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Hearing that his father's career was successful, Yang ChuChu was even more disgusted and angry. He bit his teeth angrily and said, "since he can abandon his beloved woman to marry someone for money, he is a snobbish villain. I don't recognize such a father. Mom, don't worry. I won't talk about him again. I will take him as dead." "

well, don't you really want to know who he is? In fact, over the years, he came to see me several times. He always said that he was sorry for me and wanted to compensate our mother and daughter, but I refused. " Cheng Ying laughed at himself.

"Have I seen him?" Yang ChuChu suddenly stared at his mother and said, "have I seen him?" Cheng

Yingjian's daughter's face was shocked, and she sighed with a sigh: "remember once when you ran with a toy and said that there was a gift from an uncle, did I throw away your toy directly?"

Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes were suddenly shocked. The whole man was as stiff as a stone carving. He murmured for a long time, "is that uncle who I think is very kind?"

"Yes, he is. Did he look for you later and want to give you a gift?" Cheng Ying sneered twice: "he has the face to see you, and dare not recognize you. He just has a bad conscience and wants to find some peace of mind."

"He is not Vice mayor? " Yang ChuChu's brain suddenly straightened. She didn't expect that the vice mayor was her biological father, whom she had never met.

Cheng Ying lowers his head, looks dark, and says sadly, "yes, it's him. You know now. Do you want to find him?" Yang

it's like being hit by a stick. The whole person is as dumb as a chicken. After a moment's brain is blank, she clenches her teeth coldly: "no, this life, old and dead don't contact each other."

"In fact, if you really want to see him, I won't object. Really, he's not a bad person. He's just an irresponsible person for our mother and daughter, but he has a good reputation, isn't he?" Cheng Ying doesn't know whether it's sadness or resentment at the moment. She satirizes herself.

"No matter how good his reputation is, I won't recognize him. Let him live under the reproach of conscience." Yang ChuChu will not easily forgive a scum who hurt himself and his mother, even if that person is his father. "

well, I'm relieved to tell you this. At least in the future, don't worry about who your father is. If you want to see him later, you will know where he is." Cheng Ying looks at her daughter tenderly, her tone is full of love. The only thing she cherishes now is her precious daughter. "

it's enough for me to have a mother. I won't take it seriously if anyone laughs at me for having no father in the future. I won't deal with them!" Yang ChuChu felt sad. The first person he thought of was Luo Jinyu's mother.

"It's a young man's idea. It's too absolute. In fact, as long as you see it in your own mind and what others say, you won't really take it seriously." Cheng Ying chuckles. "

mom, I'm a little tired. I'll go upstairs to have a rest first!" Yang ChuChu got up and went upstairs with his head down.

"Chu Chu, how is your relationship with Luo Jinyu?" Cheng Ying suddenly asked behind her. Yang

with a nervous tension, he immediately answered softly, "we are very good!" "

call him out for dinner tomorrow. He has proposed to you, and we will be a family in the future!" Cheng Ying said with a smile. Yang

the delicate inner moment is like a knife cut. Luo Jinyu asked her to marry before, and she didn't hide it from her mother, so she told her all about it. Her mother was very happy and was looking forward to her wedding.

"Well, I'll call him tomorrow!" Yang ChuChu dare not show a trace of sadness. After answering, he quickly went upstairs.

If she had known that Luo Jinyu's mother didn't like her, she would not have shared all the good things with her mother.

She would rather hurt herself and suffer, but if her mother knew that her marriage with Luo Jinyu might turn yellow, she would not know if she would suffer the same pain and sorrow as her.

Yang ChuChu went upstairs and just came out of the bath, he heard his cell phone ringing.

She went to have a look. It was Luo Jinyu. Yang hesitated for a few seconds and answered the phone. "

Hello, it's so late. How can you call me back?" Yang ChuChu asked calmly. "

well, come and stay with me tonight. I have something to tell you!" Luo Jinyu's voice is low, with a touch of pleading. Yang

glanced at the night outside the window and said: "I'm still not going. I'm tired today because I'm so late. I want to have a rest earlier!"

"Well, are you angry with me?" Luo Jinyu feels that she is cold to herself, and Jun's face is in a hurry. "

No, I said, I'm not angry with you!" Yang ChuChu sighed. "

but why are you hiding from me? Can you tell me what's on your mind? If it's because of my mother's reason, I hope you can look down on it. My mother is only against it now, and will not in the future. " Luo Jin's voice line is a little hoarse. It can be seen that it is really helpless and powerless. "

you mentioned to me that she gave us a half year deadline to break up with me within this half year. Do you think I'm a fool? You even lied to me that we should deepen our feelings within half a year. Luo Jinyu, in your eyes, am I really like a child and not sensible? " Yang ChuChu said, tears rolling down.

Luo Jin's face froze for a moment, but he didn't know how to explain it.

Yang ChuChu raised his hand to wipe his tears, and said in a low voice: "I know that you are kind, so I don't blame you. I know that it's not easy for you to get stuck in the middle. Luo Jinyu, if there is no result, we might as well..." "

No, I don't agree!" Luo Jinyu seemed to hear the voice she was going to give up, and she became impatient. Her tone was firm and domineering: "we will not break up. I like you!"

"Thank you for liking me. I'm really happy when I've been with you for half a year. In fact, this relationship was originally forced by me. In fact, I took the initiative to bring you into this relationship. I thought at the beginning that if we can't go on, I won't ask you to be responsible. Everything is voluntary." Although Yang ChuChu said it was very light, but the tears rolled down faster. It turned out that it was not easy to say what was right and wrong.

"I will be responsible, I will! I will marry you. You are not old enough. I can wait. I will wait for you for three or five years. " Luo Jinyu's abnormal voice is unquestionable.

"Is it? Do you really want to wait for me? " Yang ChuChu looks stunned. Maybe not all men are irresponsible like their own biological father.