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I asked her to take the initiative

After finishing their breakfast, Tang You You watched the two kids get into Uncle Yuan's car, then turned and looked at the man.

Ji Xiao Han stood by her side at the entrance of the hall. Upon seeing the children's cars leaving, he suddenly reached out and grabbed her soft hand: "Let's go."

A man's low laughter came from behind him. It sounded like it was asking for a beating.

Tang You You was at a loss what to do, and cursed.

Ji Xiao Han opened the car door and politely gestured for her to come over.

Tang You You lowered his body and sat down, following that, a sturdy and tall body came and sat beside her.

The moment Ji Xiao Han sat down, he felt that the space inside the carriage had become even smaller.

"Drive!" Ji Xiao Han gave the order and the driver started up the car, and slowly drove out.

There was a partition inside the car, and the back seat was completely independent.

The woman's faint fragrance lingered around the entire back seat, Ji Xiao Han's heart was slightly moved for a moment, his heart rippling.

He turned his head and looked at Tang You You, who also turned his head to look out of the window, trying his best to ignore his powerful presence.

"Let's go to my brother's press conference later." Ji Xiao Han said indifferently.

"Why are we going there? Do you really want us to go on another scandal together? " When Tang You You thought about his goal, his entire body tensed up, and he asked anxiously.

Ji Xiao Han laughed lightly: "Don't worry, I will never appear in front of the media."

"Then what are we going to do?" Tang You You was very suspicious.

"It's been a long time since I've been to my brother's company. I can take care of him." Ji Xiao Han replied casually.

Actually, his purpose was very simple. He wanted to be alone with this woman.

Of course, Tang You You was not clear about what his purpose was, and frowned: "If you're going to take a look, then you're going to take a look, why are you pulling me along? I have to get back to work. "

"At least you're Yue Ze's sister-in-law now. Shouldn't you go over and care for him?"

"Sister-in-law?" Tang You You's heart trembled for a moment. Then, she sneered: "I won't be his sister-in-law."

"Why not? As long as you agree to marry me, you will! " Ji Xiao Han took the chance and proposed to her.

Tang You You immediately became flustered and her mind went blank, "Mr. Ji, you seem to be very casual with marriage."

"I've never been casual about it. It's even more so when it comes to marriage." Ji Xiao Han answered her in all seriousness.

"But are you proposing to me now? "You don't even know what kind of person I am, yet you propose to me? Are you not responsible for yourself, or do you think that I, like you, will easily treat marriage?" Tang You You ridiculed.

Ji Xiao Han leaned back in his chair, his gaze moving from her face to the scenery outside the window.

"If you think I'm too impatient and you still can't accept it, then we'll take our time. In any case, there's still a long way to go." Ji Xiao Han also felt that he suggested the marriage too quickly, which must have scared her out of his wits. Thus, he decided to follow her rhythm.

Tang You You was suddenly speechless, if this man was so confident, would they get a good result?

"Whatever you want. I don't want to talk about matters of the heart right now." Tang You You really did not think that way. Her career had just started and her children were too young, so she needed to put in all of her effort.

If the other side loves me, then everything will be fine. If the other side leaves me alone for just a moment, then she will be worried about her gains and losses, and thus feel abandoned by the entire world. If the other side is close to other women, then after saying a few words, she suspects that he has drifted away.

In short, Tang You You didn't have the mood to talk about love matters.

Let's talk about the child.

Ji Xiao Han chuckled: "Alright, but you can't reject my kindness."

Tang You You was startled, she turned and looked at him: "When did you treat me well? Why didn't I feel it? "

"Now …" The man suddenly leaned over. When Tang You You was caught unaware, he lifted her chin and gave her a deep and fiery kiss.

Tang You You opened her eyes in shock, her two small hands furiously pushing at his chest, but very quickly, her small hands grabbed onto his sleeves.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the woman who was slowly falling into his arms, his thin lips curling into a pleased smile.

After he finished kissing her, Ji Xiao Han let her go. Her face flushed red from anger, and she suppressed her voice with embarrassment: "Ji Xiao Han, I'm warning you, you can't force me like this anymore."

Ji Xiao Han innocently threw up his hands: "I thought you would like it!"

"I don't like it!" Tang You You said angrily.

"Don't all of you women like the gentle and loving kisses of men?" Ji Xiao Han asked with a smile.

"Who said that?" Tang You You felt that this man was too narcissistic, looking like an expert in love, infuriating her just by looking at him.

Ji Xiao Han shrugged his shoulders, and said indifferently: "I guess that's what was written on the books and TV, if I remember correctly."

"Ha ha!" Tang You You only said two words to him.

Looking at her look of disdain, Ji Xiao Han could only say lightly: "Fine, next time you are going to take the initiative, no matter what you want to do, I will cooperate with you."

Tang You You's little face instantly turned explosive red, as she said in embarrassment: "I won't take the initiative."

"That may not be so!" Ji Xiao Han laughed complacently.

Tang You You's two small hands clenched into fists, she really wanted to punch him. Since she was young, she would not take the initiative no matter what, and this man would only wait until the end of time.