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"Heh, you want to steal my seed? Is that possible? " Ji Xiao Han laughed sarcastically, as he felt that this was a joke as big as the sky.

"Then how can you explain why these two children look so much like you? "If it wasn't your seed, then it would definitely be your younger brother's …"

"Your younger brother is a Big Star of an infatuated world, he has an illegitimate child or something …"

"It can't be too similar. Only the eyebrows are a little similar."

"It's no secret that the celebrities' private lives are in chaos."

"The two children are so cute and beautiful, I really want to hug their mother!"

The word 'mother' caught the man's cold gaze.

Some of the comments above already concerned his younger brother's reputation. This matter had to be clarified.

If it really was this guy playing with fire …

Ji Xiao Han rubbed his forehead in annoyance. He could not remember how much trouble he had to deal with for his little brother.

Now, his younger brother was on leave abroad, and the matter of investigating the illegitimate child had fallen to him.

Ji Xiao Han called his assistant Lu Qing and said softly, "I will send you a video later. Investigate the identities of the two children immediately. Remember, they are their parents!"

Lu Qing agreed. When he saw that video, his first reaction was … The Young Master has children?

Why do these two unreasonably beautiful kids look so much like the children of Young Master?

With Ji Family's power, investigating a video on the internet was simply a piece of cake.

Around midnight, Lu Qing passed the complete information to Ji Xiao Han.

After Ji Xiao Han finished bathing, he casually wore a white bath towel. What was revealed in the air was a firm and distinct chest, with distinct walls and the healthiest color.

He reached for his phone and accepted a piece of information.

He tapped it open with his lazy eyes casually looking down.

"It's her?" When he saw the words' mother 'written on the column above, he quickly flipped through it. A pure picture fell into his eyes and instantly turned into a huge wave.

The child turns four next month, the father is ominous, the mother's name is Tang You You.

"What the hell? How come it's always this woman?" Ji Xiao Han was unavoidably annoyed.

Even if he had some sort of fate with this woman, this sort of fate was really bad.

"Tang You You, if these two children really belong to my little brother, then you won't have a good time." The man's voice was extremely cold as he pursed his lips.