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After the old lady left, Ji Yueze sat on the office chair with a beautiful face and a worried face.

"Grandma's move is really cruel." As soon as Ji Yueze threw the pen, his mind was blank. In fact, he also saw the moves, but he was not afraid of dating. Anyway, he would explain to Bai Yiyan clearly. However, between the feelings, the two people can't communicate with each other in mind, for fear that Bai Yiyan would be confused, which would be troublesome. Ji

Yueze calls Ji Xiaohan. He wants to talk to his brother about this and see if he can solve it. "

What's the matter?" Season owl cold voice, gentle spread. "

brother, grandma just came to see me and asked me to go back to Ji's home for dinner at night and say that she wanted to meet me. Do you know who the other party is?" Ji Yueze's voice was gloomy.

Ji Xiaohan was stunned, and his voice was also surprised: "grandma unexpectedly thought of this move to break up you and Bai Yiyan. Her old man is really hard-working, but you agreed?"

"I think grandma is serious this time. I can't promise. If she is ill like last time, I will be guilty." Ji Yueze smiled helplessly. "

grandma doesn't know the truth of things. She regards Bai Zhenzhen as the murderer. No wonder she doesn't want you to marry Bai Yiyan. You may have a hard time. But don't worry. Deal with it for a while. You and Bai Yiyan will have a chance after it's over." Ji Xiaohan began to sympathize with his brother's situation.

"Brother, when can I let the truth come to light? It's always a long way off! " Ji Yueze's heart is tired. "

I don't know that this matter has always been related to the physical and mental health of the elder. At present, the only thing we can do is not to let Ji Lin's treachery succeed and not to be persecuted by him. However, he is very smart and knows where our tolerance limit is. Every time he makes a move, he steps on the edge of our bottom line." Ji Xiaohan is also upset. If he were someone else, he would have beaten him to death. But his biggest enemy is still his close relative. "

Ji Lin is such a bastard!" Ji Yueze is biting his teeth.

"Ozawa, calm down. Do you remember the lines that Grandpa led him before? One of them is the current president's line. It can be seen that grandpa has high hopes for him. Although he has not been asked to work with the company, grandpa also hopes that he will rise again one day. " Season owl cold low calm said. "

grandpa felt that he had been in prison for five years and treated him badly, but how could grandpa know that he was a terrible murderer at all?" Ji Yueze heard this, more powerless. "

we can't personally experience the love between father and son, but it can be seen that he can't move now unless he kills himself, but he seems to know how to hide his edge more and more recently. I can't find any evidence for him." Season owl cold sneer way. "

well, I know the situation is not clear. I can't do anything about him. I'll go back to dinner tonight. Do you want to go back?" Ji Yueze doesn't want to be too hard on big brother. Big brother also has his considerations. He just needs to believe that big brother is more eager to let Ji Lin disappear from the world than he is.

"I'll go back earlier, and I'd like to see which woman grandma is going to introduce to you." The younger brother meets this kind of thing, the elder brother certainly needs to go back to help.

"In time, be sure to help me turn this thing yellow." Ji pleaded.

"Well, I'll try!" Ji Xiaohan agreed. In the late evening, Ji Yueze deliberately changed a suit of casual clothes. The whole person looks not so handsome, cynical and uninhibited as he is in a suit, which is used to describe his appearance at the moment.

He drove in a sports car and headed for Ji's house. Xiao Han also returned home in advance and is playing with two little guys.

Tang youyou suddenly ran up the stairs with a surprised face: "grandma said that we are going to have guests tonight. Do you know who is coming?" "

I don't know, what did grandma tell you?" Season owl cold frowned. "

I didn't say anything. I asked Uncle yuan to prepare a rich dinner and a lot of fruits and snacks. Then I asked her, and she was very happy to say that there were guests coming."

Season owl cold dark breathed a breath, grandma this is serious?

"Do you know anything?" Tang youyou sat down beside him and asked him in a low voice.

Next season xiaonai blinked big eyes and said, "Mommy, didn't grandma tell you? She said she would introduce her girlfriend to her uncle in the evening

"Ah?" Tang youyou's beautiful eyes open in an instant, and Ji Xiao's cold pet touches his daughter's small head: "how do you know?"

"When great grandmother came to pick up my brother and me, she said," we should be polite and shout at night! " Ji xiaonai's face is serious.

Tang youyou looks at Ji Xiaohan in surprise: "do you know that, too?"

"Well, Ozawa called me at noon and said it, so I came back early today." Season owl cold gentle smile answer.

"But doesn't your brother like Miss Bai? Is it not good to have a blind date with another woman now? " Tang youYou can't help sighing.

"That's why I don't want the woman who came here to have a good date with my brother." Season owl cold pressed the voice to attach to her ear to say. When Ji xiaonai saw her father and mother whispering in front of her, he immediately murmured: "Daddy, Mommy, what are you talking about? Why can't I listen? "

Season owl cold gentle smile way: "you are still small, cannot listen!"

"I hate it!" The little guy was not happy immediately. He turned to play with his brother Ji Xiaorui.

Tang youyou is surprised to look at the man with a bad smile beside him: "do you really want to do this? In case grandma knows... " "

so, it's a little cryptic to do this!" Ji Xiaohan is worried about it.

Ji Yueze came here, and the old lady nodded her head with satisfaction: "the guest hasn't arrived yet, please sit and wait for a while."

"I'll go find Xiaorui and xiaonai to play!" After Ji Yueze finished, he quickly stepped upstairs. Don

when youyou saw him coming, he took the initiative to go downstairs to help, leaving the two brothers to play with.

At half past six, a black car came to the door.

The door of the car opened, and a beautiful young girl came down. She came to greet the old lady gracefully.

"Si Yu, didn't your parents come back together?" "

No, I'm back to work, old lady. I haven't seen you for several months. You seem to be thin. You should take good care of yourself." Yang Siyu's concern is low and soft. "

people are old and can't eat a lot of things. It's natural to be thin. Don't be nervous, just be your own home!" The old lady looked at Yang Siyu in the light. She was sweet and charming, slim and beautiful.