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Ji Xiaohan's joking question made Gao yueyidaze. In the light of his raised eyes, he felt more passionate. He bowed his head and said with a coquettish smile, "President Ji, 100% of the company's women have been attracted to you. Do you believe it?"

Season owl cold light smile: "of course not believe, I do not have this ability to let all women like me!"

"You have, woman's heart, in fact, it's easy to get rid of!" When Gao Yue said this, he also looked more sad and serious.

Season owl cold eye bottom light front tiny flash, pulled out the chair to sit down: "sit!"

Gao Yue suddenly has a hot face. Before he has eaten, he tells his mind first. I don't know if he will scare Ji Xiaohan. What if he finds out his purpose and dismisses her?

"Miss Gao used to be a journalist. I heard that the company you worked for has made a lot of reports about the recent political situation. I don't know what Miss Gao thinks about the current situation." Season owl cold shifted a topic, a pair of deep and unpredictable eyes, stare at Gao Yue to ask.

Gao Yue was shocked and immediately smiled modestly: "Ji always flatters me. How can I talk about politics as a woman? I'm just digging up some information about celebrities for the company. "

"Is it? To be honest, I'd like to find a confidant. Recently, the political situation is severe, which has seriously threatened the interests of all parties of our company. " Ji Xiaohan listened to her reply and showed a sense of loss.

Gao Yue's face immediately changed. He smiled and said, "is Ji always worried about the future development of the company?"

"Of course, the national situation directly impacts on the financial industry. After all, Jishi group was created by me. It has developed rapidly in recent years and has touched the interests of all walks of life. I inevitably have to think more about it!" Season owl cold eyes slightly stiff looking at somewhere, as if really trapped in a certain kind of predicament.

Gao Yue's heart is shocked, but he has other thoughts. When a man is frustrated, he is most likely to be attacked by a woman. Is it a proof that Ji Xiaohan is willing to confide in himself?

"Mr. Ji, I think your worry is completely superfluous. No matter how the national situation changes, finance and economy are important factors for the development of a country, and they will not really watch the economic collapse." Gao Yue immediately comforted him with a gentle tone, with a deep face.

"Miss Gao doesn't know. The more a person has, the more she is afraid of losing. I am in this state of mind now. Unfortunately, I am the only one who has borne all this. No one shares it for me." For the first time, Ji Xiaohan pretends to be pitiful, which really dazzles Gao Yue. She even wants to hug this man in the past.

"President Ji, if you think I can trust you, I want to ask you, which side do you support?" Gao Yue's heart is struggling. Although she always feels that she is a rational woman, when the emotional balance is seriously tilted, her sensibility immediately prevails.

"What do you think?" Season owl cold eyes slightly Yang, fell on her face, that eyes, is deep like the sea, it is unpredictable.

Gao Yue panicked for a moment, afraid that her mind would be spied by a man. She quickly lowered her head, reached for a cup of tea, and smiled nervously, "is Ji always asking my opinion?"

"Yes, Gao Yue. I don't know why. I think you are more intelligent and farsighted than other women. Your eyes are clear and appreciated." Ji Xiaohan's eyes are focused on her face, and what he said is even more confusing and unable to think.

Gao Yue holds the hand of the teacup tightly and tightly, and her brain is almost out of oxygen. She always thinks highly of herself. She feels that she is smarter and more beautiful than other women. Although many men praise her like this, she doesn't think so, but she doesn't know why. When Ji Xiaohan also praises her like this, she immediately has a kind of joy that is affirmed.

Gao Yue smiled shyly, lowered her head, and dared not look at him. She regarded his deep eyes as a blazing flame. She was afraid that she would burn all her senses.

Most importantly, he is her name, not Miss Gao, which is the most lethal inducement.

Gao Yue reached out to straighten her hair and straighten her mood. Then she looked up at the man and looked at him seriously: "President Ji, I think Mr. President has been running the country for several years. Under his leadership, the country is becoming more and more advanced. The country is stronger and richer. I believe that you have also felt all kinds of benefits of the country to the enterprise in the way of striving for prosperity these years. Then you should believe that President Ji Mr. Tong will work hard to prosper the economy as soon as possible. "

Season owl's eyes are bright and cold, and his heart has a bottom. It seems that Gao Yue is indeed the person sent by the general manager to persuade him.

"Mr. President is very good indeed. He has made great achievements. Your proposal is very good. I will consider it!" Season owl cold on the surface not Ruth is not happy, but smile praise way.

"Really? Mr. Ji, do you really think so? " Gao Yue can't guess his real idea, but she is also really happy to hear that he agrees with his own point of view.

"Yes, it's just that I offended the president some time ago. I don't know if I can get his help!" Season owl pretends to be embarrassed in winter vacation.

"How did you offend him?" Gao Yue is surprised.

"He invited me to dinner. I refused because I was busy at work. Of course, it wasn't all busy at work, but I was not determined. I refused him on impulse." Season owl cold light smile.

Gao Yue frowned slightly. She heard Ji Lin mention the old president's attitude before, as if she was really dissatisfied with Ji Xiaohan. Was it because Ji Xiaohan refused his invitation?

Gao Yue is just a low-level staff, how dare you easily guess and measure the thoughts of the high-level? So at the moment, she is also a little confused.

Just at this time, a waiter came in to serve and a bottle of red wine. Gao Yue was relieved when he saw the wine.

Season owl cold point single, since the man ordered the wine, it is to her completely relaxed trust.

Ji Xiaohan reached for the bottle of red wine and poured Gao Yue half a glass: "will you drink it?"

Gao Yue smiled and nodded: "I usually drink some at home, but I can't drink too much because I don't drink too much!"

"Don't worry, I won't advise you to drink more, until you order!" Season owl cold answers with a smile.

Gao Yue can't help exclaiming. Sure enough, it's nice to be with a decent and elegant gentleman. It's relaxing and pleasant. It's also eye-catching.

When Gao yueduan drinks from the glass, he can still see the man's handsome and unshaped face under the soft light, with noble white color, like jade, looking healthy and charming.

Gao Yue's mood swings, her eyes are low, and she can see that when the man reaches out to hold the cup, the long and beautiful fingers are still showing noble temperament with distinct bones.

She can't imagine what kind of experience it would be to be caressed by these hands. It must be the most satisfying thing in life.

"Cough..." Gao Yue's head was full of thoughts, so she choked for a while and coughed uncontrollably.

"All right!" Season owl cold side turns to concern of ask her.

"No Nothing! " Gao Yue hurriedly raised her hand to block her mouth and said, "I'll make you laugh."

"No, it's lovely!" Season owl cold duplicity said a sentence.

Gao Yue is embarrassed even more. She purses her lips. She feels a kind of impulse in her heart, which makes her want to say her purpose completely.

However, she feels that today is not the right time for her to win the trust of Ji Xiaohan. Of course, more time is needed to stabilize this relationship, and it is absolutely not easy to tell her bottom line.

"I don't know what Mr. President has been up to recently. If I can find out one or two things, I can give my best and regain his trust!" Season owl cold side slowly drink wine, side casually said.

"Ji is always interested, you know?" Gao Yue suddenly felt the chance of her performance.

"Of course, I'm afraid I'm on the president's blacklist." Season owl cold self mocks a smile.

"No matter what Mr. President thinks, in my opinion, Mr. Ji is always a high spirited and talented business genius. If Mr. Ji can give me a performance opportunity, I will try my best to help you regain the trust of Mr. President." Gao Yue said anxiously.

"How can you find a way? I can't let you do this for me. " Season owl cold chuckles. "I have!" Gao Yue looks more anxious.