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After being pulled so hard by Ji Yue Ze, he immediately followed him towards his position without any strength left in her.

When she regained her senses once again, she saw that Ji Yue Ze had actually led her to the first row.

Yang Chu Chu's breathing had almost stopped. She absolutely did not think that Ji Yue Ze would arrange for her to be by Luo Jin Yu's side.

Luo Jin Yu looked at her strangely, suddenly realizing that this little girl was very interesting, his words were so stiff, and his face was so red.

Ji Yue Ze had already gone to the side to greet them.

Yang Chu Chu's beautiful black eyes did not dare to look around, but she could feel the strong aura of the man beside her.

She didn't know if it was because her nose was too sensitive, but she could smell the faint scent of male hormones on men's bodies.

She must have gone mad, to think that she would actually feel such a good scent, causing her to become infatuated.

When Luo He Ning rushed over, he saw that her big brother He Mu Lin was already sitting together with him.

Brother He Mu Lin, is it really as the rumors say, that we are together?

No... No, absolutely not!

He didn't want to call her Sister Mu Lin in this life!

Luo He Ning's heart, was like a knife that had been stabbed through, he walked over soullessly.

"Big Brother, Mubai!" He greeted weakly.

When Mu Lin saw him, her calm face revealed a trace of astonishment. In the next second, she smiled and said: "Second Young Master Luo, sit beside me.

When Luo He Ning heard this, the expression in his dull eyes instantly lit up.

He sat down without a word.

The four of them sat side by side, each with their own thoughts.

Yang Chu Chu sat upright, and didn't even dare move an inch. She only felt that the heavens had arranged such an encounter, and it was truly a moving thing.

After Ji Yue Ze greeted everyone and came back, he had already disappeared.

He ran to the backstage and decided to take a look at Tang You You.

At this time, Tang You You was helping to check the new clothes on the model's body.

"Wandering …" Ji Yue Ze quickly walked to her side and called her name with a smile.

Tang You You turned around and saw him, and said with a smile, "You're here!"

"Sigh, these two days practicing with Tang Xue Rou, I'm so annoyed to death!" When Ji Yue Ze thought of that Tang Xue Rou, he was ineffably unhappy.

In his career as a performer, Ji Yue Ze had never sung with any woman before.

Although his singing skills were not bad, Tang Xue Rou's voice made him a little disappointed.

Tang You You looked at his bitter and handsome face, and said gratefully: "Then I'll really be making things difficult for you. I'll definitely not trouble you with these kind of errands in the future."

"As long as you quickly find your biological parents, I don't mind suffering a little." Ji Yue Ze said while beaming.

Tang You You was also looking forward to it: "That's right, I also hope to find my family members quickly!"

"Look at you, I'm so busy that I'm sweating!" With beads of sweat on Ji Yue Ze Kan Zhuo Ta's forehead, he hurriedly took a tissue and passed it to her: "Don't be too tired!"

"Thank you!" Tang You You was a little embarrassed and accepted it. She wiped away the sweat on her forehead and shook her head: "I'm not tired!"

Ji Yue Ze Kan Zhuo Ta was clearly weak, but he couldn't really describe the feeling in his heart, and just felt that she was exhausted, causing people to want to pity her.

"If there's anything else you need my help with, don't mention it. Just come find me." The only thing Ji Yue Ze could say was to try his best to help her.

Tang You You looked at him gratefully, and laughed: You have already helped me enough, how can I have the face to look for you again?

"What's there to be embarrassed about? You're my sister-in-law!" Ji Yue Ze dodged her gaze that was bright as the stars, and smiled foolishly.

When Tang You You heard him call her sister-in-law, the smile in her eyes instantly froze. It was only for a second, but she quickly lowered her head, returning her focus to the work beside her: "Go out and wait, it's about to start. The host is already talking on stage, you and Tang Xue Rou should also prepare for the opening song!"

Only now did Ji Yue Ze realize that he and Tang Xue Rou were going to sing the opening song, a trace of impatience flashed across his handsome face.

"Don't worry, although I don't hate that woman, but in order to not screw up your press conference, I will still use my best acting skills to sing with her in deep love!" Ji Yue Ze said bitterly.

"Then I'm really grateful to you!" Tang You You felt that Ji Yue Ze was a great man. He was much stronger than a certain someone.

The left half of Listen to her thanked him, and the right half thanked him. Ji Yue Ze's face was a little hot.

Just then, an assistant ran over: "Mr. Ji, so you are here, quickly follow me over. Miss Tang Xue Rou has already changed her clothes, and was anxiously waiting for you to sing on stage."

Ji Yue Ze then looked at Tang You You, and quickly followed the assistant over.

Tang Xue Rou was already wearing an extremely beautiful long gauze dress, revealing her extremely refined and elegant temperament.

She was very afraid, and also very worried, because she couldn't find Ji Yue Ze.

Just a moment ago, she was still thinking fiercely in her heart that if she were to miss this chance to perform on stage, she would definitely settle the score with Tang You You.

Someone who dared to trick her had not been born yet, who the hell was Tang You You?

However, when she saw the man who was emitting a bright light walking towards her, the words that Tang Xue Rou was thinking disappeared without a trace.

Looking at Ji Yue Ze's handsome face and his slender and straight body, Tang Xue Rou inexplicably thought that if he could take Ji Yue Ze down, becoming the second young mistress of the Ji Family would also be a pretty good thing.

Looks like she had to work even harder when she was performing on stage, if she could get Ji Yue Ze to fall in love with her.

Why would she be afraid of the wind and rain in the future?