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C1456 a misunderstanding

On the way back, Ling Mo Feng gave a sneer: "see her nervousness?"

Chu lie nodded: "she is not only nervous, but also very uneasy. This is a good play, sir. It's brilliant." Ling Mo Feng's eyes were even colder: "no matter how she replied to me, my visit today is enough to keep her busy for a while. The old president is a suspicious person. Once he doubts, it's difficult to get his re-use."

"Yes, Mei doesn't know how to win the old president's trust again." Chu lie also sneered. "No matter what means she uses, she can at least give me a few days to buffer. After all, she is also a teacher and a friend, and a distant relative. I don't intend to kill her. I just hope she can quit in time and don't get involved." Ling Mo Feng's request is so simple.

"If she is going to continue to serve there, what is your plan?" Chulie continued. "Zhang Lu's death must have something to do with her. Gao Yue's disfigurement was also caused by her. She was afraid that it would be enough for her to wear the prison bottom. If she continues to be obsessed, there is only one result waiting for her." Lingmo Feng is still very cold hearted. She didn't expect that the second aunt would kill Zhang Lu and ruin a woman's face. It's creepy to have such a vicious style.

"Sir, it's right to think so. After all, she has harmed people and should be governed by law!" Chu lie did not love her at all. Instead, she felt that she should confess her evil deeds.

In the villa of Jijia manor, in the early morning, Tang youyou felt that her stomach was not very comfortable. She was shocked immediately because she was so familiar with this feeling.

Tang youyou pressed the heartbeat, walked towards the bathroom, opened a small cabinet in the bathroom, and began to search.

"Where is it? I remember buying a box for use here! " Tang youyou is looking for a pregnancy test stick. Because she had made a decision before and wanted to fill in another child for Ji's family, she bought one secretly and came back. Now, she feels something is wrong and it can be used.

"Strange, where is it?" Tang youyou is a little worried. He puts his hands in his waist, frowns and thinks. Suddenly, she seemed to remember that once her daughter saw the box, took it out and played with it. She put it in the locker in the cloakroom again. She turned around and ran away with a happy face.

Sure enough, she found it in the locker in the cloakroom. Her heart beat a little faster. Is she really going to win the prize?

Tang youyou ran to the bathroom quickly. A few minutes later, she took the stick and stared at it with wide eyes.

"No?" Tang youyou's pretty face gradually changes color.

Five minutes later, Tang youyou was a little disappointed and threw it into the garbage can.

"Is the pinhole I pierced last time too small?" Don youyou is muttering.

Although Ji Xiaohan laughed at her last time and wanted to steal his seed again, Tang youyou didn't care about it. She wanted to steal it.

In fact, she just wanted to surprise Ji Xiaohan.

Tang youyou walked out of the bathroom and immediately stared at the bedside cabinet.

She walked over like a thief, opened it, took two out of the box and looked around. Although she knew that no one would come, she couldn't help but want to keep it secret.

This time, Tang youyou had several more stitches. When she put them back, she sighed, "I hope I'll win this time, or I won't have the courage to think again!"

In fact, pregnant women need courage. They have experienced a huge pain and really don't want to experience it again.

But the child is an indispensable part of every family. Tang youyou is willing to regenerate because Ji Xiaohan is eager to have another child. He's a fan.

Tang youyou thought that she would never be born again in this life, but when she saw the desire in the eyes of men, her once firm thing broke in a second.

After Tang youyou walked out of the room, he would lean lazily against the balustrade of the balcony, ready to bask in the sun.

Now it's time for two kids to do their homework. She's the most leisurely and relaxed.

Suddenly, she saw a figure walking downstairs, and Tang youyou was stunned for a moment, because she always felt that the clothes on that person were familiar to her.

It's a spring dress designed by Tang youyou for herself recently. She wore it once in the sunshine the other day.

"It seems that there are some differences, except for the color and style!" Tang youyou looked at it for a while and found that it was different. She was a little relieved.

That's Wang Hanxue, Ji xiaonai's piano teacher. Now xiaonai is studying with her brother. It's piano class half an hour later. Wang Hanxue should have just come back from a walk.

Tang youjue's clothes on Wang Hanxue are familiar, because Wang Hanxue just bought them according to the skirt she wore last time. Although the styles are different, the colors are similar, and she wears them beautifully.

Tang youyou is not an easy thinker, so he doesn't doubt anything.

Wang Hanxue is actually walking in accordance with the style of Tang youyou on purpose. She may feel it in her bones. While Ji Xiaohan likes Tang Youyou, she may also like her clothes.

Wang Hanxue keeps these careful machines in his heart and looks forward to the surprise.

As expected, Wang Hanxue was listening to songs in the garden pavilion with her mobile phone that night.

Suddenly, she felt that someone behind her suddenly reached out and held her. Then, a gentle and low voice came from the side of her ear: "you long, how can you sit here alone?"

"Ah Don't do that, Mr. Ji! " Wang hanshington's face was frightened. He immediately took off his earphone, turned around and stepped back two steps.

Just now, Ji Xiaohan found out that he had recognized the wrong person. But just now, across the distance, there was a dim light around. He really felt that she was Tang youyou.

"I'm sorry, I've got the wrong person!" Season owl cold also feels humiliated immediately, said an apology, turned around to leave.

Wang Hanxue pretended just now. Suddenly, seeing Ji Xiaohan turning around and leaving without any hesitation, she felt lost again. She hoped that Ji Xiaohan could find an excuse to talk to her more. Ji Xiaohan's eyes are calm. He has absolutely no idea about this piano teacher, but how does she wear a dress like you long?

Women's clothes are various, and the chance of bumping into their clothes is also very high. Ji Xiaohan didn't think much about it, so he forgot this episode in an instant.

Wang Hanxue holds the mobile phone, as if she still has the gentle breath of man in her ear. She only feels the mood rolling, and her body is hot.

Just such a wrong hug, Wang Hanxue's heart will be melted.

Ji Xiaohan steps back to the bedroom and sees that Tang youyou is washing his daughter's hair. The little guy has long hair and drips water. He is wearing a lovely pajama. When he sees Ji Xiaohan, he laughs happily: "Daddy, you are back!"

"Well, shampoo?" Ji Xiaohan goes over and takes the towel that Tang youyou has and wipes the small head gently for his daughter.

"Daddy help me to play!" The little guy leaned over at once.

Tang youyou immediately said, "no, daddy has been working all day. He is very tired. Let him have a rest and let mommy come."

"No, Daddy!" Ji xiaonai has been addicted to the cold pet of Ji xiaonai. I feel that daddy will do anything for her, and any conditions she puts forward can be met.

Ji Xiaohan had to smile gently: "OK, daddy help you, let mommy take a bath first, you see, it's all wet mommy's clothes!"

Season owl cold eyes evil spirit stare at the position of Tang youyou's chest, a slim thin sweater, a touch of water, immediately printed all the shapes.

Tang youyou took a look at him, stopped fighting with him immediately, and put his daughter on him directly.

"Grandma and mom have gone to Xiaoyan's side. Just now I saw the picture sent by mom. It seems that the little guy has grown up in a short time. It's very beautiful!" Tang youyou said with a smile as he took his pajamas.

"Yes, children grow up very fast!" Ji Xiaohan also saw the photos, a little like her mother.

"Little children are like one another every day. They change very fast!" Tang youyou suddenly thought of the bad things he did today. He couldn't help but look at the cupboard, and then coughed softly: "I have a bath!"

The old lady and LAN Yue have gone over there, so there is only one family of four on the dinner table. Tang youyou suddenly proposed to invite the teachers of the two little guys to come over for dinner.

Ji Xiaohan has no objection. After all, teacher's kindness is like a sea. It's better to teach two children not to forget teacher's kindness from childhood.