned to the driver's seat, opened the car and turned the heating to the maximum.

Yang ChuChu's life is very moist now. The man God she dreamed of before loves her to the bone. How lucky she is to get such a perfect love. I hope God won't take away her good fortune. She hopes to follow him in this safe and stable way in her life.

On the way back, Yang ChuChu holds his water glass, drinks hot water and helps him to watch the road ahead.

After several days of heavy snow, the road conditions are a bit icy, the car can't drive fast, both sides are white, no one is around, Yang ChuChu's sigh of satisfaction, likes this kind of two person world.

"You made peace with your father?" Luo Jinyu glanced at her and asked with a light smile.

"I don't know. He always asks my assistant about my work progress recently. When he has time, he will come to deliver food to me. I know he wants to mend me." Yang ChuChu laughed at himself.

"He just wants to come to mend your mother and daughter. I don't know if it's too late!" Luo Jinyu also ridiculed, after all, Yang ChuChu's mother and daughter have been hurt, which can not be mended by any flattery.

"He's a good cook." Yang ChuChu gave a dry smile.

"If you are willing to eat what he has sent, it will prove that you are slowly accepting him. There is no absolute enemy in the world. If you are no longer sad in your heart, you can completely forgive him. More people will care about you. I think this is a good thing!" Luo Jinyu's gentle advice.

"I know, I will think about it, but I talked a lot in front of Fang Kexin and said that I would never recognize him as a father in my life. As expected, God is fair. If I speak hard, I will be slapped immediately. I have to be modest to be a man." Yang ChuChu laughs bitterly.

"Connected by blood, you can be yourself without considering other people's words." Luo Jinyu reached out and touched her long hair twice, as if comforting a helpless kitten.

"Well, I know!" Yang ChuChu nodded.

LAN Yanxi suddenly has one more enemy and one less friend. It's like a dog in the sun. He can't say what it's like.

Qiao Zhuo suddenly stopped greeting her and passed her with a cold face. Sometimes he looked at her like a needle, which made lanyanxi uncomfortable.

Why is she innocent? He is the one who wants to be a friend. Now he is also the one who is full of hatred. If she had known the result, she would not have done it even at the beginning.

Cheng Yuan also saw something wrong with Qiao Zhuo. When she went back to her room to have a rest at night, Cheng Yuan carefully reminded her: "Yan Xi, Qiao Zhuo is ill. How can he treat you like an enemy? Today, he deliberately asked questions in class to embarrass you. He took himself too seriously. Fortunately, you didn't have a good understanding and answered correctly, or you would be disgraced."

LAN Yanxi glared at the ceiling and replied angrily, "Yeah, he is a man at all. How can he still play with palace scheming? It's still my scheming. It's too boring."

"Then you should be very careful about him next!" Cheng Yuan reminds me.

"I'm wasting my time even watching him now, and I won't give him a chance to get closer. Don't worry." LAN Yanxi smiled at her.

"Yan Xi, I'm going to meet a friend of mine who has been in the city center for many years after I asked for leave tomorrow!" Cheng Yuan looks at it with her mobile phone and suddenly thinks of something. She says it casually.

"Friend? Do you need me to accompany you? " LAN Yanxi is very lazy.

"No, you'd better hurry to study. I'll meet you in the afternoon. You're there. I'm afraid you're bored." Cheng Yuan said with a smile.

"It's also said that two people who don't know each other are very tired of chatting with each other!" Lanyanxi decided not to follow.

"That's right. Let's have a rest earlier. What do you want to eat? I'll go out tomorrow and bring it back to you!" Cheng Yuan said with a smile.

"I want to eat a lot of things. I'm afraid you can't mention them with both hands. That's all right. You can eat more by yourself. Don't bring them to me!" LAN Yanxi said jokingly.

"Well, bring you some cakes. You said you wanted to eat cakes last time!" Cheng Yuan suddenly thought of it and said.

"That will do!" LAN Yanxi nodded.

The next morning, after having lunch with LAN Yanxi, Cheng Yuan stopped a car and drove towards the city center.

Cheng Yuan is thinking about the time she had with her friends. Suddenly, when she found that the taxi driver was driving on a less crowded road, she became alert.

"The way to downtown is not this way." Cheng Yuan immediately asked.

"Didn't you say you were in a hurry? There's a shortcut here. It's faster than half an hour! " The driver replied.