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A bowl of white rice was sent to Xiaoyu Chen's face. Then, two pairs of chopsticks, each with a piece of glutinous rice ribs, put it in the little guy's bowl. Because the two people's actions are the same, so when they naturally finish this thing, the two people's expressions are inexplicably embarrassed.


Xiaoyuchen's big black eyes stared at the two ribs in the bowl, making a confused voice line.

Xia Xinnian's heart leaped, and a pair of beautiful eyes flashed across the faces of two men.

Jimucheng intrigued, and directly put the piece he held into the bowl of Xia Xinnian: "Xinnian, eat more."

There is no reason for this intimacy, which makes Xia Xinnian bite his teeth secretly. What is jimucheng doing?

Yesterday, I was still fighting with her. Now, is he going to be a virtuous husband?

Yan Junhan reached out to touch xiaoyuchen's head and said in a low voice, "Yuchen, is compensation the taste of your mommy?"

The little guy didn't know how to take chopsticks. He pinched them several times before he put them up to his mouth and took a bite. The little eyebrow wrinkled: "it's not like mommy's cooking. It's delicious. Mommy's cooking is not so delicious."

Xia Xinnian just wanted to wait for his son to boast. Unexpectedly, the little guy was so honest, which made her angry for a while.

When I saw the woman eating GA in nearby jimucheng, I gave a very rude smile. Sometimes the mother and son get along, which is really interesting.

How can two people who are so interesting give up to other men?

Yan Junhan also chuckled and looked up at the depressed Xia Xinnian: "in fact, the food you cook is not so bad, I think it's delicious."

Xia Xinnian had to smile two times: "brother Yan praised me. In fact, I can only cook a few dishes. How can I compare with the chef here?"

"Some people like to eat delicacies and seafood, and some people especially like to eat vegetables and turnips. The taste is different, so there is no comparability."

In Yan Jun's cold words, there are many implications.

How smart is jimucheng? Of course, he heard Yan Junhan's implication. So he still doesn't want to let go?

Xia Xinnian chuckled: "you sound reasonable. Indeed, everyone is different and wants different things. It's better not to be better."

Ji Mucheng's eyes narrowed. These two people sing together. They are not talking about him.

"I wish I had the chance to eat your meal again."

Yan Junhan sighs, but his eyes are full of expectation.

Before Xia Xinnian could speak, Ji Mucheng smiled and said, "what's the difficulty of eating Xinnian's food?

Come and sit at home at noon tomorrow. Let's make the best of the landlord. "

Xia Xinnian's breath is sluggish. I don't know why. She didn't feel very disgusted when she heard this man call her so intimate. What's wrong with her?

"Yes, uncle Yan, can you come to our house?"

Little feather Chen listens to, the eye is snow bright, expect especially of ask.

Yan Junhan's mood, winter is coming, snowflakes are floating.

He didn't mean that. He just wanted Xia Xinnian to understand what he wanted to be with her.

Xia Xinnian is not stupid. Yan Junhan's affection for her has always been in her eyes. However, at the beginning, she felt that she didn't deserve him. Now, she is afraid to accept his affection and live up to it.

He should be loved by a better woman, and he will surely have a happy family in the future.

"Elder brother Yan, if you are free, please come home for lunch tomorrow. I will do it myself."

Xia Xinnian's tender invitation.

Ji Mucheng's quiet eyes narrowed. Although he had just proposed to invite others to come home, he was inexplicable. At the moment, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Is this woman really cooking for him?

They haven't cooked a meal for him yet. Is that a difference?

"I haven't eaten the meal made by mommy for a long time, uncle Yan, you will come."

Little feather Chen didn't discover at all, the complex relationship between adults, he just felt, uncle Yan is like his relatives, there are good things, of course, to count him.

Yan Junhan bowed his head and smiled. He felt bitter inside. What he wanted was not to be a guest.

"I'm going to work tomorrow, maybe I don't have time, or next time, when I get my new home ready, please come and visit."

When Yan Junhan returned home this time, he was going to move into the new house he bought before. In fact, the house was prepared for Xia Xinnian's mother and son. He had already decorated it. When Xia Xinnian returned home, he wanted to give her the key, but Xia Xinnian refused.

"Well, can I come with you then?"

Jimucheng immediately agrees. At this moment, he and Yan Junhan secretly fight against each other.

Yan Jun's cold voice line is light: "Mr. Ji is such a person of identity. I'm afraid that his humble house will lose your identity."

"Mr. Yan is really a joker and a confidant. The most important thing is sincerity. If you invite me sincerely, I will definitely come here."

Jimucheng chuckles.

Xia Xinnian has heard the meaning of their confrontation, and she quickly intervened: "OK, don't chat, hurry to eat, the food will be cold."

The two men just accepted the smoke of gunpowder and had dinner safely.

This meal, let Xia Xinnian eat very pressure, knew early, she won't let Jimu come, somehow still can make the atmosphere easier.

After supper, Yan Junhan took the first step. His steps were stiff and his heart was heavy.

Unexpectedly, he just came back two months late. There were others around Xia Xinnian.

He suddenly regretted that when he was abroad, he didn't make a direct confession. If at that time, he had a preconceived mind, even if jimucheng knew that the children were his, he could not break them up by force.

Unfortunately, in this world, there is no regret medicine, let alone if.

Ji Mucheng's eyes are troubled and stare at Xia Xinnian's back. She watches Yan Junhan's back leave. It seems that she is reluctant to part.

"Daddy, have you made friends with Uncle Yan?"

Xiaoyuchen asked happily.

Jimucheng gently picked up his son and asked him to ride on his broad shoulder, smiled and nodded: "of course, your friend and Mommy's friend is my friend."

"Yeah, that's great. The four of us can go out and play a lot in the future."

The little guy immediately cheered.

Jimucheng is shaking all over. Is that what my son really wants?

Xia Xinnian's expression also froze for a moment, turning his head to look at the man, and jimucheng's eyes were burning at her.

Xia Xinnian quickly turned his back and said, "shall we go home, too?"

"I've just had enough to eat, but I won't go back. Let's go to the pedestrian street next to me."

Jimucheng said in a low voice.

"I'm a little tired..." "Children like to be busy, and they want their parents to accompany them."

The man saw what was on her mind.

Xia Xinnian takes a look at his son. His bright eyes are full of expectation.

"Well then."

Xia Xinnian compromised.