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It was at this moment that Lu Xuan Chen, who was the manager, saw that Tang Xue Rou was surrounded by a group of people, and hurriedly handed over her bag.

"Wow, this is the man behind Tang Xue Rou, the handsome manager? "He really is handsome!"

At this moment, some of the female fans were extremely excited when they saw Lu Xuan Chen's appearance.

Tang Xue Rou immediately pretended to be concerned and asked: "Su Lu, are you alright? There are too many people here, did you step on them? "Aiya, I've been stepped on often today. There's nothing I can do about it. The fans are really too excited. Do you understand?"

In such a chaotic situation, Tang Xue Rou didn't forget to show her positive image at all times.

Someone at the side immediately praised: "Listen carefully Tang Xue Rou's voice, it's very gentle!"

"She's much prettier than on TV. Her figure is so good. Her skin is so white!"

As Tang Xue Rou listened to the fans' praises and flattery, the corners of her mouth rose even higher.

Tang You You was supported by Lu Xuan Chen to help his walk out. Just now, Tang Xue Rou had used his strength to step on her, and with the tip of his high heels, he directly stepped on her toes. Tang You You felt that his toes were about to break, and it was so painful that her eyes started to turn red.

If Lu Xuan Chen didn't support her, it would really be difficult for her to walk.

Just as the lobby on the first floor of the restaurant was in a state of chaos, the elevator doors for VIP use opened.

The six bodyguards that came out from the inside immediately walked out, using their tall and imposing bodies to forcefully block the way.

Immediately afterwards, a tall and elegant figure casually walked out from the elevator.

Compared to the messy scene at the side, at that moment, Ji Xiao Han's movements was not obstructed at all.

His appearance shocked everyone present.

"Oh my god, there's actually such a handsome man in this world."

"Who is he? Her figure is so good, and she's so pretty. "

Ji Xiao Han's eyes were ice-cold, but unknowingly, he saw Tang You You who was half-leaning in Lu Xuan Chen's embrace.

The cold and sharp eyes were like daggers as they glared hatefully at the two men's entwined hands. The man's expression was like the omen of a storm, gloomy to the extreme.

Ji Xiao Han's appearance instantly suppressed the existence of Tang Xue Rou, the number one sister in the entertainment circle.

"Xue Rou, leave quickly!" Lu Xuan Chen took the chance and quickly brought the two out of the hall and towards the car.

The reason why Tang Xue Rou wasn't willing to leave, was naturally because she was staring at Ji Xiao Han who was already on the carriage with infatuation.

She did not expect Ji Xiao Han to not even look at her. How could this happen?

Just now, she clearly saw Ji Xiao Han looking over, but his gaze was looking at Tang You You.

Could it be that Ji Xiao Han had really taken a fancy to Tang You You when they were eating upstairs?

Jealousy rose up from within his heart, like a surging tide, Tang Xue Rou shot a resentful gaze at Tang You You who was beside him, whose face was pale from the pain.

Even though she had a painful expression, her beautiful and beautiful face caused Tang Xue Rou to feel that it was extremely eye piercing.

Tang You You was one of those pure girls. Her eyes were beautiful and always gave off an innocent glow.

"Xue Rou, hurry up and get on the carriage!" Lu Xuan Chen was already sweating so much that he anxiously asked for it.

"Xuan Chen, Tang You You and I are going back to the Tang Family, you go first!" Tang Xue Rou immediately walked towards the driver's seat.

However, Tang You You said coldly: "I'll go in Hengcheng-ge's car, you go first."

Tang Xue Rou was willing to drive Tang You You home because he wanted to keep an eye on her and not give her the chance to see Ji Xiao Han.

Although her actions were very childish, she couldn't care less.

When she thought about meeting Ji Xiao Han, all the cells in her body tensed up, and her nerves felt like it was about to break.

No, she must chase Tang You You out of the country and not let her appear in this city.

Otherwise, even if he dodged today, he wouldn't be able to dodge tomorrow.

Tang You You even sat on Lu Xuan Chen's car and left, she really hated Tang Xue Rou to death.

Tang Xue Rou couldn't even concentrate when she was driving, he kept staring at the car behind him. The fear in her heart became stronger and stronger.

Just as they were about to reach the Tang Family household, Tang Xue Rou's car, because she wasn't focused enough, crashed into a fence that was right next to the garden.

"Ah …" Tang Xue Rou was so scared that she almost died. Her two hands tightly gripped the steering wheel, only then did she realise that she was so nervous that her entire body was covered in cold sweat.

Lu Xuan Chen hurriedly ran over to his and asked if she was injured.

Tang Xue Rou opened the door of the car, her body was stiff, but her gaze was focused on Tang You You who had also just got off the car.

"Follow me!" Tang Xue Rou's footsteps were messy but fast.

Tang You You frowned, and quickly followed her into the Tang Clan's main entrance.

"Where's my dad?" Tang You You had not seen her father for a long time. This time, because she hated Tang Xue Rou and her daughter, she had never gone back to her home.

"He went on a trip abroad with my mom. I arranged everything. I'm my dad's pride now." Tang Xue Rou smiled proudly.

"Is that so?" Tang You You shamelessly ridiculed: "But you were once the Si Sheng Nv that Father could not see the light of day."

"Tang You You, my mom is already married to father now. I'm no longer Si Sheng Nv." Tang Xue Rou immediately growled in anger.

"It used to be!" Tang You You laughed coldly as he rebutted back.

Tang Xue Rou threw the bag in her hands onto the sofa, then turned and ran up the stairs.

Tang You You looked at this familiar yet unfamiliar home. It had already changed greatly, and it was no longer the old furniture from back then.

In Tang You You's heart, an indescribable pain began to emerge.

Since her mother's death, she had rarely lived in this house, and had always lived in the house of her maternal grandma.

She had no home for a long time!

She carried a bag in her hands, and after running down, she directly threw it in front of Tang You You: "Take it away, these unlucky things, no matter how far it is, how far it is. Don't leave it at home, just look and you'll be out of luck."