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Tie ting and Ji Tingyan sit quietly in the hot spring pool, no one talks, but the air is filled with the breath of love. Ji Tingyan turns her back to tie Ting, and her eyes become unbridled.

The back of a woman is thin, the skin is clear, the long hair is combed and held high, showing a beautiful neck.

The man's Adam's apple rolled.

"Brother bonding, are you here?" Suddenly, a excited voice broke the silence here. Lu Mengmeng flashed out from the shadow of the tree, immediately untied her bathrobe, and showed her just mature and lovely body to tie ting.

Seeing Lu Mengmeng, tie Ting has no choice. He didn't treat Lu Mengmeng as a woman in his heart. In his eyes, she is a younger sister.

"Brother Funing, why are you two alone? What do you want? " When Lu Mengmeng came down, he found that the atmosphere was not right. He immediately shouted and asked wrongly.

Ji Tingyan blushed when she heard Lu Mengmeng's words. Just now, the man lost her first kiss. She hasn't said a word to be responsible. Now, she can't expect him to say it.

"Cute, don't be rude to your sister-in-law." Tie Ting's quiet eyes take a deep look at Ji Tingyan and rebuke Lu Mengmeng lightly.

Sister in law?

Ji Tingyan turns around fiercely, and Lu Mengmeng exclaims: "when did she become my sister-in-law? Brother bonding, don't make such a joke. "

"Just now." Tie Ting said frankly.

Lu Mengmeng is going mad. She immediately stands up like a T-shirt and stares at Ji Tingyan with poor eyes: "tell me, what did you do to brother Funing?"

Ji Tingyan didn't expect Lu Mengmeng to ask her questions. She shrugged her shoulders and answered softly, "you should ask him what he did to me."

"What did you do?" Lu Meng's eyes were red.

Tie Ting Jun looks heavy and says seriously: "cute, don't lose your temper. You should know that I have no idea about you."

"Brother bonding, I like you. You don't know. Do you really have no idea about me? You look at me? I've grown up. I'm not that immature girl anymore. " Lu Mengmeng said, deliberately walking towards tieting, Zhang showed her figure.

Tie Ting reached directly into his eyes and scolded: "Lu Mengmeng, have I ever responded to you after all these years?"

Ji Tingyan sat by and watched. She felt that the way to deal with tie Ting was pretty good, at least not involved.

"You don't even look at me. You don't even look at me. Brother Funing, you hurt my heart so much that I won't call her sister-in-law. She's not my sister-in-law, and I won't give up." Lu Mengmeng cried, wiped his tears and left sadly.

Ji Tingyan looks at the figure of Lu Mengmeng running away and says to tie Ting, "do you want to see her?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't expect her to say that." Tie Ting apologized in a low voice.

"I can understand that if I like someone like her for many years, suddenly I find that they don't like me, I can't accept the fact." Ji Tingyan sneered.

"I watched her grow up. In my eyes, she was a little girl." Tie Ting also has some helplessness.

"You really don't want to see her? I think she's very hot tempered. Isn't there anything? " Ji Tingyan said worried.

"Are you not angry?" Tie Ting didn't expect that Ji Tingyan would care about Lu Mengmeng.

"Your attitude just now decides whether I should be angry or not. I'm not angry now, because your attitude is very good and doesn't embarrass me." Ji Tingyan raised her mouth and smiled.

"Let's go and have a look." Tie Ting is also worried about Lu Mengmeng, but he is more worried about leaving her here alone.

"Well." Ji Tingyan nods, and they stand up. The stone road under their feet is slippery. The man reaches over and holds her hand tightly.

Lu Mengmeng ran back to the hotel angrily, lying on the bed and crying in the dark. Funing and Ji Tingyan knew that she was back from the front platform, and they were not in the mood to continue to soak. They went back to the room to have a rest.

Cheng Yue and Wang Cheng are in the same pool. Other bodyguards are not with them because they find that Cheng Yue is not a good character.

Wang Cheng takes a cup of warm ginger tea and hands it to Cheng Yue. Cheng Yue picks it up. Wang Cheng takes a look at her figure and laughs.

"What are you laughing at?" Cheng Yue takes a look at him.

Wang Cheng suddenly reached out shyly and scratched the back of his head: "nothing, I'm still in the hot spring with a woman for the first time."

"If you don't want to hang out with me, go to the pool next door. There are some beautiful girls there. Maybe you can end your single life." Cheng Yue chuckles.

"No, no, no, I don't mean that." Wang Cheng explains quickly.

"What do you mean then?" Cheng Yue's eyes narrowed.

Wang did not dare to talk any more, so he had to lie down and soak.

"Come here, sisters. There are two handsome men." Suddenly, a woman's voice came from behind them.

"Poof!" Wang orange directly burst out laughing.

Cheng Yue turns a white eye, raises his foot directly, and kicks Wang Cheng.

Wang Cheng got up after a few mouthfuls of water and heard Cheng Yue say to the woman, "you think men are crazy."

The woman heard a woman's voice and ran away blushing.

Wang Cheng looks at her wrongly. Cheng Yue stares at him and asks, "am I like a man?"

Wang Cheng's eyes widened in fright and shook his head to protect his life: "no It's not like that. "

"Then am I like a woman?" Cheng Yue continues to ask dangerously.

"Sometimes like, sometimes not like." Wang Cheng answers nervously.

Cheng Yue suddenly swam towards Wang Cheng, and Wang Cheng's frightened back was pasted on the pool wall. He looked at her in a panic: "elder sister, you What are you doing? "

Cheng Yue has already swam in front of him and directly reached for the wall to beat him: "Wang Cheng, do you have a girlfriend?"

"No, don't mess around. I'll call." The frightened soul of Wangcheng is about to fly, and his face is blushing.

"That's right. I don't have a boyfriend. In the dead of night, when you say I want to do something bad to you, will others know?" Cheng Yue laughs uneasily.

"Sister, are you sure you want to do something bad? Well, I can't resist. Come on. " Wang Cheng gave up male self-esteem directly.

"Come to your head." Cheng Yue just wants to play a joke on him. Seeing him cooperate so much at the moment, she goes to his forehead with her hand and says, "go!"

Wang Cheng's eyes are wide open, and his shame and indignation are hard to overcome. "You are playing with me."

Cheng Yue put on her robe: "little brother, don't trust women too much. You are too tender. Be careful not to be cheated."

Wang Cheng feels that he can't lift his head in front of Cheng Yue. He immediately steps up and follows her in a robe. "Cheng Yue, I'll remind you again, don't say I'm tender. I'm twenty-four years old."

Cheng Yue listened to the angry voice of the man behind him, and he was a fool when he raised his mouth.