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In the bedroom, a woman's proud laugh could be heard. It was crisp and clear, with the unique sweetness of a woman.

Tang You You truly felt that his daughter's earlier words about Ji Xiao Han becoming a monk were filled with laughter.

A sense of danger came over him, and Tang You You hurriedly covered her small mouth.

"You haven't answered me seriously yet!" Ji Xiao Han stared into her eyes. Although the light was dim, her gem-like eyes were still abnormally bright. He could even see the panic and helplessness in her eyes.

"Which one do you want me to answer?" Tang You You was really frightened by his actions. If she answered him, she would be free to do so, but she could answer seriously.

"Will you find a stepfather for the children!" Ji Xiao Han's tone became inexplicably cold.

He kept feeling that in the next second, he wanted to fiercely gag this woman, because she might say something he didn't like to hear.

Tang You You turned his face to the side, looked at the light outside the window, and thought for a bit: "If there's anything suitable …"

"No!" The man cut her off coldly and domineeringly: "Believe me, there is no one better suited than me."

Tang You You's tongue was almost tied, this man was too unreasonable, at least let her finish her sentence.

It was rude of him to interrupt her like this.

"But I don't love you …!" Tang You You said confidently.

This was the truth. She really did not feel love for Ji Xiao Han yet, she just did not hate living with him anymore.

If they didn't dislike him, that didn't mean they accepted everything he said.

"I love you!" The man's voice suddenly became hoarse and dry. He admitted what he said in his heart in such a manner that it was very similar to CEO Ji's Lei Li's style.

Tang You You was stunned. Only because of the three words he said, her beautiful eyes widened, and the light in her eyes seemed to become even brighter.

"Tang You You, I'm willing to love you!" As if afraid that she wouldn't understand his words, Ji Xiao Han continued to speak with a hoarse voice.

Tang You You suddenly felt his mouth becoming dry, his emotions in a mess. In this world, the most touching love words were the two words, "I love you".

But this man... Why did he say it so easily?

In this foreign night, in this room that was so quiet that they could hear each other's heartbeats, Tang You You could still see the strong, burning feelings of a man no matter how dim the light was.

"Ji Xiao Han... You... Do you know what it means to love someone? " Tang You You actually didn't know either, but she wanted to hear what he had to say.

"I know!" It will put her in the most important position in my heart, the only one in my life that can't be replaced! " Ji Xiao Han's answer made Tang You You's heart race even more.

"Because I am the mother of your child? "So, you're not going to marry me?" Tang You You was still in disbelief, a man with such a noble identity like Ji Xiao Han was born to stand at the top of the pyramid. He was so high and mighty, but at this moment, he had said the most moving words to her, and even said that he wanted to place her at the most important place in his heart, and wanted her to be the only one for him.

Oh my god, the cells in his body felt like they were ignited by his words, Tang You You screamed out in his heart.

Calm, you have to be calm. Perhaps men are born with the ability to lie to women, because they easily say the word love out loud.

"Can't you feel my true interest in you?" Ji Xiao Han didn't like her to distort his feelings. In this world of feelings, he would always walk in a straight line and would never take the wrong path.

This woman either accepted or refused …

No, she was not allowed to refuse. She had no choice but to accept his feelings.

Tang You You's breathing became completely disordered. She once again turned her face away, not daring to look directly into his pair of burning eyes.

"Ji Xiao Han, can you give me a bit of time, I... I just can't take it anymore, you... "You're crazy!" Tang You You was scared stiff by his words. She only felt that the corner of his mouth was dry and he anxiously wanted to drink some water to moisten it. Heavens, is this world really that crazy?

Or was this man crazy?

Ji Xiao Han saw her stick out his tongue and licked his lips!

That casual movement was like a fuse that ignited the flames in his heart.

The desire in his heart had already freed him from his rationality. Unable to control himself, he directly sucked down her pink lips.

"Ugh …" Tang You You's mind exploded with a large amount of blankness.

What's going on with this man? She already said it, so I should give her some time to calm down and think about it.

But at this moment, he didn't even give her time to think and directly turned serious.

Tang You You only felt that the man's body was like a mountain pressing down on her, making her almost unable to breathe.

Those overbearing thin lips were so warm that she was helpless.

She had forgotten to reach out and push him away. She felt dizzy and her heart was still.


Tang You You felt that her entire body was filled with a strange feeling, this feeling made her uneasy and nervous.

Her beautiful eyes were tightly shut. She suddenly hoped that the little guy would hurry up and break the door down to save her from the water and fire.

Unfortunately, if she remembered correctly, she had locked the lock on the door herself.

Oh no, she was asking for it.

The moment Ji Xiao Han touched her lips, he was beyond control.

He never knew that a woman's breath could be so sweet and warm. After getting paid once, he became addicted.

Tang You You's body tensed up, her entire body was in a state of helplessness.

Her reason was resistant, her heart was angry, but why?

Why was her body honest?