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After Ji Lin's father and son left, Ji's family was quiet again. The biological clocks of the two little guys were on time. At nine o'clock, they started to have a good time. Tang youyou knew that Ji Xiaohan was not in a good mood when he saw Ji Lin's father and son, so she took over the work of coaxing the children to sleep. She takes a fairy tale book, sits in the middle of two small beds, under the soft light, two big black and beautiful eyes blink and blink, Tang youyou's voice falters, the rhythm is light and slow, which makes the two little guys immersed in the plot of the story, Ji Xiaorui is listening quietly, really thinking, but Ji xiaonai is different, what he doesn't understand should be asked clearly, just like one It's like a bird.

When Tang youyou tells the third story, he finds that his son is asleep, and his daughter's little head is shaking and shaking. He refuses to go to sleep. Hearing Tang Youyou, she wakes up immediately: "Mommy, keep talking, I'm still listening."

Tang youYou can't cry or laugh. The willpower of this little thing is very good. If she put this willpower on hard work, she won't worry about it. It's a pity that her daughter's learning focus is far less than her son's, and she is afraid that she will have to worry about it later. Don

finish the story, and Ji xiaonai is completely sleepy. Unconsciously, he falls asleep.

Tang youyou tucks in the covers for the two kids, turns off the lights and walks out of the room. Tang

goes back to the bedroom and finds that Ji Xiaohan is not here, so she looks at the direction of the study and there is no light.

At last, Tang youyou had to walk to the balcony, and found that the door of the balcony opened to one side, and there was a cold wind blowing in from outside. She shivered coldly and wrapped her thin nightgown. Probe out half of your head and see a big figure standing in front of the balconies.

He didn't wear a warm overcoat either. He was still just a suit. Some thin snowflakes fell on his broad shoulders. A red flame flickered. It turned out that he was standing here smoking alone. Don

youyouer's eyebrow slightly twisted, standing outside in the cold and smoking, it's really easy to freeze.

So, she had to braved the cold wind, walked behind him, whispered: "you can smoke at home, don't stand here to blow the cold wind, come in." Season

the owl turned around fiercely, saw the little woman standing behind him, his eyes slightly stagnated for a while, next second, he directly reached over and grasped her wrist: "don't come out!"

Tang youyou finds that the man holding his palm is still warm, and her heart is sweet. However, Ji Xiaohan had already thrown the incense in his hand on the floor nearby. Soon, he was extinguished by the cold and humid floor.

Tang youyou was almost forced into the balcony by a man. The next second, the man shut the door and shut the cold behind him.

His palm was warm, but he was cold all over.

Tang youyou's face was pale, but he asked him softly, "are you cold? Go and have a bath. " "

well, let's go, are the children asleep?" Season owl cold nodded and asked softly.

"Sleep, now they are more and more difficult to pass." Tang youyou smiles with sweetness. Season

Xiao Han gently touched her long hair and said in a warm voice: "it's really hard for you. The older the child is, the more difficult it is to manage." "

What am I? Compared with you, I don't know how easy it is." Tang Youmei's eyes scratched his face painfully: "I can see that you are not in a good mood!"

Two people enter the bedroom. Ji Xiaohan reaches out and unbuttons his suit. He takes off his coat and puts it on the back of the sofa on one side. Then he turns around. His arms pass through Tang youyou's waist and hug her gently on her back: "yes, I'm really depressed recently. There are some things that I want to solve quickly, but they can't be realized for various reasons." "

can I help you?" Tang youyou leans lightly to his arms, feeling that Ji Xiaohan is deliberately hiding something from her, and doesn't want to let her know.

"You are the best help to me if you take the two children well!" Season owl cold light judo, thin lips in her forehead lightly printed: "this matter, I need to make my own decision, you don't worry about me, I know how to do." "

I can't help worrying!" Tang youyou sighed: "do we really want to be engaged the day after tomorrow? I always feel a little uneasy in my heart. I feel that I am in a hurry, and there will be some trouble. "

Ji Xiaohan reached out and patted her on the back, as if to comfort her: "don't worry, I'll find someone to stare at you!" Don

of course, youyou believes that he has the ability to do everything well. She raises her lips and chuckles: "maybe I think more. The more I care about one thing, the more I think about something messy." "

it's OK, just don't think about it." Season owl cold chuckles, eyes are full of doting.

Tang youyou breathed a little and said something in his heart: "tonight, Ji Shangqing's eyes are always staring at me, which is really annoying."

"I saw it, too. If it wasn't for my grandparents, I would have found someone to dig his eyes!" The tone of Ji Xiaohan was cold, like the snow outside the window. Ji Shangqing was intentional or could not control his eyes. Anyway, Ji Xiaohan was very angry. It's the biggest shame to be stared at so recklessly by other men in your own home. "

How could he be such a person?" Don youyou is fed up with him. "

he used to like to rob me. He would not want to rob you again. He is too ambitious." Ji Xiaohan is angry that Ji Shangqing looks at Tang Youyou, not like playing, but full of seriousness. It is because he is looking at Tang youyou seriously that Ji Xiaohan's heart becomes more and more uneasy. "

you can rest assured that even if I die, I will never like him." In order to make Ji Xiao calm down, Tang youyou swore so hard. "

of course, I know that I have never doubted you. You don't think about it anymore. I will make him regret it." Ji Xiaohan is afraid that Tang youyou will fall into the shadow of this matter, so he holds her face in both hands and looks at her gently for comfort. Don

nodded leisurely: "I don't want to think, I don't want to waste time to think!"

Ji Xiaohan chuckled, slightly happy: "well, then we won't talk about him. Sooner or later, I will dig out his eyes for the dog to eat."

"Well, it's against the law. Besides, your grandparents certainly won't let you do it. You have this kind of heart to protect me. I'm very happy!" Tang youyou was amused by his words, but he was satisfied.