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C1499 taking medicine, not taking medicine

There is no end to the snow, as if someone in the sky forgot to turn off the switch, and a new round of snow began to fall. New materials were sent to the rescue area, and new volunteers rushed to the scene to help. They were in a mess and roared. But in this place without order, there was a person imitating Buddha who became their greatest hope. That person was Ling Mo Feng.

Under such tough conditions, vice president accompanied them to fight against natural disasters. This feeling is warm even if the snow is cold.

With the concerted efforts of the army and the people, there is only the last disaster area left. There is no direct road in the deep mountains, and the traffic is blocked. Only aircraft can transport manpower and material resources to support.

Ling held an emergency meeting to discuss the rescue measures, and immediately sent someone to carry out.

LAN Yanxi and Cheng Yuan's work has not stopped for a moment. After having a bad temper, LAN Xianxian continues to look for things to do silently. She actually wants to leave here. She can't stand the ghost weather here, and can't stand the mess. It seems that she can't take a bath tonight.

Her original plan was to freeze a cold, and then let Ling Mo Feng pity her, and let her become the people he cared for and enjoy his gentle care.

But she obviously underestimated her physical fitness. Until the next day, she was also alive and kicking. There was no sign of a cold, but lanyanxi had a poor physique. The next morning, she had a high fever.

Lanyanxi found something wrong with her body, but she didn't take it seriously. She thought it was because she didn't have a good rest that she would be dizzy and weak. She was still stubborn.

Suddenly, Cheng Yuan, who was sitting next to her, looked at her sideways and found her face was very red. She asked quickly, "Yan Xi, your face is frozen red, don't worry!"

LAN Yanxi shook his head: "I'm ok!"

"Do you want to have a rest? A group of people just came here. We have enough hands and feet. Don't try your best. Go sit down and have a sleep!" Cheng Yuan is more insistent, reaching out to help her.

"Good!" Lanyanxi heard that she had enough hands. She finally stopped insisting. She put the packed items on one side. As soon as she stood up, the whole person fell to one side dizzily.

"Hope!" When Cheng Yuan saw it, she was shocked, and quickly reached for her hand to hold her steady.

"My legs are numb!" Blue Yan hoped not to help a wry smile.

However, Cheng Yuan felt that it was not just the problem of numbness of legs. She quickly reached for LAN Yanxi's forehead and immediately felt shocked: "Yanxi, you are getting hot!"

"Yes? I may be a little busy! " LAN Yanxi reached out to paste it himself, but he couldn't feel anything.

"Let's go. I'll take you to see your husband!" Cheng Yuan is so anxious that she can't do anything. She takes her hand and goes on.

LAN Yanxi felt as if he had a cold. It turned out that he was not busy and tired, but sick.

LAN Xianxian has been paying attention to LAN Yanxi's trend. Seeing that she is led by Cheng Yuan to Ling Mo Feng's temporary office, her jealous eyes turn red.

Cheng Yuan knocks on the door, pushes LAN Yanxi directly in, anxiously says to Ling Mo Feng, "Sir, she's feverish. I'll get the medicine. Take care of her!"

"Ah, Cheng Yuan, I......" What does LAN Yanxi want to say, she sees the door behind her is tightly closed by Cheng Yuan.

The next second, she was gently dragged into his arms by the man. Ling Mo Feng touched her forehead with his own forehead, and felt the unusual scalding. He couldn't help but light responsibility: "let yourself pay attention, it's not easy for me!"

LAN Yanxi couldn't help crying and laughing: "I didn't do anything. I've worn enough clothes. I don't know why I caught a cold."

Ling Mo Feng sighed softly, reached out to wrap her cold hands tightly in his palm, and rubbed them for her gently without losing strength.

The palm of a man is warm and dry, and blue Yan hopes to be greedy.

"Yan Xi, I'll go back the morning after tomorrow. You come with me. I'll decide this matter!" Ling Mo Feng didn't wait for her answer, so he made a decision for her.

LAN Yanxi nodded, "OK, where are you, I'll be. I'll go with you!"

Ling Mo Feng looked at her cold, pale, pretty face, and felt sorry for herself. Once again, he reached out and held her tightly in his arms.

LAN Yanxi is dizzy, leaning on his arms, as if she has a supporting point, which makes her sleepy.

At this time, Cheng Yuan knocked on the door and came in, holding the medicine in her hand: "there are antipyretics and cold medicine, sir, please let Yanxi take it quickly, and don't come to help!"

"Please, Cheng Yuan!" Ling Mo Feng gratefully reached for it.

LAN Yanxi also said a thank you, Cheng Yuan just turned around and left, no longer disturbing the two people's world.

"Sit here and I'll pour you hot water to take your medicine!" Ling Mo Feng helped her to sit down in a nearby chair.

LAN Yanxi looks up at the man's tall back and feels inexplicably happy, as if she can feel relieved as long as he is there.

Ling Mo Feng poured a glass of water, but found that the water temperature was too high. He couldn't help blowing it for her.

Turn around, see a woman blink not blink of stare at oneself, that pair of clear eyes like water, full of affection, the man is inexplicably embarrassed, handsome face involuntarily blushed some.

He turned his back again and continued to blow hot water for her.

"Turn around, let me see!" LAN Yanxi didn't know which nerve was wrong. When he became ill with this virtue, he was still in the mood to flirt with him.

Ling Mo Feng's back was strained. He couldn't help listening to her. Turning around, he saw that the girl's cute little face was full of laughter.

"Water temperature is not hot, take medicine!" Ling Mo Feng pretended to be serious and came to her with water, but he squatted down on his big body and put the medicine in her palm like a child: "obey me!"

"What if you don't obey?" LAN Yanxi blinked, very naughty.

"If you don't obey me, I'll let you have an injection!" Ling Mo Feng has a way to cure her.

"No, no injection!" LAN Yanxi quickly threw the medicine into her mouth, immediately took the water and swallowed it, choking her head and coughed twice.

"Slow down, no injection!" Ling Mo Feng saw that she was so scared that he couldn't help chuckling. He reached out to touch her shoulder and patted her gently.

LAN Yanxi just followed the Qi like, powerless leaning on the chair, looking at the handsome face close to the man, she couldn't help holding out her fingers, as if she had touched the man's face gently.

Ling Mo Feng seemed to be rushed by the current, and his blood was burning fast. He got up quickly, and his voice was soft: "Yan Xi, you stay here, don't go out!"

"You are not afraid that others will misunderstand our relationship?" Blue Yan asked with a smile.

"I'm not afraid. You are my fiancee anyway. When I come back from this overseas visit, we will be engaged. After that, no matter what others think of our relationship, we are a community. We are not afraid of the eyes of others, whether it's interests or families!" Lingmo Feng heard her ask this sentence, inexplicably like touching his old injury, he had some self reproach, and very angry said.

LAN Yanxi nodded and was very happy: "well, I've been looking forward to such a life!"

"Well, stop talking. Go to my bed and lie down for a while." Ling Mo Feng reaches over to help her, but LAN Yanxi is lazy and unwilling to leave. The man doesn't say a word, picks her up horizontally, walks to his temporary bed, and puts her down gently.

"Take off your coat so that it's warm!" Ling Mo Feng said softly.

Lanyanxi is obedient. After taking off the coat, it's a beige turtleneck sweater. Lanyanxi has torn the tail of the horse, and a long black hair has slipped down. She's wearing so many clothes, but she still looks very thin and thin. The man looks sad again.

LAN Yanxi lay down, a pair of beautiful eyes but a blink does not blink of looking at the man.

Ling Mo Feng tucked in the quilt for her, but he didn't leave immediately. Instead, he put one hand on the edge of the bed and extended the other hand to straighten her long hair.

So affectionate gaze, in this remote mountain area, in this cold snowy day, unexpectedly can't say warm heart.

Ling Mo Feng still can't restrain himself. He bends down and kisses her on the forehead. He pats her on the small face: "OK, go to sleep!"

LAN Yanxi nodded and fell asleep.

Ling Mo Feng dealt with some things, suddenly thought that she had just taken the medicine, quickly came over, reached out to her neck nest, touched, and really had a lot of sweat.

I'm afraid her back is also sweaty. I have to change clothes quickly, or I will get sick again.