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Ji Shangqing shook his head and said, "no, we had a fight. He was beaten to be a pig by me. I'm afraid his mother didn't know him."

"Boring!" Ji Lin's teeth. This battle is directly classified as a boring game. The next day, Ji Yueze and Ji Shangqing went to work with sunglasses and masks, armed their whole faces.

Yang ChuChu just finished a play. When she returned to the rest room, her assistant quickly handed her her mobile phone: "ChuChu, your mother has called you a few times. There may be something urgent." "

thank you!" Yang ChuChu took his mobile phone and gave it to his mother. Cheng

Ying's voice came over: "it's very clear. Let's go home for dinner tonight. I had a cold yesterday. Would you like to move home for a few days?" Yang

hearing the news of his mother's illness, he immediately expressed concern: "Mom, do you have a bad cold? Did you see a doctor? " "

I took some medicine and it will surely get better. Come back, you are clear!" Cheng Ying's voice sounds weak.

"OK, I'll go back after the last scene. Mom, take care of yourself first. "Yang ChuChu said softly.

After the last scene, it was more than eight o'clock in the evening. Yang ChuChu called Luo Jinyu and told him that Luo Jinyu also cared about her. She asked her to take good care of Cheng Ying and didn't need to live there for the time being. Yang

ChuChu went home with a lot of fruits. As soon as he entered the house, he saw that the living room was dark and the servant aunt left. Yang ChuChu went straight up the stairs. In the master bedroom on the second floor, Cheng Ying was lying on the bed with a little pale face.

"Mom, I'm back. Have you sent some? Is there any fever? " Yang ChuChu walked to the bedside, stooped, reached out and touched his mother's forehead. There was no sign of fever. She was a little relaxed.

Cheng Ying looks at her daughter's young and childish face, and her heart is full of bitterness.

"Well, sit down. Mom has something to tell you!" Cheng Ying sat up, leaned on the pillow, and looked at her daughter tenderly. Yang immediately sat by the bed and asked with a smile, "Mom, you used to like porridge when you were sick. Did you eat anything tonight? Let me go down and cook porridge for you! "

"No, I've eaten it. I'm so clear. I'm sorry for your mother!" Cheng Ying suddenly reaches for her daughter's hand and her eyes turn red. Yang was stunned by her sudden apology. It took a long time for her to reflect on it. She forced to smile and asked, "Mom, what are you doing? How can you say this to me?" "

nothing, it's just that I suddenly feel that I'm too strong for a long time. I've been sick all my life, and the whole person will be vulnerable. I need you to come back and take care of me!" Cheng Ying still didn't dare to listen to Tang Qi's words to her daughter. She can't bear such a blow. Her daughter will be more angry.

She doesn't want her daughter to be filled with hatred. She wants her daughter to be happy and carefree. "

mom, what happened to you today? Why all of a sudden? Taking care of you is what I should do. I'm your daughter. " Yang ChuChu's heart suddenly gets upset. His mother's mood today is too fragile. Is it stimulated? "

if If mom is against you being with Luo Jinyu, can you separate from him? " Cheng Ying suddenly closed his eyes and asked for it. "

why?" Yang ChuChu was surrounded by people. She opened her eyes in surprise: "Mom, didn't you promise to let us communicate before? Why do we break up all of a sudden? " "

I just feel that someone's lintel is too high, we can't stand up to it. Besides, you are really too young. Maybe you don't know what love is. Just like me, I lost my way at your age. When everything happened, it's too late to regret. I don't want you to follow my old way!" Cheng Ying tries her best to find out the reason for her lack of TIROS. "

mom, no, Luo Jinyu will never be irresponsible like my scum father. He promised me that he would never be responsible for me in his life!" Yang ChuChu explains excitedly that her eyes have turned red. The thought of her breaking up with Luo Jinyu is like a knife cutting her heart. It's too painful. "

men can easily give women a promise, but whether they can fulfill it or not, maybe even they can't guarantee it. You may be too young, simple, and don't understand human nature!" Cheng Ying loves the tears in her daughter's eyes. She has taught her to do things for others since she was a child. However, at this moment, she doesn't care enough to teach her to accept the cruel facts. "

mom, you may not know Luo Jinyu very well. I believe that what he said will be done. What he said before has been done!" Yang ChuChu has already said it with a crying voice. She knows that once her mother is not angry and doesn't scold, she is talking with her in such a calm voice, which means that her mother has made up her mind to let her break up with Luo Jinyu. At this moment, she hopes her mother can scold her, so as to give her the courage to refute. However, she doesn't scold. "

silly child, how can I say that you can understand that when the secondary level of two people is not on the same line, even if the feelings are more intense, they will eventually cross the road. Do you know what I mean?" Cheng Ying can only say more cruelly.

"You mean I'm not good enough, I don't deserve him? Why even you want to belittle me like this? Mom, I'm your daughter. " Yang ChuChu finally found a reason to lose his temper, and the tears rolled down. Cheng

Ying saw that she cried like this, and he would not scold her again.

"Well, in fact, my mother just advised you, there is no real meaning to separate you." Cheng Ying gently touched her hair, then sighed, "if you can't hold on any day, you will come back. No matter what, mom won't blame you!" "

mom, did anyone tell you anything? Did Luo Jinyu's mother come to you? " Yang ChuChu is not stupid. She guessed right as soon as she guessed. She felt that her mother must have been hit by something. Otherwise, she would not suddenly mention these things. "

No, she didn't come to me. I thought about it myself." Cheng Ying dodges her daughter's eyes and laughs at herself.

"Mom, actually, I haven't told you that Luo Jinyu's mother has come back. She really dislikes me. She says that I'm not good enough. She says that I'm too young to be his daughter-in-law. I thought about breaking up before, but Luo Jinyu has been insisting. Mom, I didn't understand why so many people in love finally separated. Now, I'm only now I understand that there are many reasons for defeating love. Not two people are tired of it Yang ChuChu said her feelings in one breath, and her face was already sad.