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After the incident, Ji Xiaohan's two friends called at the first time to care about it. Ji Xiaohan could only tell the truth more clearly, and explained that although Bai Yiyan was Bai Zhenzhen's own daughter, she was not raised by Bai Zhenzhen herself since she was a child. Recently, they met each other. Mu shiye and Luo Henning knew the cause of the incident.

Ji Lin shakes his glass of red wine and looks out of the window triumphantly. At this moment, the thunder and lightning work, the black roof, a pouring rain is coming. I don't know what kind of scene it is when I am in Ji's house with the whirlpool of wind and waterfall?

Ji Shang came out of the bath and saw his father's happy face. He said coldly, "it's really your handwriting. You're really insidious. Ji Yueze is going to stay up all night."

"Tut Tut, how can you describe your father's masterpiece like this? I just think Ji's family is too calm recently. I have to find something to keep them busy. " Ji Lin looks hurt.

"Ji Xiaohan has always been the only one to stir up the situation of Ji's family. I'm afraid that you'll stir up too much this time and send yourself in ahead of time." Ji Shangqing sneers. Although his words are cold, he still cares about Ji Lin's situation. "

I'm sure I won't fall into this business. Don't worry, I still have two trumps!" Ji Lin refers to Ji's second eldest brother. The two elders are very concerned about him. The old man wants to help him revive his career, and the old lady wants to help him rebuild his family. At last, Ji Lin enjoys the warmth of being Ji's son.

"It's a kind heart. Don't use it again, Dad. If you even become a chip, I don't know how to treat you." Ji Shangqing's face was livid and black, and he sneered at him.

"What is utilization? Am I not their son? I just take a little advantage of myself, not too much! " Ji Lin retorted coldly. "

what you want is Jijia's management power, not a little!" Ji Shangqing chuckles. "

OK, Shangqing, do you have to speak to your father in this tone? We are father and son. All I have done will be yours in the future. Only you are qualified to inherit all I have. I don't ask you to help me, but at least don't drag me back and say these slanders, OK? " Ji Lin's expression, instantly tired down, as if he was doing a big business, his son did not agree, but also everywhere, so that he was exhausted. Season sighed, took the car key and turned to go. "

Shangqing, dad wants to tell you something seriously. Go to find a woman and have a baby. Really, children are the future hope of Jijia family. I don't want you to lose confidence in love and have no hope of having children at last." Ji Lin sincerely persuades him. "Are you asking me to grab a woman at the roadside and have a baby?" quipped Ji "

there are many good girls, you can choose them slowly!" Ji Lin won't force him.

"Which daughter would you like to introduce to me? I said in advance that if I can't see it, I won't accept it even if you are satisfied. " Ji Shangqing finished, and threw the door directly.

"Rebel son!" Ji Lin can't help cursing two words. All of a sudden, he was envious of his dead brother. His death inspired Ji Xiaohan's desire for survival, and also made him grow up quickly. This kind of fighting spirit is not owned by his son. Is he dead? For example,

if you die, you can also exchange your son's rapid growth, and you can also inspire him to fight for his career. If you die, it's worth it. If you're afraid, Ji Xiaohan is a special case. If you die, your son will still be content with the current life, maybe even tears will not flow. "

elder brother, you have a good son. Why are you dead? I still envy you. In my life, I'm doomed to get rid of you, right?" Ji Lin murmurs painfully. Just now, his pride has long disappeared.

In the small town in the night, Bai Yiyan sits on the sofa like petrified. Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei stand beside her, watching her expression unchanged for a long time, and can't help worrying about her. At this time, Liu Xiaoxing's mobile phone rang. After a look, she quickly handed it to Bai Yiyan: "it's the boss's phone. It must be for you. Please answer it!"

Bai Yiyan murmured a thank you and turned to go upstairs with her mobile phone.

Stick the mobile phone to your ear, and it's the man's deep and gentle voice: "are you ok?"

"I saw that report. Who wrote such a heinous article? They just deliberately distorted the facts, disclosed the truth, and did not reveal the truth." Bai Yiyan is also very sad.

"Don't believe those words. It's intentional. Just remember that you have nothing to do with what your mother did. You are you and she is her." Ji Yueze comforts her in a soft voice, for fear that she will think nonsense again and do more extreme things.

"Isn't it the same? My mother tramples on the bottom line of morality, so do I. don't comfort me. I have already accepted this fact. " Bai Yiyan laughs at herself. Although the report says that she was sent to Ji Yueze directly by her mother in order to eliminate the two families' resentment, she feels that if she can really ease the relationship, she doesn't care how others scold her. But

the problem is that her presence directly becomes the biggest concern of jiyueze. "

Xiaoyan, would you mind not doing this? I feel so sad! " Ji Yueze feels that Bai Yiyan is not a disaster. Overnight, her life has completely changed. She fled abroad and was found by his people. She has made all preparations to stay away, but she is forced to be tied back by him. "

I promise you, I won't care. You can rest assured." Bai Yiyan heard the tremor in his voice, and then found that she seemed to worry him, so she quickly promised. "

then you won't run, will you?" Ji Yueze asked again.

"You've sent both of them here. Where can I escape?" Bai Yiyan smiled bitterly.

"I want them to accompany you and take care of you. Don't be angry with them!" Ji Yueze laughs twice, and feels that his move is more insidious.

"No, they are both very good and take care of me. Indeed, I was too lonely before. Now, they will accompany me to any place and have a companion, which is really good." Bai Yiyan is really not angry. She just feels that Ji Yueze is too attentive. She is ashamed. "

I will go to see you when this thing is over! I really miss you! " Ji Yueze lost his voice.