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C1477 testing together

Ji Xiaohan's words were like a thunderclap, which exploded in Tang youyou's ear. She was stunned. For a long time, her eyes were stunned, and she murmured, "yes, how could she wear the same skirt as me?" Ji

looking at her dazed expression like a dream, Xiao Han reaches for her hand and taps on her head: "Yo Yo, am I too reassuring for you, so you have no sense of crisis at all? So I still have to create a little danger for you every day, so that you can think of me 24 hours a day. " "

dare you!" Tang Youmei's eyes glared at him in an instant: "that Gao Yue last time has frightened me for a long time. This time, you should dare to move your mind again. Believe it or not, I'll take two children out of here to live." Hearing such a cruel threat from her, Mr. Ji quickly reached out his hand to encircle the angry woman in his arms, kissed her twice with his thin lips on her cheek, and said softly: "OK, I'm joking with you. Are you serious? I will say so, but I hope you care more about me. After all, I am your husband! " "

do you think Mr. Wang's mind is not pure?" Although Tang youyou is generous, she can't be generous any more. She is even afraid of thinking carefully. She wants to seize the evidence and find out the matter. She doesn't want to wronged or connive anyone. "

do you think I'm wrong?" Season owl cold eyebrows pick slightly, some dissatisfaction.

Tang youyou shook his head: "no, xiaonai seems to like Miss Wang very much. She just started playing piano. Suddenly, she changed her teacher for fear that she could not accept it. Would you like to observe again? If she really has any idea about you, I will let her go. I can't let the disaster stay at home forever! " "

it's not good to change teachers, but you don't worry about her taking your husband away?" Ji Xiao's cold and quiet eyes set her expression and wanted to see her reflection. "

she dares!" Tang youyou's response was fierce, and his pretty face turned red. He grabbed Ji Xiaohan's arm, and his fingers were still gripping him. He shouted: "if you dare to look at her more, I won't pay any more attention to you!" "

well, let me test her for you, so that you have enough reasons to let her go!" Ji Xiaohan knows that Tang youyou is not a sharp and mean woman. She can't do anything to make trouble. So he would like to give her a chance to be a bad person. In the world of

being a good person is not enough. You have to be a bad person and protect your own things. Season

when Xiao Han thought of this, he suddenly felt that something was wrong?

Things? It's crazy of him to compare himself to something.

"Well, if you want to let her go, there must be a reason. I also want to see if she really seduces you when I don't pay attention!" Tang youyou is burning a fire in his heart at the moment. In fact, without Ji Xiaohan's warning, she still has a good impression on Wang Hanxue. She is gentle, polite, versatile, and xiaonai likes her very much. "

or go up now!" Ji Xiaohan doesn't want to wait any longer. What he hates most in his life is the woman who destroys other people's families. Wang Hanxue's purpose has been exposed to him. Naturally, he won't let her stay for another day. "

how to play?" Tang youyou directly threw the sweater back to him: "put it on, don't show it in front of her!"

The woman suddenly becomes strong, but Ji Xiaohan is a little surprised. However, the bottom of her eyes is full of happiness. His wife finally pays attention to him, but when does he fall to this level and need to please himself? Can't he just come all the way to please him? It seems to have become a habit. Season

Xiao Han quickly put on the sweater, and the sexy thin lips made him smile: "don't worry, just show it to you!" Don

it's easy to suffer from the long mind. Mei Mou looked at the door and said, "how can you prove it to me?" "

isn't she swimming now? I'll go up. What do you think she'll do? " Season owl cold smile asked. "

what can be done, she is sure Just say hello to you! " Tang youyou is not a woman who will come. She has a simple mind, so she only feels like this.

"Wrong, I guess she might come up on purpose and have nothing to do!" Season owl cold picks eyebrow, conceited say.

"Then hurry up now, and I'll hide outside!" Tang youyou feels like a little ant is biting her. If this matter is not confirmed clearly, I'm afraid that she won't be thinking about eating tonight.

"Well, come with me!" Ji Xiaohan grabs her little hand and walks out the door.

Don't let the little guy know

"Don't worry, they're having a painting class now. They don't have time to come to the party." Season owl said with a low smile. Two people walked towards the gym on the third floor. Jian

in the body room, there is a small private swimming pool, which is designed with a very smart personality. This is the private swimming pool that Wang Hanxue dreams of. She is swimming here. She feels that her life has reached its peak. She closes her eyes, swings her legs leisurely and lazily, and swims back. Her mind is completely immersed in this beautiful and quiet time.

If you can swim in such a beautiful environment every day in your life, it's like a princess in a fairy tale.

Thinking of this, Wang Hanxue can't help turning over and rowing to the edge of the glass pool. Through the floor to ceiling window, you can see a large area of beautiful scenery and the ocean under the curve of the mountain. It's just as beautiful as the extreme. People who have money can really enjoy it. No wonder everyone wants to have money. What money can bring to people is just too tempting. When Wang Hanxue was looking out of the window, suddenly, she heard the footsteps, her heart trembled, and she turned around suddenly, and she saw a tall figure beside Yongchi. Is it

season owl cold?

Wang Hanxue's heartbeat is about to jump out of her chest. God, she is not dreaming. At this time, Ji Xiaohan will come? Didn't he just leave?

Is it because she is here that he looks for a chance to come back? Want to

here, Wang Hanxue's heart flashed fierce joy, she knew, Ji Xiaohan can't ignore her existence, just now she intentionally came over with a bath towel, and deliberately dropped the bath towel on the ground, bending to pick it up, he must have found her beautiful and moving body.

Ji Xiaohan went to the leisure chair beside the swimming pool and sat down lazily. Next second, he took a cigarette from a nearby cabinet and sent it to his mouth, but he didn't rush to light it. Wang Hanxue's dreamlike eyes followed the man's figure until she saw him sitting on the nearest chair. Wang Hanxue suddenly returned to her mind. Wang

after Han Xue was awake, she couldn't help analyzing Ji Xiaohan's behavior at the moment. When she saw that he was playing with a lighter, but didn't light the cigarette contained in his mouth, Wang Hanxue felt a shiver in her heart, and an idea formed in her brain. Then, with courage, she swam towards Ji Xiaohan like a mermaid.

She stretched out her hands, lying on the edge of the pool, raised her eyes and looked at Ji Xiaohan with a smile: "Ji Zong, are you also here to swim?" "

No, it's boring. Come and sit down!" Season owl cold light voice says.

When Wang Hanxue heard this sentence, she felt that there was a lot of information hidden in it. She had no time to think about it one by one. She grabbed the railing from the swimming pool and stepped up step by step. The water has faded away from her good body little by little, and her figure is beyond doubt.

Wang hanxuejue's own chance came. Ji Xiaohan came to watch her swim and deliberately didn't light his cigarette in his mouth. Isn't he just giving her a chance to please him?

She felt that her analysis was correct, that is, Ji always gave her a chance to perform.

"Mr. Ji, do you want to smoke?" Wang Hanxiao came to him step by step, and then she bent down and gently took the lighter that the man was playing with.

With a bang, the blue flame started in the lighter, and she lit the cigarette gently on the cold lips of the season owl. "

something will happen!" Season owl cold thin lip draws up a smile, the eyebrow picks slightly, looks at her to say.

Wang hanxuedun is coquettish. She can't help tightening her legs and wringing her hands together, as if she were a virgin.