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C945 the danger of trust

Ji family two little guys, also enrolled, and repeated the picture of a day of pick-up and pick-up.

Children are growing up and changing every day. This kind of mood to accompany them is really precious for the whole family.

The old man's body actually has a sign of improvement, just like a dying man, who has survived the ghost gate.

The old man is getting better and better. Of course, the season owl is getting more and more comfortable.

He can give up the severe punishment and investigation on Ji Lin temporarily. He only wants grandpa to spend several years, three years, ten years, and accompany him all the way.

Ji Lin's heart is blocked. The old man is in good health, which means he will not die for a while. If the old man doesn't leave, he can't use the bad means again. The stock right in the old man's hand plays a decisive role. Moreover, the old man has the right to make any decision. Ji Lin can only wait and dare not move. No, the time of the old man has changed a lot. There is one thing worth Ji Lin's comfort.

He just can use this extra time to settle the old account with Bai Zhenzhen.

She sent Bai Yiyan to stare at her eyesight, and recently gave him a lot of good news. After all, Bai Yiyan was young and simple, involved in things not deep, and did not understand the dangers of human nature. So it shouldn't be difficult to tie her up.

Ji Lin is so anxious that he almost urges Lin Si to find a chance to lead Bai Yiyan away. Lin was afraid of being urged, so he really planned to fight Bai Yiyan.

On this day, Bai Yiyan was going out to shoot as usual, but it rained heavily at noon, so the shooting was cancelled. Lin

seizing the opportunity, he immediately said to Bai Yiyan, "Yiyan, didn't you say you wanted to come out and relax last time? Shall we find a place to play? "

Bai Yiyan looked out of the window at the rain and said, "it's raining. There's no place for fun."

"Let's go shopping. Last time you said you were going shopping, I'll carry your bag!" Lin said with a smile. Bai

Yiyan looks down and thinks: "my mother's birthday is coming, I really want to buy her a suit of clothes and cosmetics, then you can call the driver to come here, let's go to the mall!"

Lin Si's eyes flashed by, but Bai Yiyan didn't have any defense at all. Does this prove that she is good at acting? Lin

thought proudly, called the driver to drive over, and they got on the bus and headed for the mall.

In the car, Lin Si takes the mobile phone and is anxiously texting Ji Lin to remind him to be ready.

Seeing that she has been paying attention to her mobile phone, Bai Yiyan asks with a smile, "sister Lin, do you have a boyfriend?" Lin

thought for a while, and cold sweat came out on her back. Then she immediately said with a sad expression, "yes, I've been in love with someone recently, and they're nice to me. We're getting to know each other!"

Bai Yiyan chuckled: "then you have a good chat with him. I want to sleep for a while. Call me when you arrive!"

Lin Si didn't expect Bai Yiyan to trust herself so much. She was secretly pleased. When she arrived at the mall, Bai Yiyan was woken up by Lin Si. She stretched out and blinked.

I didn't sleep well last night. Ji Yueze is always bothering her. Alas, I don't know where the man's physical strength comes from. He has been working all day. But now, no matter how tired she is, Bai Yiyan is as happy as honey. "

let's go upstairs!" If Bai Yiyan looks carefully, she will find Lin Si's face is tense.

It's a pity that she just woke up, and she has too much trust in Lin Si. How can she observe her carefully? Bai Yiyan wore a mask and a beige long windbreaker. She walked in the crowd. Apart from her attractive figure, she was still low-key.

Linsi took her to the women's wear area first, then to the cosmetics area. Finally, Linsi said to her, "I have a sister who has opened a coffee shop here. Otherwise, let's go sit down and I'll buy you something to drink!" "

How do you mean that? You've helped me carry so many things. I'd better invite you! " Bai Yiyan smiles and shakes her head.

Lins's aim was to take her to the cafe, and she had no dispute about who would treat her.

When she got to the cafe and sat down, Linsi ordered her to drink. Bai Yiyan didn't drink coffee, she only drank drinks. Lin

thought about taking the drink in the past, when she came back, she suddenly said: "just now, the driver called me and said that the car had a flat tire, so we need to find someone to repair it. Maybe we will take a taxi back later!"

"OK, it's not easy for the driver in such a heavy rain!" Bai Yiyan took the drink and took a sip. Lin

thought of staring at her closely, saw her take the first sip, then, she reached out and pressed the mobile phone in the bag, rang the bell, she immediately pretended to take it out and looked at it: "it's from the photographer, I'll take it!"

Bai Yiyan looks back at her and says nothing.

Lin Si answered the phone and said anxiously, "Yiyan, the other side said let's hurry up and say we have a job!"

Bai Yiyan nodded, took the drink and walked downstairs with Lin Si. At the gate of the market, Lin Si is holding an umbrella. Two people stand on the side of the road. Lin Si intentionally leads her to the hard control blind area.

She waved, stopped a taxi, opened the door and said to Bai Yiyan, "get in the car, it's raining hard!" Bai

Yi Yan sat in without thinking. As soon as she sat in, she reached out and pressed her head: "why am I sleepy again!" "Maybe you've been working too hard recently," Lin explained "

maybe!" Bai Yiyan didn't think about it carefully, and then gave her the drink: "then I'll go back to sleep, you call me somewhere!"

"Well, go to sleep!" Linsi watched her close her eyes slowly, and the expression on her face finally gave a sneer. At this time, the driver smiled smugly: "you really have two abilities, so easy to handle this woman."

"Of course, don't look down on me!" Linsi suddenly pulled the wig off her head, revealing a short hair with ears. Under the short hair, at the back of her neck, there are several clear tattoos, which don't look like the enchanting patterns that normal women can pattern.

"I'm so tired to play a bosom sister!" Linsi's face was fretful with complaints. "

Wang Cheng, this time you are the first to win a million. You can comfort yourself." The driver called a name, but not Linsi, but Linsi's real name, her name is Wang Cheng. "

this woman is so simple that it's no wonder she's very popular with men." Wang Chenghen stares at Bai Yiyan, gnashing his teeth. "

to tell you the truth, I really want to play once, but the boss has a life. If I don't want to touch her, I can only bear it!" The driver said with a bad look.