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Love is Love

Since the man he liked didn't like him, what was the point of her persevering?

"Is love something that time can change and prove?" Luo Jin Yu's face became even more unsightly.

"Do you think that in my entire life, I would ever fall in love with a man at first sight again? You think too highly of me, don't you? Even though I am young and have roamed the in the entertainment world, in my heart, I am not so captivated by a single person that I can casually see. " Yang Chu Chu ridiculed herself.

Luo Jin Yu's words seemed to confirm the guess in his heart. Thus, he directly asked, "You aren't together with him because of love, right?"

"Why should I tell you? Do you care about me? What kind of status do you have to care about me? Do you think I'm a lost sheep? Do you want to show me a path by showing me the experiences of your elders? Luo Jin Yu, let me tell you, I don't need it, if you want to reject me, you have to completely reject me. After Yang Chu Chu finished speaking, she immediately opened the car door and ran out. In one breath, she ran to the edge of the carriage.

Luo Jin Yu was startled by her shout.

He already knew that this woman was young, but she had a temper and character. She was definitely not someone he could control.

Luo Jin Yu also pushed open the door and stepped out. Amidst the cold wind, the woman's embroidered long dress flew in the air along with her waist-long black hair.

This was the first time Luo Jin Yu felt that she had really grown up and was no longer a child. At this moment, he was as beautiful as a fairy.

Luo Jin Yu sighed inwardly, and still walked towards her with heavy steps.

She was very thin, wearing a slightly loose dress that she could not control. Half of her snow-white shoulders had fallen off, revealing her fair skin.

He looked pitiful, but he was also very stubborn.

"Chuchu …" For the first time, Luo Jin Yu only called her by her surname, and didn't call her by her surname.

Yang Chu Chu lowered her head and did not reply. Her face was already covered in tears as she carried that beautiful little face of his.

Luo Jin Yu immediately stood behind her and extended a hand, wanting to pull her slender body over.

However, when his fingers were inexplicably wrapped around her long hair, his entire body fiercely shook, then he quickly retracted his fingers.

"Come on, let's get out of here. It's windy here, you don't have a coat on, you'll catch cold!" Luo Jin Yu wanted to say something, but in the end, he did not manage to say a single word.

Yang Chu Chu did not expect him to bring her along to leave this place. She turned her head and stared at him with eyes full of resentment.

Luo Jin Yu saw the tears in her eyes and was completely dumbstruck.

Her long hair continued to brush against Yang Chu Chu's face, and her two small fists clenched tightly. A trace of anger could be seen in her large and lively eyes: "Luo Jin Yu, didn't you want to talk to me about the heavens? We haven't even started talking yet, but you're leaving? "

"Haven't we already talked?" Luo Jin Yu Tu Ran did not dare look straight into her eyes, because he was too beautiful and moving, causing him to stop looking deeply into her eyes.

Hearing his words, Yang Chu Chu laughed sarcastically: "Don't you want to know more about me and my boyfriend? For example, do we hold hands, kiss, or … "

"Chuchu, enough!" Luo Jin Yu immediately interrupted her words. With a handsome face that was as black as steel, he stared at her with a heavy gaze. "These are all your matters, I do not wish to know."

Yang Chu Chu felt extremely pained, she suddenly squatted down and curled up into a small ball: "If you want to leave, then go. I still want to stay here and watch the scenery, as long as you, the big boss, don't rush me, I will see the sky grow dark."

Luo Jin Yu knew that she was playing with a child again, so he could only walk over and stand behind her. In the next second, he took off his suit jacket s and covered her delicate body: "Don't catch a cold!"

"I don't need you to worry about me!" Yang Chu Chu directly threw his expensive suit jacket away.

"What are you up to?" Luo Jin Yu didn't care about his jacket, he just felt that this little thing had a bad temper.

Yang Chu Chu lowered her head, and buried her face in her knees: "Only now do you know that I have a bad temper. That's right, I've been like this since I was young. If you can't get used to me, then don't worry about me! "

"Yang Chu Chu, have you considered the consequences if we stay together?" Luo Jin Yu also squatted down, lowering his head to look at her little head, which was now in a mess like a madman. His long hair had already fallen to the ground and was stained with dirt.

"No, why think about it? Love is love!" Yang Chu Chu suddenly raised her head, her eyes that had been washed by her tears became even clearer, she stared straight into the man's unfathomable eyes: "It's because you lack courage, right?"

Luo Jin Yu looked at her skeptical eyes. From a young age, he was most afraid of bearing the doubts of others, thus, he worked diligently and tirelessly, treating his family with gentleness and gentleness, working under strict rules and without much desire. He thought that if he became outstanding, no one would doubt him.

"Who said I'm not confident?" The man's voice was slightly heavy and contained a trace of displeasure.

"I said it, Luo Jin Yu, I always thought you were very brave, but never would I have thought that you were even more cowardly than me!" Yang Chu Chu curled her pretty lips.

Luo Jin Yu was instantly infuriated by her expression. This feeling instantly made him think of the reason why his first date with him had broken down.

"Yang Chu Chu, are you responsible for what you said?" Luo Jin Yu's voice suddenly became extremely low and hoarse.

Hearing that, Yang Chu Chu immediately looked at him uneasily, following that, she fearfully nodded her head: "Dang … "Of course!"

"I will be responsible for my actions as well!" As soon as Luo Jin Yu finished speaking, he extended his hand over fiercely and forcefully lifted her head. His thin lips were accurate, but were filled with strong emotions as he pressed it against her lips in a punitive manner.

Yang Chu Chu was stunned, her pair of big eyes held on for a long time, unable to believe that Luo Jin Yu kissed her again.

and so on...

"Pain …!" Yang Chu Chu's little face paled. This man kissed too hard, her tender lips even carrying traces of pain.

Luo Jin Yu, who had lost his reason, only let go of her hand when he heard her pitiful cry.

Yang Chu Chu was instantly embarrassed and annoyed, her beautiful eyes glared at him with resentment. "What are you doing?"

"Didn't you say I didn't have the courage? I'll prove it to you! " Looking at her furious appearance, Luo Jin Yu actually felt that she was unspeakably cute and enchanting.

Yang Chu Chu quickly extended her hand to check her lips. Fortunately, he did not bite herself.