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C656: breaking her star dream

Bai Yiyan's back bristles with sweat and goose bumps. Her heart beats faster. Next second, she quickly put down the cup and said, "I'll give you the cup!"

Finish saying, she turns around to want to run away, but, next second, the man actually catches her a small hand, pulled her back again.

Bai Yiyan's body was thin, and the man pulled it hard. She almost jumped into his arms without any suspense. The man's pajamas were not tied. When she rushed over, she directly pasted on his solid chest. The warmth came, but she didn't dare to indulge. Instead, she pushed them away with her hands in anger. Her beautiful eyes glared at him with anger: "Ji Yueze, what do you want to do in the evening? What else do you want to prevent people from sleeping?"

Ji Yueze sees her frightened and escapes again. He gives up his thin lips with some uninteresting words: "it's a woman who doesn't understand the customs. It's uninteresting."

Obviously, he bullied her first, but now he scolded her for being uninteresting and confused. Bai Yiyan was almost faint.

"Yes, I just don't understand the customs, but it doesn't seem to have much to do with you." Bai Yiyan is angry. Is this man going to play with her?

Ji Yueze saw her more noisy and fierce, but he narrowed his eyes slightly and his tone darkened: "don't you say you like me? I'll give you a chance now. Do you want to seize it? "

All the Qi of Bai Yiyan is like a balloon pierced by a needle. It leaks.

"Because I like you, I don't want to be fooled by you. My feelings are serious." Bai Yiyan looks at the man who is full of evil spirits and wild nature. She feels that falling in love with him is the biggest mistake in her life.

He is a rising star. What is she thinking? She even wanted to grow old with him. She really wanted more. In reality, too many superstars choose not to marry or to marry in secret. As their wives, they are hidden in places that we can't see. Even holding hands on the street is an extravagant hope, let alone showing their love in public. That kind of love requires great forbearance, unselfish efforts, and is unknown.

Ji Yueze looks at her eyes, which are red for no reason, and her mood of teasing her is instantly closed.

"Bai Yiyan, who said I was playing with you? I can also like you seriously, understand? " Ji Yueze finds that he can't even see her in such a pitiful way. What he said surprised him. Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes slightly raised. She looked at the man's expression suddenly becoming serious. She blinked her eyes. The tears like beads slipped down. She was really sad. She felt like him and could not see her future. She seemed to be trapped in a huge black hole. She could only let her warm love and heartless Devour yourself.

"Stupid, what are you crying for?" Ji Yueze looks at the tears sliding down her corner of the eye. Jun's eyes are slightly sluggish. He takes the strap of his pajamas and ties it up. Then he goes to her and wipes the corner of her eye with his fingers.

Bai Yiyan doesn't know what's wrong with her? I feel sad for no reason.

When a man's fingers touch the skin around her eyes, she shivers a little. The heat of her fingertips makes her more uneasy and flustered. She takes a step back and says, "we will not go on like this in three months."

"Are you running away from me?" Ji Yueze felt that her fool belonged to the kind of person who loved and retreated more and more. He was also surprised for some reason. It seems that she is really a rare woman. Other women will love more and more warmly and bravely in the face of people they like. But what about her? He can feel her love from her beautiful eyes, but at the same time, she still keeps her reason. Maybe she knows that he has no result in love, so she plans to quit now.

Bai Yiyan casually wiped a tear with the back of her hand, bit her lips and choked her hard to speak.

Ji Yueze's sense of panic became more and more intense. He finally had such a trace of emotion for her. Could she escape?

Bai Yiyan managed to calm the complex emotions that suddenly turned up. Hearing his words, she took a breath and said to herself: "I'm not running away. I just hope I can make a right decision."

"To stay away from the man you like is the right decision?" Ji Yueze feels that this woman just opens her eyes and tells lies, which makes her awkward.

Bai Yiyan's small face was stunned. Later, she felt that her words seemed unreasonable.

"Ji Yueze, it's late. I really need to go back to sleep. You can go to bed earlier." Bai Yiyan doesn't want to explore the relationship between men and women with him in the middle of the night. It's too ambiguous and makes her heart beat faster.

"Bai Yiyan, when will you take me to see your parents?" Ji Yueze picked the eyebrows, with a grand tone.

Bai Yiyan's eyes were startled, and her face was flustered: "why do you want to see them? I don't think it's necessary for you to meet them. Anyway, I've explained to them. I'm just speculating with you. I want to be a star and get your light! "

"What?" Ji Yueze didn't expect that this woman would dare to make a claim and make a hype of the relationship. Bai Yiyan raised her eyes and looked directly at his tiny eyes. Although she felt his anger and danger, she summoned up her courage and said: "I remember you said before that you would hold me as a star if you had the chance. I've thought about it now. Anyway, I'm very confused about the future. It's a good thing if I can really use your light. ”

"do you really think about being a star?" Ji Yueze didn't expect that this woman actually had a star dream.

"Otherwise? Do I have another way to go now? I can't go back to journalism. " Bai Yiyan feels uneasy when she thinks of the life she has been led by him.

Ji Yueze's face flashed a flash of anger, and his tone suddenly became cold: "Bai Yiyan, break your star dream, I won't flatter you."

Bai Yiyan shuddered and looked at him incredulously. "Why?" she asked

"No reason, I just don't want to!" Ji Yueze's face flashed cold anger, quickly wiped her slender shoulder, walked into his room, and then closed the door with a touch.

Bai Yiyan shuddered all over and looked back at the closed door. Her brain was blank for a moment.

If Ji Yueze doesn't flatter herself, what other star dreams does she have? His company is the biggest star factory. Does he feel that he has no potential to be a star?

Maybe, she's such a bad actress. She can't be popular. Bai Yiyan suddenly fell to the valley. It seems that tonight, she is really going to lose sleep.