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C778 is he jealous

Bai Yiyan follows Ji Yueze, turns to the supermarket and buys a lot of fruits, which leads her to the letter yard.

"Ji Yueze, do you like milk tea?" Walking to the door of a milk tea shop, Bai Yiyan suddenly felt thirsty. She happened to see this milk tea in wanghong shop. She suddenly wanted to compensate for the taste.

"Buy if you want to drink!" The man can see through her carefully in a second. Bai Yiyan's face is hot. Alas, the man's eyes are really poisonous, as if she can see through everything she wants.

It's too feeble.

"I'll line up!" When Bai Yiyan saw that he had agreed, she immediately ran to line up.

The line was not very long. Most of them were young men and women. When Bai Yiyan ran past, several young men immediately stood behind her. Bai Yiyan's long black hair is waist long and slightly curled at the end of her hair. Recently, her stylist has made a pure and sweet hair for her. At this moment, a beautiful little face is covered by a mask, but the big eyes that seem to speak are still fascinated by people. So, from her appearance, we can guess her willingness Must be a very beautiful girl.

The young men behind immediately indicated with their eyes. The next second, they nudged the man in the front. The man was unprepared and suddenly hit Bai Yiyan. The man's expression was also confused. Then, he blushed shyly.

"Sorry!" The man apologized to her politely.

Bai Yiyan frowned, as if she guessed it was their prank, so she had to ignore it, and moved on for two steps, quietly queuing up.

"Beauty, are you a college student? Which university? Can I make a friend? "

In recent years, the man immediately began to chat up Bai Yiyan with a smile, thinking that it was not easy to find such a sweet and lovely girl. Of course, we can't let it go. If we can get the contact information, we may be able to develop into a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship in the future.

Bai Yiyan didn't expect the other side to be so direct. She was about to refuse, so she felt a cold voice around her: "she has a master of famous flowers!"

The men immediately turned around and saw Ji Yueze, who was half their head higher than them. Those long and beautiful eyes were cold and bright, which made them feel inferior in front of him.

The young men all bowed their heads and walked away.

Seeing Ji Yueze, Bai Yiyan felt relieved and whispered, "thank you for helping me out!"

"Go, don't want to drink!" Ji Yueze suddenly pulled her wrist.

Bai Yiyan didn't insist on anything, but she seemed to feel that Ji Yueze was angry.

"Not on my own initiative..."

"I know!" The man's voice is tense.

Bai Yiyan sighs a sigh of relief again. Since he knows, he should not blame her.

Arriving at the parking lot, I happened to meet the men who were studying the car around a super sports car worth nearly ten million yuan.

Men have a natural obsession with cars. It's hard to see such a luxury sports car in the parking lot. Naturally, they want to take a look.

However, when they stood by and watched, when the light was on, they saw Ji Yueze dragging Bai Yiyan to come over, open the door and sit in.

The men were hit again and watched the sports car as if it were blowing away in a wind.

Bai Yiyan didn't expect that she just wanted to have a cup of milk tea, but she offended this man. What a pity!

While waiting for the traffic light, Bai Yiyan put her left hand on her knee and was suddenly extended by the man, with her five fingers clasped into the middle of her fingers.

Bai Yiyan shivers slightly, looks over her side, and sees the man's tight side face after she has taken off her mask.

This side face, beautiful and invincible!

Bai Yiyan's breath seems to stop because of this casual look. Her beautiful eyes linger on his face for several seconds with obsession until the man's indifferent voice reminds her: "stay away from the bad guys later!"

Bai Yiyan looked surprised and nodded: "OK, I must be far away!"

Ji Yueze glanced at her from the side, stepped on the accelerator and held her little hand, but he didn't let it go.

Bai Yiyan feels that his mood is not right today. What's wrong?

What else can I do? Ji Er is jealous.

Arriving at the downstairs of lanyue's residential area, Ji Yueze looks better.

However, before getting off the bus, he still pushed Bai Yiyan's small head and gave her a kiss with thin lips, which compensated for the mental injury he had just suffered.

Bai Yiyan can't cry or laugh. Ji Yueze sometimes feels mature and calm, but sometimes she loses her temper like a child.

But no matter which side he is, Bai Yiyan is loved by Zhong.

Even if he kisses domineering strong, not gentle enough, she also fell in love inexplicably.

Is she prone to abuse?

Two people carry the bought things and take the elevator to the floor where LAN Yue is.

At the door, Ji Yueze didn't ring the doorbell directly, but stood in a daze and didn't say a word.

"What's the matter?" Bai Yiyan blinked in amazement. She didn't understand why he was standing like this.

"I I don't know what to say when I see her later! " Ji Yueze, who has always been unhurried, suddenly looks like a timid child. His handsome face is confused and helpless.

When Bai Yiyan saw it, she burst into laughter.

Forgive her didn't mean to smile like this, she just felt that Ji Yueze was very cute at the moment.

A cold eye suddenly stares at her. Bai Yiyan shakes with fright, and quickly stops laughing.

Ji Yueze was furious. He reached out and rang the doorbell.

When the door was opened, LAN Yue stood at the door dressed in elegant clothes, looking at her little son and his girlfriend, her face flickering with excitement and joy.

"For you!" Ji Yueze said with a strong tie and handed the things forward.

"Auntie!" Bai Yiyan also shouted softly.

LAN Yue saw that her little son still had a lot of things in his hand. She was so excited that she didn't know what to say. She said in a hurry, "come on, what else do you buy? I don't lack anything here."

"Other people's, I bought it!" Ji Yueze is still a bad tempered child. LAN Yue chuckles and says nothing, but takes everything.