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However, for some reason, he still felt uneasy. Although Tang You You told him that he was taking his child to eat with Liu Xi, would there be anyone else at the table?

For example, her childhood sweetheart?

On the table!

After Liu Xi and Tang You You finished their meal, they just happened to cross a road and reach the famous Walking Street.

Shopping was a woman's nature, it had been a long time since Tang You You last visited a shop. The last time she went out with Ji Xiao Han, it was because she was affected.

How could he feel any sense of relief?

Therefore, when women and women were strolling together, their hearts were the most relaxed.

Tang Xiao Nai was extremely happy. She was holding onto her grandmother with one hand and Mummy with the other.

Liu Xi bought a very beautiful princess dress for Tang Xiao Nai and a very handsome little suit for Tang Xiao Rui.

Seeing that Liu Xi was still not stopping, and was still looking to buy toys for the children, Tang You You immediately stopped his: "Mother, enough, stop buying things for the children, let's go look around our clothes."

"If it's not enough, I'll just buy two sets of clothes!" Liu Xi felt that it was not enough.

Tang You You chuckled, "Mother, I'll accept your kindness, so stop spending money."

"Thank you grandma, I really like this outfit!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately said while grinning.

Under Tang You You's persuasion, Liu Xi could only give up. However, she still had two gold ornaments on his cart, as a gift to Liang Ge Xiao Bao Bei.

Liu Xi and Tang You You strolled around the clothing store, and the time suddenly soared from eight to ten!

Although it was very late, there were still many people coming and going, just like a city that never sleeps.

"Wandering, did your phone ring?" Liu Xi vaguely heard a bell ringing. It didn't seem to be his.

Only then did Tang You You take out his phone to look at, and sure enough, Ji Xiao Han had called.

"Is the Mummy father's place?" Tang Xiao Nai asked curiously.

Tang You You nodded his head: "Yes, you take it!"

After Tang You You opened his phone, he directly placed it next to his daughter's ear. The little guy immediately called out sweetly, "Daddy, did you go home?"

When Ji Xiao Han heard his daughter's voice, the questions that he wanted to ask instantly stuck in his throat.

"I'm back. Where are you guys?" Ji Xiao Han asked with an extremely gentle tone.

Tang Xiao Nai immediately replied loudly, "We're still shopping, Mummy still wants to buy clothes."

Ji Xiao Han looked at the time, and his heroic eyebrows wrinkled: "It's already so late, why are you still walking around? Tell your Mummy to pick up the phone. "

Tang Xiao Nai immediately passed the phone over. "Daddy wants to talk to you."

Tang You You could only pick up her phone, and stand to the side, saying in a low voice: "What's wrong?"

"It's so late, shouldn't we go home?" Ji Xiao Han's voice was still very gentle.

"Is it late? Isn't it only ten o'clock? " Tang You You blinked her eyes. In the world she was in now, there was a red light flashing around her and it was bright and bright, just like the day before.

Ji Xiao Han was really helpless against her words, "Isn't ten o'clock still too late? You usually ask the children to sleep at ten o'clock, and your daughter has to go to school tomorrow. "

Tang You You was dazed for a moment: "Oh, seems like it, then I'll be going back pretty soon."

Ji Xiao Han felt a headache coming on for this woman who had a slow reaction, but he had to endure it and say, "Be careful when driving, if your daughter falls asleep in the car, you must remember to help her fasten her seat belt."

"Don't worry, I understand!" After Tang You You finished speaking, he hung up.

Liu Xi looked at her with concern: "Traceless, what did Quarterly say?"

"Nothing much, I just feel that it's a little late, let's go back!"

Liu Xi then looked at the time: "Yo, it's almost 10, it's really a bit late, unhurried, next time let's go for a stroll, we should hurry back."

Tang You You also felt that it was time to return, so the three of them walked towards the direction of the car.

On the way back, Tang Xiao Nai started to nod her head, looking very tired.

Tang You You looked at her daughter's tired little face and started to blame herself.

Return to the Ji Family!

In the living room, a man wearing a gray robe and holding a computer by his side seemed to be working.

Hearing the sound of the car, Ji Xiao Han put down the computer, and with a big stature, he walked out quickly.

Tang You You quickly jumped off the car and looked at Ji Xiao Han with a wronged expression: "You guessed right, Xiao Nai is asleep!"

Ji Xiao Han said indifferently: Just pay attention to the time next time!

The man opened the car door and stretched out his strong arms. Then, he carefully held the sleeping girl in his arms.

Tang You You handed the car key to Uncle Yuan and quickly followed Ji Xiao Han upstairs.

"What did you buy? "Did you have fun?" Ji Xiao Han asked her very casually.

"Very happy. I bought some clothes. My godmother sent some gifts to the children." Tang You You also told the truth.

Tang You You took the initiative to push open the bedroom's door. He placed his daughter gently on the bed and placed both of his hands on his waist: "What do we do now? She sleeps so soundly, how can she bathe? "

Tang You You could only mutter: "Then I won't be washing myself, there's nothing else."

"If you don't take a bath, you won't be able to sleep well!" Ji Xiao Han didn't quite agree with what the woman had said.

Tang You You quickly put down his bag: "Then I'll go in and get a towel for her to wipe her limbs!"

Ji Xiao Han watched as the woman quickly took off her jacket, casually threw it on the sofa, and rushed into the bathroom.

That kind of feeling made Ji Xiao Han's body feel somewhat hot.

Didn't this woman know that her actions just now had room for imagination?

When Tang You You came out again, she held a hot towel and helped his daughter wipe her face clean before covering her with a thin blanket.

He turned around and suddenly ran into someone's arms.

"Ugh …" Tang You You swore that she did not do it on purpose.

However, Ji Xiao Han's lips rose, with a hint of evil: "Why are you so anxious to throw yourself into my arms?"