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Mr. vice president, who has never had a heart of flowers, is finally going to blossom, and starts to covet the evil thoughts of the world. His words surprised lanyanxi, grabbed the chopsticks, and meimou stared at him stupidly.

Ling Mo Feng was looked at by her. Those unwanted thoughts rushed towards him like the tide. He felt that his body was like an active volcano to wake up. Before, he had been sleeping, because one of her eyes was about to explode.

"Eat!" Ling Mo Feng is aware of the abnormality of his body, and Jun's face turns red again. Seeing her stupefied expression, he quickly presses his voice and says. Blue

Yan Xi bit the chopsticks and continued to eat her rice. But just then, she felt that the man looked at himself differently.

What's different? Strange!

When a person has feelings and desires for another person, the eyes will unconsciously produce a sense of heat, making the other person look at it as if it is burning, and everything is wrong.

So, the Ling Mo Feng of LAN Yan xijue has changed. That's true.

People's feelings are the most can not be adulterated, love, how can there be traces, wipe off. After having supper, LAN Yanxi had a rest for more than half an hour, and then walked upstairs with his slightly sour legs. She has promised to help Ling Mo Feng wash clothes. She can't say nothing.

LAN Yanxi found the suit in the laundry room in his bathroom, took the bucket, mentioned Ling Mo Feng's study door, raised his hand and knocked on the door.

Ling Mo Feng came quickly and opened the door. She held out her small hand and pointed to his clothes: "take it off, I'll wash it!" "

if you are tired, do not wash!" Ling Mo Feng saw that her beautiful eyes were sleepy and said in a low voice. "

it's OK, it'll be ready soon!" LAN Yanxi immediately got up and said with full energy. "

OK!" Ling Mo Feng said, even standing in front of the study door, reaching for elegant and sexy to untie their own buttons.

His shirt had been opened to the second button. With this solution, he soon reached the fourth button. Under the slightly open lapel, it was a man's strong and mature body with a slight heat. It made people blush and their hearts beat faster at a glance. "

Hello, you..." LAN Yanxi didn't expect Ling Mo Feng to do this. Instead of going to his cloakroom to take off his clothes and wash them for her, he came to a live performance. "

what? Afraid to see! " Since Lingmo Feng had that desire, he has become uninhibited. In other words, she is full of implication and fun. LAN

Yan Xi is an unconvinced character. He said that if she is afraid, she will not be afraid. He immediately straightened her back and pretended to be gentle and light, and replied: "what am I afraid of? It's not that I haven't seen a lot of pictures on the Internet. I'm tired of seeing everything! "

Lingmo Feng originally wanted to show his perfect figure, but she said that his heart was thumping. There are many men's sexy figures on the Internet. His self-confidence suddenly disappeared. The first time, he felt that his confidence was completely gone. "

LAN Yanxi, it seems that you are quite open-minded! You can't look like a man! " Ling Mo Feng is angry. To be more serious, she is jealous. This woman's decent lady is not right. She even secretly rubbed her way to peep at the beautiful man on the Internet. She is going to be mad at him. Yan Xi felt that her words were too casual, so she had to bow her head and say with a red face: "I I just want to know about the structure of man's body. I'm just curious. There's no other idea! " "

yes?" Ling Mo Feng believes in her, so there are ghosts.

"Yes, we don't all talk about these things in biology class?" Lanyanxi's reason became more and more clumsy, even she began to feel embarrassed.

"Oh, so you are very interested in man's body structure. That biology must be very exquisite. I didn't transfer you to biology for research. I wronged you!" Ling Mo Feng snorted and mocked.

"You...!" LAN Yan's eyes turn red. Does this man have to get to the bottom of the matter? "

don't go to the Internet to see those messy pictures in the future!" A man's demand for supremacy and strength. "

If I don't look, I don't need to look. Anyway, you are a living man standing in front of me." LAN Yanxi's extraordinary tone made the man's expression stiff again. Ling

Mo Feng found that no matter how eloquent he was, the woman also said to him that he was still a little dumb for a while.

"Come on, I don't have time to talk to you!" Blue words hope gas pretty face blush, a pair of eyes but straight stare at him, urge. Ling

Mo Feng was just a little bit confused. At the moment, he really has no mood. He accelerated his action, took off the white shirt directly, lanyanxi grabbed it, turned around and left without looking at it more. But the man with perfect figure behind him lost his appreciation value. Ling

Mo Feng suddenly felt that he had lost his male self-esteem, but he had no courage to find it back, so he had to tighten his thin lips and turn around to close the door of the study again. Just when he went upstairs, he also picked up the suit LAN Yanxi bought for him. At the moment, he had no clothes to wear, but he felt cold. Ling Mo Feng focused on the packing box. Reach out and take it. In addition to a black suit, there is also a white shirt. The man frowned slightly, reached out and took a look at the price of the sign. He was slightly shocked.

To be honest, this suit is indeed expensive. The suit Ling wore to work every day was prepared by the general office for help. It's not ordinary materials, let alone can be bought at will outside.

Lingmo Feng was born in a political family, and his family was not short of money when he was a child. However, because his family was strict with him when he was a child, he didn't form the habit of spending too much money, and even he didn't spend money. It was because of some savings in spending money that he was shocked by the price on the label. That woman is very generous to buy things for him. She is worthy of being the eldest lady of a rich family.

Ling Mo Feng was sour in his heart, but soon he cut the sign and put it on his body.

The quality is absolutely irresistible. It fits well. Ling Mo Feng frowns again. How does this woman know what size of clothes she wants to wear? Can't she, she also secretly went to see his clothes? But there is no size mark or any sign on the clothes he wears. It seems that she measured it with her eyes on him. Oh, it's accurate to say that she didn't look at his figure.

LAN Yanxi counted it as the first time to wash clothes by hand. She had no experience. She put water and detergent, and then sat beside her, drinking tea and watching her mobile phone. When the laundry powder has completely soaked the clothes, she directly stirred the clothes with her hands twice, took them up, washed them, and dried them directly. It can't be blamed for her carelessness. She means washing by hand, that is to put water into the washing powder by hand, and then stir it like a washing machine.

LAN Yanxi finished washing clothes and felt really tired. She went straight to the room to take a bath with her pajamas.

In the past, she used to like to take a bath. She had to soak for half an hour before she would get up. Now, after a quick shower, she put on her pajamas and stretched out. She decided to go to bed and stay still.

However, as soon as she turned around, she saw the man coming out of the study. Her two little hands stretched out, dropped down immediately, and then raised their hands to each other: "good night! Miss Ben is going to bed! "

"Lan Yanxi!" Ling Mo Feng suddenly stopped her.

"Well?" Lanyanxi stopped directly, turned around and stared at him. Suddenly

however, the man walked towards her quickly. Blue Yan's beautiful eyes were startled and widened. In the next second, the warm palm of the man held her small face, and the thin lips kissed her without breaking up. As soon as Yanxi's brain exploded, it seemed that there were countless fireworks in full bloom, and the whole person was shaking. Men's lips became intense.