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C630 is intuition accurate?

When Ji Xiaohan heard that his grandmother asked Tang youyou to live in a villa on the hillside, his handsome face flashed with a smile, and he was relieved.

Just as Tang youyou was going to go upstairs to see her room, Ji Xiaohan's cell phone rang suddenly.

Ji Xiaohan looks at the caller ID and whispers, "you and the children go upstairs to see the room first. I'll take a call."

Ji Xiaohan takes his cell phone and walks to the Garden Road next to him.

He didn't answer the phone until he got out of a distance.

His assistant Lu Qing called.

"Young master, the number you asked me to investigate last time, I have already investigated it." Lu Qing said respectfully.

Season owl cold heart God a tight, voice deep coagulate of ask: "is whose?"

"Yes Second young master's! " Lu Qing doesn't know why Ji Xiaohan wants to investigate the number, but since he pays so much attention to this matter, it's certainly not a good thing, so when Lu Qing says the name, he will have some hesitation.

"Are you sure?" Season owl's cold and handsome face is gloomy for a moment. His eyes are fixed on the distant scenery, but they are full of a complex angry color.

Lu Qing immediately replied, "sure!"

"I see!" Season owl cold taut that chord, at the moment, completely taut.

He hung up the phone, held the cell phone tightly in his big hand, turned his head and looked at the direction of the second floor. His eyebrows were like a dead knot.

The concerned message was sent to Tang youyou by his younger brother Ji Yueze.

But when he asked her at the beginning, she actually lied and said that it was sent by Lu xuanchen.

Why does she lie?

If she told him that even his younger brother, Ji Yueze, he would not be confused.

Ji Xiaohan closed his eyes tightly and calmed down the surging emotion. At this moment, he felt as if he had been beaten hard. The pain almost broke him.


Only a guilty mind can lie. What is she guilty of?

Ji Xiaohan can't accept the fact that his younger brother even sent such a concerned private letter to his own woman. What's the matter with them?

Ji Xiaohan suddenly thought of Tang youyou in the hospital that day, and his brother suddenly appeared outside the ward.

He was going out to call him and tell him the ward number.

Since he was able to find the ward so accurately without asking clearly, did he prove that his younger brother actually knew where she lived and when did he know it?

Is Tang youyou in the operation time, he already in the hospital? All the way up the stairs?

Some things, the more explored, the more disturbing.

Season owl cold breathed not from hurriedly, he never thought, one day unexpectedly can produce serious suspicion to younger brother.

He has always regarded him as his closest younger brother. On weekdays, he always dotes on him and gets used to him. But why? Why did he do this to him?

I must have misunderstood something. It's impossible.

In Ji Xiaohan's mind, there seem to be two people fighting at the moment. The whole person is messy.

Finally, he took his cell phone and called Lu Qing.

His voice has been cold: "Lu Qing, you can investigate the hotel where I stayed with Tang youyou on the last day abroad. Have you seen if my brother has been there?"

Lu Qing was a little surprised and asked: "young master, if I remember correctly, it seems that the second young master was in that city and Miss Bai. There is only a seven-star hotel there. As the second young master, it must be in that hotel."

"Check it out for me!" Ji Xiaohan doesn't want to hear what he's explaining. He's in a very stuffy mood.

At that time, Tang youyou deliberately delayed his return for a day. At that time, her explanation was to let him come back first, so as not to let Grandma know that he would be angry.

So he listened to her and went back to China one day.

Why does she have to put off for a day? In fact, she can also buy the same day's flight. If two people stagger the flight, there is no problem.

Ji Xiaohan's brain is in a mess. The more he thinks about it, the more complicated it is.

A sense of distrust came to mind in a flash.

"Daddy Look up there! " Suddenly, a little voice of milk came down from his head.

It's Tang xiaonai. She grabs the guardrail with two small hands and sticks her little face on the guardrail. Her small hands are waving at him constantly. It seems that she is very happy.

"Xiaonai, pay attention to safety!" Seeing his daughter standing alone on the balcony, Ji Xiao ran to the hall with a blank head, turned around and ran to the upstairs. Then he saw Tang xiaonai standing there with two small hands on his back.

Ji Xiaohan helplessly looks at his daughter's lovely appearance, walks over and picks her up: "what are you doing here alone?"

"I want daddy to see me!" Tang xiaonai's very naive answer.

"But you scared daddy, you know?" Ji Xiaohan kisses his daughter's little face and reproves her gently.

"I'm sorry, Daddy!" Tang immediately reached for him and apologized in a low voice.

Season owl cold tightly hugs the daughter, always strong mature he, suddenly, unexpectedly some inexplicable sadness.

When he thought that his brother had a relationship with the woman he loved, he felt hurt.

"Daddy, what's the matter with you? Not happy? " Although Tang xiaonai is young, she will also look at her face. She immediately asked.

Ji Xiaohan raises his head and looks at his daughter. This small and delicate face is a miniature version of Tang youyou.

That's why Ji Xiaohan dotes on her daughter so much because she looks so much like her mother.

Tang xiaonai held out two small hands, held daddy's beautiful face, and kissed him with a small mouth. He said in a tearful voice: "Daddy, why are you not happy? Who bullied you? "

Listening to his daughter's pure concern, Ji Xiaohan said, only to find his voice a little hoarse: "Daddy is OK, no one bullies me."

"But daddy doesn't seem to be happy!" After Tang xiaonai finished, he kissed him again. Then he said with a smile, "Daddy, I kiss you. Can you be happy?"

Season owl cold nods, gentle with the nose end and daughter's small nose rub rub rub: "yes, small Nai like Daddy?"

"Yes, daddy, I love you!" Tang xiaonai's sweet and greasy voice makes people listen, especially warm.

"Daddy loves you. You are daddy's little princess!" Season owl cold smiles, the mood is better in an instant. Just at this time, behind him, there was a female voice of Qingyue: "what are you two doing here?"