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C1786 stand firm

Mu Weicheng came back from vacation recently, so he would only take part in the management of the base, and he would hardly ask about the affairs of the office building.

Therefore, it's not clear to him that the younger generation of the Mu family has been arrested. Now so many uncles come together to ask him to bail. He is in a bit of a dilemma for a while, so he has to send these people away first and then get a better understanding of the situation.

"Uncles, I'll find out how this happened. If I can do my best, I'll make a thorough investigation. But I'm sure the police won't arrest people for no reason. They must have violated the law before they will be locked in." Mu Weicheng is not a young man. He doesn't give any guarantee until he knows the truth.

"Only Cheng, uncle can only rely on you. When your uncle was still there, who could not look up to our admiring family? Now that the general situation has gone, the admirers will be bullied to death. If you don't stand up and speak, do we have justice to rely on?" The leader's eyes were red with anger, and the topic became more and more serious.

Mu Weicheng sighed and looked seriously: "I said that there must be something inside of this matter that we don't know. We can't judge any result without the fact basis. Let's go back first. Xiao Bai is my cousin, and I will find out."

Several old men said words several times, all pointing to the injustice of Ling Mo Feng to Mu family after he was in power.

Mu Weicheng has been a little upset. He knows that the inner imbalance of these uncles is not that they blame Ling Mo Feng for becoming president, but that their interests are being damaged every day, which makes them unhappy.

However, Mu Weicheng didn't want to pay for their greed and ambition. When the eldest uncle was in power, each family of Mu family had its own business field. Although it wasn't as rich as it was eye-catching, it was enough to let their children and grandchildren live a superior life. Now, after Ling Mufeng came to power, the business of Mu family has declined all the way, resulting in their declining income, which is a kind of fear for the future So, what's the action of Xiao Bai? He has to find out.

Mu Weicheng called the police directly to ask the truth of the incident, but the police didn't give a definite answer. Mu knew that it might be more serious than he thought, so he had to call Ling Moheng directly.

Ling Mo Feng answered his phone, but first opened his mouth: "I'm waiting for you to call me."

Mu Weicheng was slightly surprised, and immediately said, "in the early morning, several uncles came to me and said that my cousin mubai had been arrested. What was the matter?"

"I can't talk clearly on the phone. Come to me at noon. Let's have a good chat." Ling Mo Feng mentioned this, obviously some angry tone, Mu Wei Cheng heart is a shock, it seems that the event is more serious than he thought.

After muwei Cheng had breakfast, he drove directly to the general office to find Ling Mo Feng, who sat in the office waiting for him to come.

Mu Weicheng knocks at the door and comes in. A staff member brings him tea. Ling Mo Feng puts some photos in front of him: "you cousin really hates me deeply. He knows my wife is about to give birth, and even brings these curses. What's more, he directly blackmails the computers commonly used by Yan Xi by virtue of his talents in computers, which scares him Almost collapsed, sleepless nightmares for two consecutive nights. Do you think I picked him up by mistake? "

Mu Weicheng's eyes were shocked and angry: "did he really do these insidious and vicious things?"

"The evidence is in your hands, and here is a confession he recorded. You can go back and tell the people over there that you can hurt me, but you can't hurt my wife and my unborn child." Lingmo Feng mentioned that Junlian was still angry, which was his taboo. He would never allow anyone to practice it.

Mu Weicheng is also a little annoyed at the moment. He throws the photos on the table and says angrily, "if he really starts with your wife and children, he is not a man, he is an asshole."

When Ling Mo Feng saw that Mu Wei Cheng didn't ask for love from him, he felt that this kind of behavior was too insidious. He sneered at himself: "your interest in Mu's family is very big because of my loss, which I know, but business is honest, and it's not solid to rely on relationships to maintain. Only Cheng, I trust you. I know you have a name in your heart, which can balance the benefits If you think I've caught your cousin because of personal resentment, you can plead for him. "

Mu Weicheng shook his head and said, "if you have committed a crime, you must be punished. I will not plead for him. He deserves it."

"If you don't plead, how can you explain to the elders of the Mu family?" Ling didn't want to force his friends to stand in line, but sometimes the line had to be clear.

"I don't have to explain to anyone. Their interests are not given to me. Mo Feng, in fact, doesn't need to explain. They will be very dissatisfied with me. My warm affairs and I will be open one day." Mu Weicheng thought that his aunt came to see the warm thing that day. It won't be long before it will be fried in Mu's house.

"Then your position will be very difficult, but you have to believe me, whether public or private, that you are my friend and my brother-in-law, and I hope you can handle it well." Ling Mo Feng reached out and patted him on the shoulder, comforting him.

"Don't worry. When my uncle was alive, my position didn't deviate. Besides, now, everyone is born with their own principles. My principle is that everything depends on their own strength. If they have strength, they can stand high. If they don't have strength, they should have self-knowledge. Don't worry about me. I'll go back first. I'm on holiday now." Mu Wei Cheng smiled and turned away.

Ling Mo Feng looked at his straight back and sighed with relief.

Just now, he was really afraid that the prime minister would ask him. Once he did, he would be embarrassed.

Mu Weicheng drove home. At noon, he was called to a senior of Mu's family to have lunch. He didn't refuse. He drove directly.

As soon as he got out of the car, he was surrounded and asked about the result.

Mu Weicheng directly told Ling Mo Feng about the situation, saying that he couldn't plead with Ling Mo Feng by the way, and everyone was disappointed.

"Wei Cheng, you don't have any blood of your uncle. Ling Mo Feng is just revenge for his own interests." He was immediately criticized.

"Wei Cheng, do you honestly admit that you have an affair with Ling Mo Feng's sister? So, you will stand in his team later and abandon our relatives. " I don't know who it is. Suddenly a big scandal broke out. Everyone was surprised.