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C1636 obtaining evidence is a great event

Early in the morning, the sun shone on the dew, reflecting a thick and colorful flowers and trees. LAN Yanxi had an early morning. She stretched, took a bucket and sprinkled water along the flowers and plants under the corridor. Although there were only a few days left here, she still wanted to take care of these flowers and plants.

Ling Mo Feng walked out of the living room and saw the girl stooping to water the flowers. He flashed a smile on his face and walked quickly: "how early did you get up today? It's very rare. "

"Today we need to get a certificate. I can't sleep happily." LAN Yanxi answered him while watering.

"Oh!" The man's tone rises. She says that he doesn't believe a word. This woman's sleep quality is really good. She can't wake up in the middle of the night due to thunder. Will she lose sleep?

LAN Yanxi turned around and stared at him with beautiful eyes: "what do you mean?"

"It doesn't mean anything. Change your clothes and we'll take a picture." Ling Mo Feng immediately covered up his suspicions with a gentle smile.

LAN Yanxi's mouth tooted for a while, and directly put the bucket into the man's hand: "the rest, you pour it."

Ling immediately took over her work and poured out the rest of the water.

When LAN Yanxi came down, he changed into an elegant suit. Inside was a small white shirt. Outside was a small black long coat and a A-line skirt. It looked simple and elegant.

Ling Mo Feng saw her coming from the sun, and his heart beat faster. He had an illusion that he didn't dare to look at her seriously, as if he was afraid that he would be lost in her beautiful face.

"Let's go. Do I look good in this way?" Lanyanxi immediately went to him and made a circle for him to evaluate.

"Nice." The man blurted out.

"You perfunctory me?" The girl immediately cried out discontentedly.

Ling Mo Feng couldn't help crying and laughing: "Lan Yanxi, would you like to make some sense? I say it's really good-looking. "

"I'll be unreasonable." LAN Yanxi said angrily.

Ling Mo Feng has seen her charming side. Well, she is unreasonable, and he likes it. Anyway, she only needs to be reasonable in important matters. She gets along in private. Her unreasonable appearance is more lovely.

Two people go out by car. Mr. President wants to apply for a marriage license. Naturally, there is special treatment. The staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau came to the general office to handle this matter for him personally.

"Madame may approach some gentlemen's shoulders." The photographers smile to remind LAN Yanxi.


LAN Yanxi can't help shaking. They haven't got a marriage license yet, so they call her that?

But in her impression, only middle-aged and upward women will be called Madame. She is only twenty-three years old. Can you change her name, such as Mrs. Ling.

"Yan Xi, don't be dazed." Just as she was daydreaming, her hand was suddenly clenched by the man, and his voice rang in her ear.

LAN Yanxi is a quiver again, faint, she even in such an important occasion daze?

The staff can't help laughing, but the first lady is really cute. Maybe young girls have a common trait, like cats.

After taking photos, lanyanxi sat next to the sofa waiting to sign.

Lingmo Feng didn't look at the above content carefully. He wrote down his name quickly at the signature office. LAN Yanxi didn't look at it either. He wrote down his name carefully behind his vigorous pen.

"Mr. President, we will send it to you after the certificate is finished. I need you to wait a moment." When the staff left, smile to remind.

"It's OK, please." Ling Mo Feng said politely.

LAN Yanxi is secretly happy. She finally gets married to Ling Mo Feng, and it is still a legal marriage.

"Yan Xi, stay here at noon and have dinner together." The man invited her in a low voice.

"OK, I'll go to find sister Xinyi." Of course, lanyanxi would like to have lunch with him. It's still early, and she's eager to meet someone.

Because she didn't come to work during this period of time, she only made a few phone calls with sister Xinyi, and rarely had a chance to sit down and talk.

"Go." Ling Mo Feng gently shook her arm: "although I have cleaned this place, it is inevitable that there are still some missing places. You should be careful."

"Don't worry, I will." Lanyan Xili reached out and took one thing out of his bag: "anti wolf spray."

Ling Mo Feng looked at the things in her hands and was amused by her: "when did you prepare them? Why don't I know?

"I'm not used to prevent you. Why should I let you know?" LAN Yanxi gave a mischievous wink and turned to the foreign ministry.

Wang Xinyi just came back from a meeting and met LAN Yanxi in the corridor. She was very surprised.

"Yan Xi, I thought I recognized the wrong person. It's really you." Wang Xinyi said with a smile.

LAN Yanxi heard the voice behind him, turned around immediately, and smiled happily: "I'm going to the office to find you."

"Come here." Wang Xinyi's whole life is different. Maybe love is magic. It can dig out a person's sunny side. Wang Xinyi used to be a recognized iron lady. Her face is expressionless and sometimes serious. But now, her smile has changed a lot.

Lanyanxi has become a rare species in the general office. Almost no one doesn't know her. Wherever she goes, she will be noticed. People used to laugh at her and laugh at her before, but now all of them are beaten. Most people can't believe it. She finally married Ling mofeng and will be the first lady soon.

Entering the office, LAN Yanxi finally breathed a sigh of relief: "I just walked all the way, and they looked at me like aliens, which was not comfortable."

"That's for sure. You're very special now. Of course they need to see you more." Wang Xinyi took a bottle of water and put it in front of her, sat on the office chair, smiled and sighed: "the time passed in a flash, the election was over, now the political face of the office has changed a lot, less intrigue, more efforts, this feeling is like the rising sun, so that people can see it rising step by step, let people feel more warm."

LAN Yanxi is in a good mood when she hears a positive comment on her husband.

"I hope Ling Mo Feng can live up to people's expectations of him. Anyway, I believe in him." LAN Yanxi smiled a little.

"We are all convinced that he will make our country better and better." Wang Xinyi also smiled and nodded.

LAN Yanxi turned his chair and asked curiously, "what's the progress of your relationship with Uncle Yu? Uncle Yu has been taking care of my grandfather in the hospital recently. Will it affect your life? I really want to say sorry for this. "

"I'm sorry? Uncle Yu's loyalty to your grandfather, I appreciate it very much, and let me see how responsible he is. Such a man, if not for you, I'm afraid I'll never meet him in my life. " Wang Xinyi immediately exclaimed.

"It's your destiny. How can it be because of me?" LAN Yan is afraid to ask for credit.

"You've given us the chance to meet. You're our good media." Wang Xinyi immediately laughed.

LAN Yanxi also smiled: "it's also said that I'm accumulating virtue for myself. If you can live a happy and loving life, my accumulated virtue will be deeper."

"By the way, are you here for Mr. President?" Wang Xinyi immediately asked her curiously.

LAN Yanxi nodded, "yes, we came here today to get the marriage certificate. We just finished it, but we haven't got the certificate yet."

"Really? Then I would like to congratulate you. The next step is to have children. Are you ready? " Wang Xinyi immediately felt happy for her.

LAN Yanxi lowered his head shyly and nodded: "well, I'm going to have a baby."

"Then I have to prepare a big gift for that cute little guy." Wang Xinyi said with a smile.

LAN Yanxi was even more embarrassed: "it's still early to say this, and I don't know when I can get it."

"It's fate that the child will come sooner or later. Don't worry. You and Mr. President are still so young. They will be there soon." Wang Xinyi quickly comforted her.

LAN Yanxi was even more ashamed, so she quickly changed the topic: "sister Xinyi, are you going to have children?"

Wang Xinyi was immediately ashamed: "we are not going to have children, we are old."