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Yang He took the initiative to work. Of course, she didn't love her career. She just wanted to be closer to the vice president. If she could meet him and see his situation with her own eyes, it would be better, and her heart would settle down. "

ah..." Yang he suddenly pushed down a bottle of water. The water poured on the carpet and flowed along the table for a long time. When her colleagues looked at it, they immediately said with dissatisfaction, "Yang He, what's the matter with you? You've knocked over two bottles of water. This carpet is very expensive. In case something happens, we should be responsible." "

that is, I don't know what you are thinking. You have never made such a mistake before." Another colleague next to her is complaining about her.

Yang he was also a little ashamed. He hurriedly cleaned up: "don't worry, I just I'm not feeling well. I have a stomachache! " Yang

he can lie when he opens his mouth, which has something to do with her living environment since she was a child. Therefore, her face is not red and breathless when she lies, which makes people feel like this.

"You're not coming to that, are you? If that's the case, go back first. Let's clean up here! " A colleague kindly suggested to her. "

No, it doesn't matter. I can bear it!" Of course, Yang he didn't want to go. She hasn't personally confirmed whether the vice president is OK. "

two meeting rooms next door need to be standby in half an hour!" Zhou he's voice appeared in a girl's walkie talkie.

"I'll go!" Without saying anything, Yang He turned and went to the next room. As soon as she turned out of the door, she saw a group of people coming in front of her, led by Ling Mo Feng and a foreign guest leader. They came here while talking.

Yang He's breathing is sluggish, and her whole body seems frozen. She can only hang her eyes and stand on the corridor beside her. Her heart is beating wildly. As expected, the opportunity is for those who are prepared. She didn't come here for nothing. "Hello, Mr. vice president!" Yang he bravely greeted Ling Mo Feng when he was about to pass by. Ling

Mo Feng is famous for his gentleness and good cultivation. He is more friendly and popular with young people than the old president who is silent and dignified. Many people like to greet him when they meet him. "

good afternoon!" Ling Mo Feng smiled at her and nodded politely. Yang

he listened, his brain hummed, some blank, then, like a fireworks in her ear, she subconsciously looked up, saw Ling Mo Feng turn to continue to chat with each other. Yang's eyes flicked across his face, and the corner of his mouth suddenly froze, and the smile broke. What did she see just now? Kiss


There is an ambiguous mark on the neck of the vice president, which seems to have been bitten by a woman.

"No I must have read it wrong. It's not true! " Yang He is very close to Ling Mo Feng, plus the problem of standing direction. When Ling Mo Feng turned to talk to people, the mark on his neck that was bitten by a kitten was directly in front of her. Yang

he was hit by lightning all over, and her brain was disordered. Her fingers were shaking. She told herself that she must have misunderstood her eyes. The vice president may have been allergic, but she was definitely not kissed by any damned woman. She must not have been. Yang

he doesn't want to believe that any woman can get close to her beloved God. She has worked here for so long. She has witnessed with her eyes how insulated Ling Mo Feng is from women. She really can't imagine. When he gently opens his arms and hugs a girl, she is heartbroken and can't breathe. Ling

Mo Feng doesn't know that the male charm he inadvertently exudes has secretly taken the hearts of countless women, and he is also facing a problem at the moment. The leader he met unexpectedly proposed to play two rounds at the golf course nearby, because he always knew that Ling Mo Feng was a big fan of golf, so he took this opportunity to compete with him. Ling

Mo Fengjun's face changed a little. Even the staff behind him stared at the proposed foreign guest as if they were enemies. We all know that Ling Mo Feng is injured at the moment and shouldn't do extreme sports. The foreign guest put forward such a problem at the moment. We don't know whether it's unintentional or intentional, but we can't let people relax our vigilance. Of course, Mo Feng knows his physical condition. It's absolutely impossible to play today, so he made an appointment with the other side with a smile for three days in the afternoon. The other side readily agreed. When he left the foreign guest, the adjutant Chu said in a worried low voice: "Sir, why did you ask him to play for three days? Even after three days, your wound may crack. You can refuse him completely. " "

No, I'm afraid some people don't want me to refuse. I'd like to make arrangements at night and I want to go home." Ling Mo Feng said with a cold expression.

"And miss blue?" Asked the adjutant Chu worried.

"I just want to stay with her for a while, nothing will happen!" Ling Mo Feng's voice sank a few times.

On the old president's side, he received a call from Wan Qianqian. "

Mr. President, Ling Mo Feng was attacked with a gun at the door of my painting exhibition. What's the matter? Will it affect my image in his mind? " Wan Qianqian is very worried and dissatisfied about it.

"Don't worry, it has nothing to do with you. Do you know if he is hurt?" The old president asked with a smile. "

I don't know. Didn't he attend the meeting in the afternoon? I heard that many people were standing in his way. But when I went out to see it, I saw some blood on the carpet. Someone was injured. " Wan Qianqian is in a mess at the moment. When she accompanied Ling Mo Feng to see the exhibition today, she had witnessed the man's bearing and charm.

Mingmingyan has such a high value, but her talent is even more amazing. When she explains those exhibitions, Ling Mo Feng can have a deep communication with her in this respect. He understands nothing less than her. He even asked her several times, explaining it to her.

Wan Qianqian is a proud woman. How many men adore her? She doesn't look up at her. But today, Ling Mo Feng has made her face red several times. When a woman is shy in front of a man, it shows that she is not far away from moving her heart. "

yes? It seems that some superficial things can't be believed. Qianqian, don't worry. Ling Mo Feng must be your weapon. Your talent and beauty are your most powerful weapon. He will surrender obediently. Aren't you going to work in the general office tomorrow? There must be a lot of opportunities to see him. Pay attention to him and see if he's really hurt. " When the old president finished speaking, he hung up.

Wan Qianqian is very upset. She feels that the old president is using her. However, she has to help him. Because she owes him human feelings, Wan Qianqian doesn't like to confuse feelings and career, so she is very upset at the moment.

Ling came back to the office and answered a phone call. It was Ji Xiaohan who called. "

in the afternoon, I saw you attacked. Are you ok? Do you know who did it?" Asked Ji Xiaohan.

"Do you need to guess? The only one who wants my life is the one over there. Fortunately, it's hard to get hurt. Now that you've done it to me, you need to be very careful, and your family needs to be protected. Don't let them get hurt. " Ling Mo Feng is also very concerned about his friend's situation and tells him in a low voice. "

I know that it's the end of the year. I want my two children to have a holiday first. Tomorrow, I won't send them to school. My wife is a bit stubborn and needs to talk to her well!" Ji Xiaohan thinks of his beloved, but he can't hide his doting love.

"Are women of the same character and stubborn?" Ling Mo Feng suddenly thought of a little woman. Sometimes she was stubborn, which made him helpless. "

it seems that you and the eldest lady of your family have developed rapidly recently. Who said they didn't want to get married in this life?" Season owl can't help teasing him. Ling

Mo Feng pleaded helplessly in an instant: "well, I admit, I spoke absolutely at that time. It seems that I have to use my brain to speak in the future, otherwise it would be ugly to be slapped!"