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Ji Shangqing decided to move out of Ji's house. Tang youyou's polite and cold attitude frustrated him. Therefore, he knew that his shaking in front of Tang youyou would not necessarily attract her attention. It seems that if he wants to attract her attention, he has to find another chance.

Looking at Ji Shangqing carrying his luggage downstairs, the old lady and the old man are standing in the living room, holding him back.

"Shangqing, have you really found a good house? Is it newly decorated? If so, you should not move in. The air is not good. People will get sick if they live in it. " The way the old people care about their grandchildren seems to be the same tone forever.

The old man is not concerned about Ji Shangqing's daily life, he just asked with a stern face: "do you really plan to open a branch here? Have you figured it out? If you really think about it, I'll introduce you to a few people, which will help your career. "

Ji Shangqing had told him his idea before. He had been pondering for a long time and then listened to him make his own decision. Now, Ji Shangqing has decided to open the company. Otherwise, when others are abroad, how can they find out about Ji Xiaohan's happy life?

At the thought that Ji Xiaohan almost robbed him of everything, Ji Shangqing felt inexplicable hatred.

Because he believed that Tang youyou would look for Ji Xiaohan at the beginning, that is to say, he was the person in charge of the Ji family. He couldn't bear it any more.

"Dad, I will be in China for a while. You said that you would introduce my friends. We can meet at any time. At that time, we will count on grandpa to help me to say more good things." Ji Shangqing immediately smiled and replied modestly, with a serious look for advice.

The old man was very satisfied with his response and nodded, "well, I'll find an opportunity to show you to meet them in the last two days."

When the old lady saw that her grandson had not answered her advice, she immediately intervened forcefully: "Shangqing, what grandma said to you, did you hear it? Where is your house? Is it in the center of the city? Big or small, did you hire a good nanny? "

Ji Shangqing then hurriedly replied, "grandma, don't worry about me. I'm such a big man. Will I starve?" "What unlucky words do you say? You are going to starve to death. That's what you deserve!" The old lady immediately glared at him angrily. Then, she immediately thought of something. She turned to go upstairs. When she came down, she held a card in her hand: "here's a wish from my grandparents. You can give it to your father for me. Let him stop thinking about it and live a good life."

Ji Shangqing looked at the card, hesitated for a moment, and reached for it: "thank you, Grandpa and grandma. My father has been worried about the body of the elder. Please take care of yourself."

The old man's face was a little ugly when he mentioned the rebellious son, but the old lady's eyes were red: "let him come back when he has something to say, sit down face to face and say, no matter how much hatred, we say it's his parents, so that he doesn't have psychological pressure."

"OK, grandma, I'll take a step first. You tell my elder brother!" Ji Shangqing loaded his car and drove away.

Er Lao watched his car leave.

Ji Shangqing met Tang youyou's car outside the gate of the manor.

She sat in the back of the car with two children.

Ji Shangqing intentionally parked his car on the side of the road. When Tang youyou's car passed by, his eyes could take a look at Tang youyou by the sunshine.

Tang youyou is also looking at him. However, the speed is too fast. Tang youyou doesn't stop the driver, so he looks at it in a hurry and goes away.

Ji Shangqing from the rear-view mirror, looking at the number of cars passing by, look more gloomy.

When Tang youyou came back to Ji's house, he heard the old lady saying, "Shangqing has moved out to live. I'm afraid he can't take good care of himself alone."

After hearing this, Tang youyou breathed a sigh of relief. Ji Shangqing finally left. Otherwise, she was not comfortable living.

"Grandma, don't worry about him. He can take care of himself." Tang youyou is quietly comforting.

"It's also said that Shangqing will stay here for a few more days. I will take this opportunity to quickly find a girlfriend for him, so that they can live better with each other." The old lady continued to read, but Tang youyou just smiled and said nothing more.

"Great grandmother, today a little friend asked me why my father's surname is Ji, but I'm still Tang. Why is that?" Tang xiaonai handed the bag to the old lady, and suddenly asked a question.

This sentence made the old lady's face freeze at once, so she looked up at Tang youyou: "the child still has your surname. It's not appropriate to count it up. Move the child's account back to Ji's, and then we will follow Ji's, what do you think?"

Tang youyou has never thought about this matter. At this moment, she is suddenly asked by the old lady, and she stays for a while.

"You are worried that I will oppose your marriage?" The old lady knew that she was silent and worried about it.

Tang youyou blushed: "no!" "No matter whether it is or not, you can relax. I will not interfere in your relationship with Xiaohan in the future. The children are so old. I'm old again. You have to deal with the future affairs by yourself. So, you promise to let the children go with Ji's family name and return to their ancestors." The old lady hurried to talk and wanted to reassure Tang youyou.

Tang youyou's beautiful eyes continue to freeze.

"Well, you'll get your marriage certificate tomorrow, and then your child will move back to Ji's house..."

"Grandma, tomorrow is Saturday, and the place where we got married will not go to work."

The old lady immediately gave him a spoiled look: "adults speak, children don't interrupt."

Tang youyou seems to really sympathize with her and Ji Xiaohan this time.

So, she nodded: "OK, let the child move in the household registration and change the family name."

As soon as the old lady listened, she was happy.

"You know, I'm really happy that you think so. Well, I've learned something about my heart." The old lady said as she picked up Tang xiaonai.

"Oh, my waist!" The old lady's waist was twisted for lack of effort, and she immediately reached for help.

Tang youyou and Tang xiaonai were shocked. They came to ask: "grandma, are you ok?"

The old lady immediately smiled again: "I'm ok, but I'm old. I need to pay attention to it all the time. My little princess has grown up a lot, and my great grandmother will not be able to hold her one day."

Tang Xiaorui joked: "great grandmother, didn't you find out? Stupid little Nai is as heavy as a little pig. She eats so much every day. " Tang xiaonai listened, a pair of beautiful eyes stare over: "you are the pig!"