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Tang You You truly felt that Ji Xiao Han was playing around with her, that he had just followed his request and kissed him on his own accord, and now he was even asking her to talk later?

However, with a request from him, Tang You You couldn't go and mess with him right now.

This was truly a lesson to him. If he couldn't promise anyone in the future, he better not show off.

Perhaps the thought of him three years younger than her, with such an age gap right in front of her, made her feel slightly depressed.

Although Luo He Ning was slightly injured by her cold tone, he still kept close to her side, preventing her from falling down all of a sudden.

Mu Lin also realized that Luo He Ning seemed to be very stubborn, and was looking for an opportunity to help her. She stopped in his tracks, and turned back to look at Luo He Ning.

Luo He Ning instantly felt a sense of loss that he had been abandoned by the entire world. He looked at Mu Lin with his handsome eyes in a daze, "Mubai, since it's so late, why don't you let me drive you home.

"I will call my assistant right now and she will come to pick me up. Thank you, Young Master Luo!"

After Mu Lin finished speaking, she took out his mobile phone from his handbag. She spoke a few words and threw the phone back into his bag.

Luo He Ning could clearly feel Mu Lin's rejection and coldness, and he had no choice but to not continue to pester him.

"Since that's the case, Mubai, you have to be careful. I'll be leaving first!"

Mu Lin nodded towards him as she saw the man turn around and walk towards the car park.

The night wind messed up her long hair, and through that soft hair, Mu Lin realized that Luo He Ning's figure was actually not bad.

After meeting him for the past few years, she realized that his character was much better than her brother's. Although he was young, he was calm and collected.

Mu Lin was a little annoyed as she pulled her long hair out from her sight to the back of her ears, forcing herself to not stare at the other party's back and think anymore.

In fact, after so many years, the men around her did not lack handsome young masters from rich families, mature and steady entrepreneurs, and young elites from the political world to express their goodwill towards her.

Unfortunately, because Mu Lin had been too busy with things, he ignored all of them.

In the past, she did discover a few outstanding individuals who were worth developing in all aspects. Unfortunately, because she was too busy, she stopped contacting them after putting in the pigeons a few times.

This was also the reason why Mu Lin felt disheartened towards this man. She felt that this man's patience only lasted for a few minutes and a few days.

When the novelty was over, it became tasteless.

The impatient attitude of those men had created quite a shadow over her, causing her to think that all the men in the world were like that. Of course, that included the younger brother that she had always doted on and indulged in.

It was almost his twenty-ninth birthday. As he grew older, his mind became more childish and sensitive.

Just now, she had the urge to fall in love. Furthermore, the target was her brother's friend, a man who was three years younger than her.

Mu Lin shivered for a while and shook her long hair. Had she really been an empty tiger for too long?

Or perhaps it was because she saw that her brother already had a child and she, as his sister, was actually single. Did she hate marrying?

Or could it be that after being defeated by Xiao Cheng Cheng's cuteness, she could not wait to give birth to a beautiful little thing like her?

Just as Mu Lin was indulging in her fantasies, the silver sportscar slowly drove to a stop in front of her.

The car window rolled down, revealing the handsome face of a man.

"Mubai, do you really not need me to send you off?" Luo He Ning still refused to give up and drove over to ask her again.

Mu Lin finally suppressed the wild thoughts in her heart with great difficulty, and suddenly, she saw the young, elegant face that brimmed with a masculine aura under the light of the street lamp.

"Thank you, I really don't need it." Mu Lin rejected him almost instinctively once again.

She was too self-protective. Her entire mind was filled with his shadow just a moment ago, and now that he had appeared in front of her, she was as cold as ice and as holy and inviolable as a saint.

Mu Lin really hated her proud and strong personality.

I wonder why I didn't inherit the happy side of my parents.

Maybe all the men would think she was a woman who only knew how to work, boring, dull, without a trace of femininity.

Luo He Ning finally gave up. He could feel the faint coldness in her eyes.

Do you find him annoying?

"Then be careful, the cars are too messy." Luo He Ning could only warn her again and again before driving away.

The silver sports car quickly merged into the traffic and disappeared.

Mu Lin's gaze followed her until she couldn't even see the tail light anymore.

"Ah …" Just as Mu Lin was focusing all of her attention on Luo He Ning's car, she suddenly felt her hand being pulled.

Turning her head in panic, she saw two men grab her handbag and quickly run forward.

"Robbery..." Someone, my bag has been stolen. " Mu Lin wanted to chase after him, but he realized that his feet were in pain from the sprain.

She could only shout a few times before the security guards ran out with sticks and asked caringly, "Miss, where is the robbery?"

"They ran in that direction. Uncle, I need you to help me chase them. I still have a lot of important things in my bag." This was the first time in Mu Lin's life that she had appeared to be in such a state of panic and helplessness.

The security old man immediately chased in that direction.

A few minutes later, the middle-aged security guard walked over with a black handbag. "Miss, they threw their bags away. Do you see what they are missing?"