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Mummy, help me ask Father.

As the night fell, Tang You You brought the two little fellows back to his bedroom, ready to bathe them.

After putting away the water, the two little fellows sat in the bathtub as Tang You You washed their faces with a handkerchief.

Tang You You knew that these two little fellows would definitely drag her down with them, so she could only caress their little faces and say, "Alright, hurry up and take a bath. Whether or not your father is lying to you guys, when he returns tonight, you guys can personally ask him. I don't know either."

"Alright, then I must wait for dad to come back before I sleep. Otherwise, I won't be able to sleep." Before Tang Xiao Nai obtained a definite answer, she would really be so anxious that she would not be able to sleep.

Around ten in the evening, Tang You You looked at the little fellow who was still hopping up and down on the bed, unwilling to sleep, and then looked towards the main road outside the window under the night sky.

It was already past ten, but Ji Xiao Han still hadn't come back? Was his job really that busy?

Was it because he had accompanied her shopping in the afternoon and delayed his time?

When he thought that it was because of him that he was working overtime so late, Tang You You felt an inexplicable unease.

A group of lights from far away caught Tang You You's attention, but when the car got closer, she dejectedly put down the curtain.

Ji Xiao Han's group had a total of five to six cars, and the lights of this car was most likely Mu Shi Ye's back.

Tang You You clapped his hands, "Uncle Mu has brought Xiao Cheng Cheng back. I will go down to help him.

"Yes, I want to go down and play with my sister!" Tang Xiao Nai was so anxious that he wanted to put on her shoes.

Tang Xiao Rui, however, was not that interested in children. "Mummy, I want to delay the IPAD, is that possible?"

Tang You You had no choice but to pass the IPAD over: "You are only allowed to play for ten minutes. After ten minutes, you must consciously put it back in place."

Tang Xiao Rui nodded his head, "Don't worry, I will only play for ten minutes."

Tang You You brought his daughter downstairs and saw Mu Shi Ye's car stop outside the main hall's entrance. pushed the door down anxiously.

He hurriedly opened the door to the back of the car and walked in while holding a little girl who was crying and gasping for breath.

"Cheng Cheng, don't be afraid. Daddy is here, and it's all father's fault. He must be scared!" Mu Shi Ye hugged his daughter, who was crying very fiercely, as he tried to coax her to blame himself.

Tang You You hurriedly walked over and asked in concern, "Young Master Mu, did you take Cheng Cheng out to play?"

"That's right. I saw that she was cooped up at home for two days, so I wanted to take her out to see the world. I didn't expect that on the way back, she would keep on crying. She almost broke my heart!" Mu Shi Ye's handsome face was filled with pain.

Tang You You hurriedly pulled Xiao Cheng Cheng into her embrace. "Cheng Cheng, come over here and play with Big Sis. Let Big Sis sing for you, okay?"

Tang Xiao Nai Yi Ting had the chance to show off, she immediately opened her throat and started to sing the songs she learned in the kindergarten in a childish voice.

As expected, Xiao Cheng Cheng liked to play with little kids. Seeing Tang Xiao Nai singing and dancing in front of her, she forgot to cry.

Mu Shi Ye stood to the side and his handsome face finally relaxed.

"You go upstairs and take a bath first, I'll help Cheng Cheng take a bath later!" Tang You You asked in a soft voice.

Mu Shi Ye looked at her and praised: "Wandering, I've discovered that you are truly a good wife and mother. If Xiao Han doesn't cherish it in the future, I will definitely fight to the end with him."

Tang You You was amused by his words: "Enough, stop boasting about me here. Carrying children is a woman's specialty, and I'm not the only one. Cheng Cheng's Mummy, must also be very virtuous and capable."

Mu Shi Ye's thin lips rose, a little pleased: "You're right, she's also a good woman, and is worth me cherishing more."

Tang You You felt that sometimes, Mu Shi Ye seemed to be dishonest, and sometimes he looked to be infatuated with someone. He really didn't know which side the real him was on, and which side was the real him.

Around 11am, after Tang You You helped Xiao Cheng Cheng shower, she laid on the bed with her daughter and son in her arms.

"Mummy, I cannot sleep … "I'll wait for father to come back …" Tang Xiao Nai's eyes were already fighting, and he was still holding on.

Tang Xiao Rui was even more relaxed than her. Closing his eyes, he had been fast asleep for a while.

"Mummy, quick, pinch me. I'm about to fall asleep." Tang Xiao Nai really couldn't hold on any longer.

Tang You You was looking at a few designs and seeing her cute and adorable expression, she pinched her cheeks symbolically.

"But I still want to sleep. What should I do?" Tang Xiao Nai realized that he was about to fall asleep in the next second.

"Xiao Nai, go sleep first. I'll ask for you later." Tang You You really could not bear to see his daughter suffer so much, it was simply too difficult for her.

When Tang Xiao Nai heard that the Mummy wanted to help her, her heart instantly relaxed, and she quickly fell asleep. Before falling asleep, she didn't forget to mutter, "Mummy, you have to ask Father … Definitely! "

Tang You You felt that this little fellow's willpower was getting stronger and stronger, but he was still too playful. For fun, he was able to make his willpower this strong.

She covered the two little fellows with their blankets and looked at the time. It was almost twelve o'clock.

Why isn't he back yet?

He had never come back so late before.

Just when Tang You You's heart was set on edge, from afar, a train of lights shone past her eyes.

She was stunned.

He was finally back!

Tang You You suddenly became nervous.

Should she go downstairs to meet him? Or … Wait for him in his room. His daughter said she needed help asking if he wanted to go abroad tomorrow.

Just as Tang You You was hesitating, the carriage had already arrived downstairs.

Following that, Uncle Yuan's voice could be heard from downstairs: "Young Master, did you drink today?"

Tang You You's body froze. Did Ji Xiao Han drink?