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After Yang Chu Chu was forcefully dragged into the elevator, her face became even more anxious: "Hey, boss, don't be like this, I can't spread the news to you, I … I have a boyfriend. "

"Are you joking? Who allowed you to have a boyfriend? Aren't you my spare? " Ji Yue Ze was pushed away by her fiercely, his handsome face full of shock. Then, he said unhappily: "Yang Chu Chu, when we signed the contract, you guaranteed that you wouldn't casually hand over a boyfriend. What happened to you just now?"

However, if she had someone she liked, she would be happy at the moment. This shy look of hers really didn't seem like her style.

Yang Chu Chu was almost forced to tears by him, "I can't say this, Boss, please let me go."

Just as Yang Chu Chu was begging him to let her go, the elevator door suddenly opened. Ji Yue Ze suddenly hugged her tightly, and forcefully pulled her out of the elevator: "Alright, alright, play along with me. If worst comes to worst, we'll break up tomorrow.

The hall was already packed with reporters. The moment the elevator was opened, their cameras caught sight of two people walking out with their arms around each other.

Ji Yue Ze smiled with his thin lips, which was incomparably enchanting. He whispered into Yang Chu Chu's ears, who was already dumbstruck: "Alright, stop daydreaming, quickly smile, will you?"

"Boss, you tricked me!" How could Yang Chu Chu laugh now? She really wanted to cry.

"You're already in the pit, so why don't you give me some acting skills and give you a raise? That should be fine, I won't let you act for free." Ji Yue Ze was still smiling like before, the spring breeze blowing against his face.

Seeing that there were so many people watching from the camera, Yang Chu Chu was afraid that it would be too late to clarify anything.

"Alright, you're the one who said this. I want to raise the price. Every episode, I want an extra million …"

"What?" Yang Chu Chu, you don't want to stay any longer, do you? " Ji Yue Ze was shocked by the lady's big mouth, her handsome face froze for a moment, and then, he gritted his teeth and asked.

However, Yang Chu Chu said with a sad face: "I already told you, I can't act with you, you just have to pull me into the water, what can I do? Do you agree? "

"Fine, you are the female lead. You have the final say. Give me a kiss, hurry up!" Since he was already standing in front of the media reporters, could Ji Yue Ze say that he didn't agree?

"What?" "I don't kiss!" Yang Chu Chu's small face instantly turned pale white. Soon after, she felt the big hand of the man that was hugging her shoulder tighten, and she could only compromise: "Kiss?"

"Anywhere is fine!" Ji Yue Ze said with a face full of smiles.

Yang Chu Chu immediately grabbed the back of his hand and kissed him twice on the back of his hand.

Ji Yue Ze's smile froze!

This woman … Letting her kiss him, even if it was on her face, she actually … Kiss the back of his hand?

It was so infuriating.

"Second Young Master Ji, are you and Yang Chu Chu really dating? "When did you get together?"

"Not long ago … A few months ago! " Ji Yue Ze immediately replied honestly.

Yang Chu Chu was standing beside him and he was forcefully hugging her shoulders so her smile was extremely stiff.

However, she screamed miserably in her heart. She was finished. She was afraid that once this rumor spread, her secret crush would be ruined as well.

Her Luo Jin Yu …

The CEO of the Luo Group, Luo Jin Yu, was a secret crush on Yang Chu Chu.

Her mature and mature image, to Yang Chu Chu, was equivalent to a natural charm. She had lost her father at a young age, and she had a type of preference for a mature and steady man like him.

After searching for so many years, Luo Jin Yu was the only one who fit her image as a male god, so from then on, Yang Chu Chu had a crush on him.

But, her crush was poisoned!

From the moment she first fell in love with him, she had only been able to see a man in magazines ever since.

Not long ago, she went to a banquet and saw a woman with a pretty good temperament standing beside him.

Thus, she didn't have the chance to go up and pretend that she had met him by chance. Even until now, she still felt that she had left a deep impression on him.

"Miss Yang Chu Chu, what do you like about Second Young Master Ji? "Is it his tall and handsome appearance, his attitude towards work, or something else that particularly attracts you? I've heard that you haven't had any gossip since you started your career, so why are you so willing to expose your relationship with Second Young Master Ji today?"

"Chuchu …" Ji Yue Ze lowered his head and saw her in a daze, and lightly nudged her.

"Ugh …" Yang Chu Chu snapped out of her daze after being pushed by him, and immediately let out a dry laugh: "I felt it … "She's a good person!"

Ji Yue Ze was completely speechless towards her answer. Was this woman going to label him a good person?

"Other than him being a good person, is there anything else?"

Yang Chu Chu frowned, her mind was blank, she could not think of any other advantages that Ji Yue Ze had.

It was at this moment that Ji Yue Ze held her even tighter, and after that, he said in an evilly voice, "Can you guys not ask me this much? We really don't have the luxury of divulging some of the details to you."

"Then may I ask, Second Young Master Ji, what is the relationship between you and the woman who told you the story yesterday? "Is it hard to say?"

The expression in Ji Yue Ze's eyes instantly froze.

"She's my big brother's girlfriend, she's my sister-in-law!" After two seconds, Ji Yue Ze answered with a low voice.

The reporters present burst into an uproar again!

The girlfriend of the Ji Family?