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In the morning, Ji yunning woke up. After a look at the time, she went to change clothes, opened the door, and saw Ji Lin sitting on the sofa. She went to say, "Daddy, you get up so early!" Ji nodded at her. In fact, he didn't sleep very much last night. After staying up all night, his eyes turned black and the whole person looked more gloomy.

"Daddy, I'm going to make breakfast!" Ji yunning said and went into the kitchen. Because there are so many conspiracies to discuss for Ji's father and son, all the servants hired before in the family have been dismissed. Ji yunning is the only woman in the family when he comes back. So, Ji yunning takes the responsibility of doing housework and cooking.

She used to be a big lady who didn't touch yangchunshui. Now, she would go shopping in the supermarket and buy some cooking books to study. She is a filial daughter.

Even Ji Lin had to praise her change. She felt more and more intimate and more satisfied with her. Ji yunning enters the kitchen. She opens the pan, takes the eggs and bread from the refrigerator, and warms the milk. When doing these things, her fingers clenched tightly, and she had an impulse to poison the milk. But in the end, Ji Lin was the only one who wanted to poison her. She didn't want to hurt Ji Shangqing. Although her relationship with her brother was not as good as that of her brothers and sisters, Ji Shangqing's character was much better than Ji Lin's. Ji

yunning made breakfast and found that Ji Lin was no longer on the sofa. Her face changed and she walked towards the door of Ji Lin's room with her hands and feet light. As soon as she got to the door, she heard Ji Lin calling.

Ji yunning took a deep breath and put one ear close to the door. Although she didn't hear it clearly, she also heard something substantial. Ji seems to say to whom, feed her something first, and don't let her starve to death. What is Ji Lin doing? At this time, Ji Shangqing's door opened. Ji yunning did not dare to listen. He hurried to the living room, looking like he was finishing.

"Yunning, it's too much trouble for you!" Ji Shangqing looks at Ji yunning, who has changed a lot, and feels a little bit upset. "

brother, what are you talking about? You and daddy need to be taken care of now. Anyway, I have nothing to do. It's normal to help with some housework! " Ji yunning said with a smile. "

I didn't expect that the food you cooked was so delicious. I used to belittle you!" Ji Shangqing laughed. "

when I took care of my grandparents, I learned a lot of cooking skills. My grandparents also praised me, but I haven't done it in this period of time. If I can eat it, I feel very fulfilled!" Ji yunning is a hard-working person. She is willing to give up her body and do anything.

"Brother, are you going to the company later? I heard that your company is almost ready. I'm so happy for you! " Asked Ji yunning. "

Yes, it's almost ready. It's going to be officially launched next month. If you don't have enough staff then, yunning, you can help me too!" Ji Shangqing went to the restaurant and poured a glass of milk.

Ji yunning stared at the milk in his hand, suddenly thought of what he had to do just now, and was in a cold sweat.

"Eldest brother, did Daddy not sleep well last night? I just saw that his face was not very good. Did he encounter any difficulties?" Ji yunning immediately pretended to care.

Of course, Ji Shangqing knows what Ji Lin is doing now, but he doesn't want to tell Ji yunning, because Ji Lin told him that Ji yunning may not be the same person as them, but she should be on guard.

"Is it? I'm not sure. He seems to be talking about cooperation with others recently. " Ji replied naturally.

Ji yunning's heart is full of doubts. She feels that since Ji Lin decided to give up her, she can't participate in their core part any more. Their father and son cut her off as an outsider.

Oh, she has always been an outsider. It seems that there is nothing to worry about. "

yes? But I'm really worried that he's too tired to eat. I'll stew a pot of soup for you in the evening and make up the body well! " Ji yunning immediately said with a smile. Ji Qingshang heard her saying that, inexplicably, she felt guilty.

Ji yunning is really speechless to their father and son, but now, they want to take her as an outsider for defense, which is really unfair.

After Ji Lin finished calling, he came to have breakfast directly. His face was still full of worries.

"Daddy, do you think I need to visit my grandparents?" Ji yunning asked while eating, as if seeking his advice.

Ji Lin said lightly, "don't go in recent days!"

Ji yunning had to nod his head: "OK, I'll go to Wang Kun at noon. He promised to invite me to dinner, and he said he would buy me a gift."

Ji Lin looks up at her and says, "you are more and more interested in Wang Kun recently. What's the matter? Do you really give up the cold season owl? "

Ji yunning was shocked at the bottom of his heart, but his face was angry: "he's married. What else do I think of him?" Season

Shangqing's eyes also flashed. He suddenly felt that he and Ji yunning were in the same boat. One likes season owl cold and the other likes Tang youyou. They have gone to get married for a long time. They love each other very much. It's really ironic and crazy.

"You let it go, but your brother hasn't come out yet!" Ji Lin glances at Ji Shangqing. Yun Ning was immediately surprised: "brother, do you really like Tang youyou? What's good about her? I think she is very good at acting pure love... " "

don't talk and eat your food!" Ji Shangqing's eyes swept over. Ji had no choice but to say it, but he felt funny. Did Ji Shangqing fall in this time?

Tang Youyou, she is really a peach blossom woman, I envy her. Ji had eaten half of the meal and his cell phone rang suddenly. He frowned when he saw the call. At the moment of listening, Ji Lin's face suddenly changed. He got up and quickly went back to his room to talk on the phone. Just now, yunning was also tense. She heard a woman's voice coming from Ji Lin's cell phone.

Ji Shangqing's eating hand also slowed down, staring at his father's back.

Ji yunning pretends to know nothing, but begins to guess. Ji was relieved when Bai Zhenzhen called. That woman should have thought it out. She should turn herself in at the police station. "

Ji Lin, I will go to the police station to surrender myself if I want to see my daughter come out safely!" Bai Zhenzhen is extremely determined.