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C1090 I don'st want your voice

After more than ten hours' flight, Bai Yiyan fell to the ground and was woken up by lengfei.

Although she slept for several hours, she didn't sleep well. She was a little pale. "

Miss Bai, are you ok? Let's go out and have some food. You didn't eat anything just now!" Leng Fei's concerned proposal, the food on the plane, Bai Yiyan didn't move a mouthful, which worried Leng Fei. Season

Yueze gives her the task to take care of her daily life in addition to protecting her safety.

"OK, let's go!" Bai Yiyan nodded, two people, along with the crowd, left the airport, sat down in a restaurant next to the airport.

"Miss Bai, Mr. Ji called!" Leng Fei said, and gave her cell phone to Bai Yiyan. Yi Yan chuckled and Ji Yueze was on the phone.

"Hello!" Bai Yiyan put her mobile phone to her ear and said softly. "

are you tired after taking such a long flight?" Ji Yueze's tender concern. White

Yiyan said with a wry smile, "I'm tired, but it's good to get there safely." "

that is to say, you live a good life in a small town. I may not be able to spare time to see you recently. You can live a good life with Leng Fei and Xiao Xing. I'm relieved to have them around you." Ji Yueze's voice is full of a sense of loss. Because of the old lady's interference, Ji Yueze can't fly to see her freely. "

OK, I see. Don't worry about me. Take care of yourself." Bai Yiyan is no longer willful and unreasonable. Ji Yueze has listened to what she said, and she will remember it. Moreover, she will not do anything that embarrasses him. "

If I don't go to you, don't think about it. I promised you something, and I will try my best to do it. Remember?" Ji Yueze was silent for a moment and said in a low voice. "

I know, I know, I will stay here." Bai Yiyan's voice suddenly choked. "

don't cry, it's not life and death. As long as you believe, we will meet soon." Ji Yueze heard her choking cry, his heart was broken, but he couldn't wipe the tears for her, which made him more distressed.

"OK, Leng Fei and I are eating. Otherwise, let's hang up first." Bai Yiyan doesn't want her emotions to infect him, so she wants to hang up first.

"Well, remember to eat on time. Don't let your body get by." Ji Yueze is really worried that she won't have a good meal.

"I'm not a child, I still care about my health, and I'm afraid of death!" Bai Yiyan can't help but burst into tears and smile. His concern makes her feel like a child without self-care ability. "

it's right to be afraid of death. I'm afraid you're not even afraid of death." Ji Yueze also gave a humorous smile.

The atmosphere suddenly relaxed a lot, Bai Yiyan had to say: "really don't talk to you, hang up!"

"Good!" The man nodded. Bai

Yi Yan waits for the other man to hang up first, but finds that she can hear the other person's breath all the time, so she has to be cruel and hang up first. Season

the more Ze listens to the murmur from there, the sense of loss that the handsome face flashes by.

I love you so much that I want to freeze your voice. I'm afraid he's the only one.

Just after Ji Yueze hung up, the old lady suddenly answered a phone call. Someone gave her an address abroad. "

please check for me whose identity this mobile phone is registered!" The old lady's face was heavy.

The other side replied well and hung up.

Tired and angry, the old lady patted the armrest of the sofa. Is it still in touch? Back

to her, secretly contact. Is it true that Bai Yiyan would really ignore her old woman if she didn't give her a warning? The old lady calmed down and came to the old man's room. The old man had recovered well recently. He continued to read his books. He sat by the window. The afternoon sun shone in and illuminated the books for him. He was wearing golden presbyopic glasses and was absorbed in reading.

"What's the matter? I see you are angry recently. Which kid is angry with you again! " The old man saw her come in, closed the book, picked the mirror and asked with a smile.

"No worries!" With a wry smile, the old lady went to the chair opposite him and sat down.

Two people bask in the sun together, have a kind of time static feeling. "

the trees outside the window are greener again, but spring is about to leave!" The old man couldn't help exclaiming. "

are you feeling again?" The old lady couldn't help laughing.

"No, I feel like I'll leave at any time when I'm old. I can't help but want to seize more time and feel more alive!" Although the words of the old man are calm, his eyes are thick.

"I have lived to this age. What else can I think of? However, I'm still worried about these little ones. Xiao Han married and gave birth to children. I'm relieved, but Xiao Ze and Shang Qing can't save my mind! " The old lady laughed bitterly. "

by the way, I haven't seen yunning for a long time. How come she didn't come to see us when she came back last time to attend the wedding ceremony of Xiaohan?" The old man asked suddenly. The old lady looked dazed and her eyes were foggy. Then she said with a light smile, "yunning is busy in her business abroad recently. She has no time!" "

young people love to work hard for their own career, which is also good. People should do more things they want to do when they are alive, and don't regret when they are old!" I believe it.

"Yes, when we were young, we did a lot of things. Now we are full of memories!" The old lady's eyes are full of acid. She wants to wipe her tears, but she can only blink hard to keep them from falling. "

What's the matter with you?" The old man looked back at her and found something wrong with her.

The old lady panicked for a while, and her tears fell down: "nothing, just thinking about our youth before, she suddenly sighed." "

well, I won't talk to you before, so I won't make you cry again." The old man couldn't help smiling, reaching for a piece of paper, but found that his hand began to shake again. The old lady quickly stood up, took a piece of paper and wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes: "I'm ok, don't worry." "

how I wish I had time to accompany you and the children, but I'm too old to help myself!" The old man couldn't help laughing at himself.

"Everyone will be old, so don't think about it any more. What do you want to eat at noon? I'll have it cooked for you!" The old lady turned her back quickly and her eyes were red again.

"Make up your mind. I only eat those kinds of food now." The old man smiled. "

OK, I'll go down and prepare!" When the old lady finished speaking, she pushed out the door, and the tears she had just wiped fell off again. In her whole life, she cheated the old man a few things, but just now, she cheated him another thing. "

yunning, forgive grandma for telling this lie!" The old lady couldn't help sighing.