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"By the way, before we go see the children, please clean up your tears and snot. It's really ugly."

Ji Xiao Han turned his head and looked at her in disdain.

Tang You You straightened his back, and spoke with a voice full of inexplicable confidence: "Of course, there are quite a few men who hit on me. There's something wrong with your eyes, and other people's eyes don't."

"You said it's a scandal, do you think it's believable?"

"Why not? If it were you, I would believe it. " Tang You You was unaccountably unhappy with him.

First, he snatched away her innocence, and then he stole away her child. Now, he even had the face to say that she wasn't careful in her private life. He was truly a weirdo.

Ji Xiao Han's face sank, he was truly an unreasonable woman.

"I'll seriously ask you again, the person who slept that night was you or Tang Xue Rou." Ji Xiao Han asked word by word.

Tang You You was so frightened by his fiendish expression that her heart shrank, and she asked with a lack of confidence: "So what if it is me? Would you kick Tang Xue Rou away? "

"If it's you, then it means that Tang Xue Rou lied to me." Ji Xiao Han was almost certain that the person who slept that night was this stubborn woman before him.

The damned Tang Xue Rou, was actually brazenly enjoying everything he had bestowed upon her.

Hearing that, Tang You You secretly thought, could it be that if she admitted to what happened that night, Ji Xiao Han would really kick Tang Xue Rou away?

Although the Tang Family had some money, they definitely could not be considered a Wealthy Class family. Tang Xue Rou, a woman with no background, no acting skills, just a woman with an empty appearance, how could she sit firmly in the position of the First Sister of the in the entertainment world in just five years? How could she become the topic of discussion for the man in front of her?

When he thought of how Tang Xue Rou was going to burn her mother's things, Tang You You hated her to the bones and couldn't wait to see her end in such a miserable state.

"If it wasn't for me, do you think you would have had that paternity test? Are you regretting your decision now? Are you thinking about how to explain all of this to your girlfriend, Tang Xue Rou? " suddenly had the evil intention to make things difficult for the man in front of him. He believed that since he had been helping Tang Xue Rou for the past five years, it must be because of true love.

Her words strongly caused Ji Xiao Han to feel uncomfortable. With a slight raise of her sharp eyebrows, her voice was as cold as ice: "I have never explained this to anyone."